Fun For A Friday: More Things That Make Me Go "NOPE."

Happy Friday! And welcome to another edition of "Things that make me say 'Nope!'" I've got some doozies.The Funnel Cake Bacon Cheeseburger: And if you want that greasy goodness to follow you: Burger King Perfume Prepare to be devoured: Mr. Clown wants to play! ...more

Sometimes The Well Runs Dry

We had a bad autism night last night.A bad, bad, I mean really bad autism night. One that ended with hysterical screaming, things being thrown, and finally, bodily harm.Testosterone. It's a helluva drug.His sister came rushing in to see what the ruckus was and I found myself standing between them as she tried to stand between him and me.Both of us trying to protect the other and then both of us trying to protect him from himself as he threw himself down, beating the floor and calling himself names for having accidentally hurt me.Tears all around and more screaming as he refused an early bedtime for his bad behavior.Finally, he cried himself to sleep and I saw an endless parade of days like this weaving in and out, stretching on forever, because the truth is, he may not be able to live on his own someday, so he'll be living with me.Read more » ...more

My Latest At Moms Magazine: Five Things You Can Do To Help A Single Parent

Here's my latest for Mom's Magazine:Five Things You Can Do To Help A Single Parent ...more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Don't Think I Won't Do It

Don't think I won't do it Because I do....on a regular basis That boss from that job in 1996 That girl from history class in high school That ex-boyfriend That one mom with the kid that made my kid cry Oh yes, you're all getting your due And it feels so good to do it So, thank you, every one of you You may be a colossal pain in the ass But that makes for a great character ...more

Book Excerpt From "David And Me Under The Sea": When You Can't Explain It

March 2010 Daddy decided to move out. We told Anna, and the pain of it slammed into me like a freight train, reducing me to an agonizing pile of disjointed parts. She asked us if we were joking ....more

I Saw The Sign - And I Laughed Out Loud

Sometimes a sign can point you to your destiny. Or sometimes, it just has the word butthole and that makes you laugh. That's a real town in England, by the way ....more

Great (Okay, Not So Great) Moments In Typo History

 Typos. We've all done it - had a moment where our fingers were moving faster (or worse) independently of our brains....more

Once Upon A Time - Season 4, Episode 16: Poor, Unfortunate, Ghostbusting Souls

Who you gonna call? Oh, come on. You know you shouted it out as soon as you saw him ....more