Okay, you can stop sneezing now!!!


Lentil Bruschetta Dip

Well I am about to share with you THE mostincredible,healthy,tastebud tantalizing,pita chip dip in the universe --Oh and did I mention it's also the EASIEST!!This is the kind of dip you can eat with a spoon instead of a chip...This is the kind of dip that dreams are made of... Too much? Yes but you get the point.Three easy ingredients make up this heaven in your mouth concoction.  Just THREE!...more

Honey Lemon Skin Brightening Mask

As I get older, I have started noticing a dramatic change in my skin. What was once bright, smooth, and supple is now flat, laden with issues, and covered in sun spots. I am all about organic everything, so after a bit of searching, I found this amazing mask. ...more
Can you store this for any amount of time in the fridge? I made this last night, used it, but ...more

Best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Lingerie Edition

People! Serious public service announcement...  You only have THREE full days to make it to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before it ends.This is crunch time people!While I go to Nordstrom for everything, I especially love their lingerie department.  That may be because an old roommate of mine worked in the lingerie department and turned me into a fanatic but never-the-less, I'm addicted....more

Sight Word Search

Nixon is only 4 and a half so while I know he’s young, I still think it’s important he learns to read sooner than later.  He’s obsessed with books and will sit and ‘read’ in his room for hours if he could.  So the beginning stages of reading are sight words.  So in an effort to make learning fun, I came up with a fun little game!  He absolutely loves it and it was fun for me to make/help him with too....more