Signs Point To Friday - Let's Have A Laugh!

Just in case Grandpa isn't smelling too fresh... It's Friday!! Yeah, baby!I am SO ready for this work week to come to a close ....more

What's Your Bizarro Moment?

Once, a few years back, my kids and I were coming home from an outing. As we exited the highway, we came down the exit ramp and at the stoplight ahead of us was an old AMC Gremlin - avocado green, with an enormous guy sporting a ponytail behind the wheel. He had these little prism things hanging from his rearview mirror, and they gleamed in the sun, blinding the crap out of me ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Making His Own Avengers

What's going on here? I ask Why is Flynn Rider giving the Green Lantern a piggyback ride? He got bitten by a goblin, he replies...more

Sorry I Fell Off The Map...I've Had A Crazy Week

In five years of blogging, I've never missed this many days in a row. It's been a crazy few days. The car bit the dust in the middle of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and $everal hundred dollar$ later it's fixed ....more

Once Upon A Time - Season 5, Episode 19 Recap: Brothers And Sisters And Mothers And Daughters

Tonight, we're cruising with Hades in the car from Christine to the strains of "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" (nice touch!). Hades takes Zelena to a bonfire picnic complete with wine on the side of the road overlooking Underbrooke. He gives her a view of the town and tells her she deserves "The real thing" ....more

Traveling With An Autistic Child? Check Out These 15 Airports That Offer "Rehearsal" Programs

The first time I flew with David after he was old enough to walk (and the airport now had full body scanners), I was more than a little nervous....more

Confessions Of An Obsessive Box Hoarder

I don't know when it began. Maybe it's because I live far from my family. Any birthday presents or Christmas presents had to be mailed, you see ....more

Once Upon A Time - Season 5, Episode 18 Recap: True Love In Ten Minutes

We start this episode with everyone gathered around an unconscious Red, and Ginny Goodwin's pregnancy is glaringly obvious. Somebody should have handed her a pillow to cuddle or something. And from there, we flash back to Oz with a delightfully generic "some time ago." Ruby and Mulan are searching for Ruby's pack when they happen upon Toto, who Red somehow seems to be besties with because she knows him instantly ....more

Resource Monday: Check out this great backpack for kids on the #Autism spectrum!

A friend was kind enough to send me a link to this article on Upworthy, about the Nesel Pack,a backpack uniquely designed to benefit kids who have autism.Many children on the spectrum have sensory issues, and weighted vests are commonly used in autism therapy to provide comfort and counteract the stimulation overload. The Nesel Pack has a vest design with more coverage on the front, and pockets that parents can put weights in. It's really a genius design! ...more

To Dad, On His Eightieth Birthday

When I was two, ...more