The 18th Avenue Feast 2016

The 18th avenue feast has been going on every  August ever since I can remember. I come from a musical family so one night my dad and his band "VOICES" (formerly Caleps), would be performing, then another night my cousin would DJ, and another night my dad would sing with another band or DJ.  It is just infested with  VENUTO FAMILY entertainment. ...more

Stop Competing and start Appreciating

Life is always about competition it seems. Who has the hotter man, the bigger house, the nicer body.  Lets stop for a moment and focus on what we do have.Why is jealousy even a trait? I don't like that it even exists.  Some people get more jealous than others and  I think there are two kinds of jealousies....more

Truths about being a NEW MOM

Hello!  I  have not written in a while. I am back to tell you what it has been like being a new mom!...more

Our Lives are about to Change

The time is almost near. We are counting down the weeks. Today I am 33 weeks pregnant with our first child. Enzo and I have been married for a little over 3 years now. We always said we wanted to be parents. Not right away, but when the time was right. We had some struggles getting here but it finally happened and we are super excited....more

What I learned about other people the older I got.

When we were in highschool, most of us wanted to be popular, or have the most friends. I remember in Freshman year, I made 20 friends and by the time I was  a senior, the group was down to  about 6-8 girls.Today, I talk to one or two VIA FACEBOOK and one I see about twice a year. This is normal. We mature at different rates or we have different interests, or go off to different colleges....more

Rude Shit People Say to a Pregnant Woman

Have you ever noticed the pregnant rant statuses on Facebook? I have, from several people. And I thought to myself, who would say such a thing to a pregnant woman? I now believe every pregnant person goes through it.  Meaning... the rude comments and questions.I am only 4.5 months and gained about 9-10 pounds so far. Personally the only thing that has changed to me is - my ass  got plump (and I like it) - my face got a little rounder - and obviously my gut is growing. (DUH)...more
hahaha this made me laugh so much. thank you it's nice to know we all go through the same bullsh*t!!more


Since my friends got a kick out of my "LIST" that I wrote when I was 22, I decided to  write a new list for my single girls to follow. Now I am a 30 year old, so my friends are over 27. This is the list you should follow.  Because THE QUEEN said so....more

What If Bruce Jenner/ Caitlyn Jenner was your husband/father?

I know everyone is going on and on about how brave Bruce Jenner is for becoming Caitlyn Jenner. And yes I agree.  But did you sit there and imagine if your own father told you he always wanted to be a woman? OR if your husband suddenly was showing signs of this?...more

Being a SONGWRITER means you have to be a PRODUCER too

I come from a musical family. My father is in a band with his brothers since he was about 8 years old. My sister and I write songs. My cousin raps, and 3 other cousins sing as well. My sister Maria and Alexa can sing, I can sing too but not as strong. ...more

Did You Like the CGI Effects Used on Paul Walker's Final Performance in 'Furious 7?'

My husband and I decided to go see Furious 7. This is the last movie that actor Paul Walker appeared in before he tragically died.  I was anxious to see the CGI effects used to finish the film to see if I could tell which parts were the  computerized versions of him and which parts were his final performance. ...more