Fun On A Friday: Let's Take A Trip - Through Time!

Someone alerted me recently to an awesome short film about time travel that was so much fun to watch. I present: One Minute Time Machine! (note: slight NSFW language/subject matter) Read more » ...more

Happy Virgiversary - You've Come A Long Way, Baby

  Yesterday was the anniversary of me losing my virginity. ...more

Happy Virgiversary - You've Come A Long Way, Baby

Yesterday was the anniversary of me losing my virginity. I'm not going to say how many years, exactly, but I will tell you I was in college, and it was October 7th. I don't remember the date because it was so life-changing, or anything ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: This Should Not Have Happened

Her name was Carrie. She was younger than me She was a wonderful person...more

Have You Ever Tried To Drive Someone Crazy? Or Had It Done To You?

Years ago I worked for a woman I'll call Mary....more

Once Upon A Time - Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: True Love's Near Miss

When last we left our heroes, they were face down on a diner floor wearing strange clothes with no memory of how they got there - or in other words, any Saturday night in college. Well, for me, at least.Anyway, we're back now and ready to start figuring out (again) how they lost their memories (again) and I'm sure there's a surprising explanation (again) and it'll all wrap up neatly by the mid-season hiatus (again). So we open with Leroy and the dwarves in a van (Sneezy statue is strapped to the roof) rolling along to the town line ....more

Resource Monday: Helping Your Child Manage Stress

I came across a great article in Psychology Today about a useful acronym that helps your child deal with stress. The acronym is ACCEPTS. Have your child seek out these avenues to help diffuse stress: ActivitiesContributingComparisonEmotionsPushing AwayThoughtsSensationsHead over to...more

Laughter Is Always The Best Medicine

I'm feeling a little under the weather today (and on top of that, we're getting splattered by a hurricane), so it's a pretty crummy day all around. And what's the best thing to do on a crummy day?Let's laugh it off! We'll start with this poor guy - he shouldn't have slugged back a soda before going live on the air: And then there's this poor bride: Read more » ...more

I Started To Post This On Tuesday. Really.

I'd like to tell you all about how organized and goal-oriented I am. I really would. I spent yesterday in New York, meeting with my editor and agent, getting my edit letter and digging right into my first round of edits and rewrites ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: "My Mom's A Writer," She Bemoaned

I have a paper to write But I'm not sure...more