More than Weight Loss: Zhivi Tranformed Her Body

Today's Weight Loss Story of the Day is a little different. Zhivi didn't just lose weight, she transformed her body.  She lost 22 pounds and then put on muscle to sculpt her body the way she wanted it. Now, she is inspiring others to get healthy.  Here is what she shared with us about what she did to change her life....more

What are the best carbs to eat when you are slimming down?

When you are trying to slim down one of the most difficult things to manage is your carb intake. Some weight loss plans promote “no carbs at all” or very little carbs.  For many people, that is not a good idea, especially if you are looking to lose the weight and to keep the weight off long term because you have to commit to eating that way for life to keep the pounds off. Healthy carbs, like healthy fats, are necessary to the healthy functioning of your body and the metabolic process of burning fat....more

Emotional Eating: 5 Tips For Overcoming Binge Eating

The temporary gratification from going on a binge has wreaked havoc on the healthy of millions of woman. Many binge eaters are so skilled, or unaware of the damage of their decisions, they can suffer in silence for years without ever receiving any professional assistance. Binge eating can be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD.  It can also be a symptom of food addiction, depression and is a key symptom of bulimia....more

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Hannah lost 63 pounds

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Hannah lost 63 pounds.  This sista from the UK wrote to us and shared her weight loss success story in great detail.  She transformed her body and her health with consistent exercise and by following a very clean eating plan. Her story shows that you have to come out of your comfort zone to change your lifestyle.  Here is her story......more

What You Should Eat & When You Should Eat to Lose Pounds

The body has a rhythm to its metabolism that is circadian, that means it follows the daylight cycle. Your metabolism doesn’t just turn on to a set speed when you eat or exercise. Depending on what time of day it is the metabolism will act slower or faster naturally (for most people, that is. Health issues can affect this cycle). This is why learning what to eat and when you should eat it to get the most from your diet is essential....more

Healthy Sweet Tooth: What Can I Use Instead Of Sugar?

It sounds good in theory but the agonizing reality of transitioning to a healthy lifestyle eventually smacks us in the face. Frantic, we conduct our own research, hoping to uncover that hidden gem that will make the process easy.  We go scouring the earth for that diamond in the rough- you know, that one study or tip that would prove we can be healthy without sacrificing our sweet treats....more

6 Ways to Maximize Calorie Burn at the Gym

Many people work out hard at the gym to burn calories. However, they do not see the good results they expect. Each person’s body if different so I can only talk to you from the perspective what works for most people.  You will have to use trial and error to determine what really works for you, so don’t be in a rush.  Getting the most out of your workouts can take time but you can get the results you are looking for.  I've got 6 tips to help you refine your efforts....more

Madelyn lost 47 pounds

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Madelyn lost 47 pounds.  This determined young lady decided to stop putting of the long term goal of losing weight.  In 7 months, she has been able to transform her body with healthy eating and lots of exercise.  Check out her story and before and after photos....more

8 Natural Appetite Suppressors

How do you deal with cravings?  Cravings for foods that you know will cause weight gain and poor health are difficult to deal with and cause many to give up on their weight loss journey. There are all sorts of methods people use to suppress their appetite when trying to change to more healthy eating habits. Some people use natural appetite suppressors while others use over the counter diet pills or prescribed pharmaceutical products. Diet pills and pharmaceutical products are not ideal as they can have harmful side effects and are not realistic for the long term....more

Get More Vitamins From Healthy Food Sources

Healthy eating is all about eating foods that are full of the nutrients that we need for thriving health.  That is even more important when you are trying to lose weight and foods full of empty calories.  There are a couple nutrient sources that almost everybody is familiar with. Whether it's Vitamin C from an orange, potassium from a banana, or calcium from milk, these sources are pretty common knowledge....more
I did not know that salmon could be fortified in vitamin D. Thank you. Plans about weight loss ...more