Once Upon A Time – Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: New Hair, Same Old Rumple

Tonight we begin with a frustrated Rumple, who grabs some scissors and emerges from his back room with an ultra-short new hairdo only to run into the Evil Queen and Hyde, who are seeking a certain cameo necklace.Rumple decides to kill Hyde just for asking, only to find that he can't - just as Regina can't kill the Evil Queen (plot point!).Hyde laughs off Rumple's attempt and takes the necklace, reminding Rumple that their deal specifies that Rumple can't stop him. Rumple then reminds Regina that she promised not to hurt Belle, and Hyde reminds Rumple that he never made that promise, which applies only to Regina. Got it? ...more

Happy Friday! Let's Check Out The News!

Great news! It's Friday! Hallelujah! ...more

Heritage vs Culture: Americans Do This Differently

Anna and I were having a discussion over the weekend about Columbus Day and its origins. She was feeling a little conflicted because she's got both Italian and Native American blood in her veins. Columbus, as you know was a masterful explorer, and especially around the Philadelphia area, he is celebrated with a lot of revelry.But there's no denying that Columbus was also a sonufabitch, enslaving, murdering and raping indigenous people everywhere he went.Heritage is both a priviledge, and sometimes, a burden ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: In The Time Of Colors

Cold in the morning Just enough so that you feel cozy Under that big comforter Warm in the afternoon But not overly so Dappled sun on rainbow leaves The smell of fireplaces And scented pumpkin apple candles My favorite season Wish it could stay longer ...more

Our Legal System Is A Pain In The Ass

I spent the morning in court. I've been embroiled in a "situation" for about three months now, and today I had to take a day off of work to drive to the county courthouse, wait two hours, and get an extension on the extension that I got before. This is a civil case, by the way - nothing criminal going on ....more

Once Upon A Time – Season 6, Episode 3 Recap: Oh! My Ovaries!!

This recap went up a little late because I had to watch that trainwreck of a debate. I think it was brilliant airing it right after this show. I will never complain about plot holes or convoluted timelines ever again ....more

Fun On A Friday - How About A Big Cup Of NOPE

What do you think? Is that NOPE enough for you? If not, then strap in - there's more sphincter-clenching fun to follow! ...more

What Are Your Can't Not Sing Songs?

Music can be a powerful thing. It's used in multiple therapies, it lifts your soul, it makes you cry (lookin' at you, Adele...) and it takes over your body and makes you dance sometimes. An earworm can drive you to the point of madness ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Killer Clowns From Cyberspace

They targeted our school! she says breathlessly. They're coming for us! ...more

Here It Is: My Top-Secret Mega Delicious Hot Spiked Apple Cider Recipe!

Hallelujah - it's boots and sweater weather again (well, for some of us, anyway...) and since we're inching closer to Halloween, I'm getting everything ready for my favorite Halloween tradition: the making of the hot spiked cider. It's been a staple on Halloween night for all the years I've lived in my neighborhood, and now they call me "The Cider Girl." On Halloween night, I hand out candy to the kids, and I keep a jug of cold apple cider for the underage passers-by who find themselves thirsty....more