Let's Face The Monday - And Dance!!

Hello all, and welcome to another fine week."Why, Ellie," you say (or at least in my head you do), "Why are you so insanely cheerful? It's Monday, don't you know."Yeah, I know. But the truth is, last week was one fine week ....more

Fun For A Friday - These Are A Few Of My Favorite Signs

Folks, it's been a helluva week. And I mean that in a good way. A very good way.It's about as beautiful as a summer day can get outside, I'm off work early, and life is good ....more

Excuse Me As I Use This Scissor On My Yak

Yesterday, I was very busy at my company's annual summer picnic, and as part of the picnic committee, I had to help out with the decorating. While hanging decorative paper lanterns, one of my coworkers turned to me and asked, "Do you have a scissor?" This isn't the first time I've heard this (though I've only heard one other person say it that way), referring to scissors in the singular like that. It's a local sort of thing and it still rubs me wrong when I hear it ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: My Minion Eyes

He wears a sleep mask to bed each night And his old one is worn and faded So when I saw the minion eyes I just had to do it He loves it, of course And I asked him if he might Go to sleep one night without it Maybe try it and see if it's okay But he won't...more

Keeping The Custody Schedule Can Be Rough - Especially When Your Kid Is The One Who Wants To Change It

My daughter is in a relationship now and this is a problem. Not the relationship, mind you, but the fact that now her love interest is also part of a divorced family and spends some weekends at "home" and some weekends "away." And right now, they both have their "home" weekends in sync, so they get to see each other.Until Dad needed to change up a weekend, that is. Anna's solution was emphatic ....more

Oh Stewardess! I Speak Autism!

There's a wonderful scene in the movie "Airplane" where the stewardess is having a hard time understanding a couple of guys who are trying to communicate in jivespeak. Barbara BelGeddes jumps in with "Oh Stewardess! I speak jive!" and hilarity ensues (about the 1:00 mark): And this is fresh on my mind because I realized yesterday how utterly nonsensical my son and I must sound to people sometimes ....more

Fun On A Friday: Time For Some More Local News!

Happy Freaking Friday! God, I swear this week went in dog years! Hallelujah, it's nearly the weekend and I'm ready to kick back and...do a lot of laundry and clean my house and mow my lawn.Yay.Anyway, it's away from the day job ....more

There's A New Type Of Seaweed That Tastes "Just Like Bacon" - Pardon Me If I'm Skeptical

[Image credit: Getty] Years ago, the ex and I played host to some friends from out of town who were both vegetarians. We wanted to be as vegetarian-friendly as possible, so I picked up some vegetarian breakfast sausages at the grocery store in anticipation of their visit, and planned to serve them with pancakes for breakfast.They smelled okay. A little off, but not bad ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Don't Worry, Little Man

It was his second birthday He fell at the playground And before I could get there She scooped him up Sitting him on the bench beside her Rubbing his back Holding him tight Because she understood even then That these things worked to calm him And she said It's okay, I've got you A year later An autism diagnosis Nearly a decade has passed since this picture And she still shows me And him Over and over That she's still got him And I'm so glad That he's got her ...more

To Sleep...Perchance To Dream...Or At Least Not Wake Up Every Freaking Hour

I have never been good at the sleep thing.I have been a nocturnal person for as long as I can remember. My younger days were spent reading books under the covers with a flashlight and feigning sleep with the parents checked in on me, then in high school it was me with headphones listening to music....more