Fun On A Friday - Another Edition Of "Today In The News"

Happy Friday, folks. And it is a really, really happy Friday for me. My publicist reached out to me yesterday (my publicist!) because I have a book that will be in bookstores in less than 60 days ....more

My Dublin Diary: Out And About On My Final Day

Outside the Gaeity Theatre After visiting the Archaeology museum, I dined on one incredibly hearty and satisfying bowl of Irish Stew over mashed that stuck to my ribs for the rest of the day: Look at that - my mouth is watering all over again! I may not have dined with tablecloths and Waterford crystal, but the pub grub and street food I found in Dublin was delicious. I honestly did not have one bad meal ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Lucky Thirteen

There are thirteen years between these pictures. It feels like it's been ten minutes I half-expect to find Fisher-Price all over the floor Or hear the strains of SpongeBob or Sesame Street No more tying shoes Or blowing noses Or silly bathtime shenanigans No more folding them gently into me After they crawl into my bed No more tucking them in side-by-side Because they don't want to sleep apart I wouldn't trade who they are today for anything But I'd love to have an hour of before back again ...more

My Dublin Diary: Black Friday, Dublin Style

Grafton Street, decked out for the holidays If I had been home for Thanksgiving, I normally would have been shopping on Black Friday. Guess what? Not only was I shopping, but Dublin does Black Friday, too ....more

My Dublin Diary - Day 3: The Irish National Museum of Archaeology

Day three of my Dublin adventure saw me utilizing my three day Dublin Bus Freedom Pass for the first time. I hadn't had to touch it since my LEAP card got me everywhere I was going on Day 1 and Day 2, so it would have been a bit of a money-waster if I'd paid full price. Luckily, they ran a Black Friday special online and I got it for half-price, so it worked out splendidly.The pass granted me 72 hours of access to any bus in the Dublin area, including (and this is the important one) the hop-on, hop-off bus that loops all the tourist attractions in Dublin ....more

Once Upon A Time – Season 6, Episode 10 Recap: A Brief Glimpse Of Might-Have-Been

Tonight we begin with Regina, Killian, and Emma (with sword in hand) heading for Regina's vault, only to encounter the Evil Queen. She's standing over Robin's grave and goading Regina, who takes the bait and cues up a fireball. Then she takes a few digs at Emma and her sleep-cursed parents, and Emma loses it, taking a swing at the Evil Queen with the mysterious sword - and draws blood without putting a mark on Regina ....more

Fun On A Friday - "Well, That Was Unexpected. . ."

It's Friday, and I'm suspending the travel blog till next week to bring you your weekend-inducing entertainment. Today's post is titled "Well, that was unexpected " and for good reason ....more

Dubin Diary - Day Two: Howth Harbor And The Rugged Irish Coast

Would you look at that? I mean, I know the panorama skews it a bit, but damn. Pics really don't do this place justice, but here's a few anyway: On the bus ride in- the footpath follows the coast "Ireland's Eye" - an island just off the coast Read more » ...more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Sentinel

For thousands of years, it's stood Looking out over the rocky Irish sea Sometimes a guideopost Sometimes a place of worship Constant and always looking to the horizon Waiting for a traveler Like me To tell its story to ...more

Dublin Diary - Day 2: Back In Time At Malahide Castle

On day two of the great Dublin adventure, I sprung a modest twenty euro (I got a 5 euro discount because I also booked a Freedom pass for the hop-on-hop-off bus in Dublin) and booked a five hour tour that took me to Malahide Castle and then to the coastal village of Howth, with a tour back along the coastline. I couldn't have asked for nicer weather in November, honestly. It was 49 degrees and sunny, not a raindrop fell on me the whole time I was there ....more