It is NOT OK to be the OTHER WOMAN

I have read a couple of blogs on here about being the "OTHER WOMAN." If you like someone in another relationship whether or not he is married, it is NOT OKAY to get involved. Women make up all these excuses as to why they start something with a man who is already involved. The same goes for Men.  They say,"He is not happy with his Wife/GF""They got together young""He said that he is going to break up with her anyway"...more

Being an Adult vs. Being a kid

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to say "I can't wait to be an adult." Well now that I am an adult, I wish I was still a little kid. Little children's biggest worries are if the other kid is going to share that toy.  I remember going to my grandparents house with the whole family, playing with my 25 cousins. Wednesdays was McDonald's day and my dad or the other uncles would take turns taking us to McDonald's after school. Dancing in the yard was always fun too....more

Do You Believe in GHOSTS & the Afterlife?

I know what you may think? Ghosts? Come on girl! But wait I have proof!My family and I are known to be spiritual in some way or another. My cousin Lucia sees a little girl in a bedroom almost everynight. She feels her and sees her with her white nightgown staring at the mirror. She says she used to be scared of her but not anymore. Ever since Lucia changed the decor of her room, she has not really seen the little girl ghost that she calls "Emily." A medium asked her - "Do you see a little girl? She wants you to know her name is Camille."...more


You know what annoys me? The media. They make people mad over something that has nothing to do with the situation.  Why do they have to title things : WHITE COP KILLS BLACK MAN.  Why can't they write: MIDDLE-AGED MAN KILLED BY OFFICER.And some people fall for it! I am sure there is racism still these days but not just for blacks. Some people say "Oh your family is in the mafia?" because I am Italian.  That is just ignorance. I just shrug it off - what can you do? Do I cause a scene? Do I get violent? NO because that is TRASHY....more


While I was  on the train yesterday, I overheard two girls having a conversation about a guy one of them was seeing. I was not trying to listen but they were right next to me. She said to her friend, "I don't see myself as being the jealous type but I feel like all the girls think he is cute and it makes me uncomfortable, like they should know he is with me." The way she was talking, sounded as if she was either in college or in her early twenties."EYE ROLL"  I so wanted to interrupt (in a way) and give her some advice. But then again, I have no patience for that....more

Do You Share a Facebook Account with Your Significant Other?

Most of my friends already know that I share my Facebook account with my husband, Enzo.  It has my name on it, but we both use it. When he feels the need to comment on a post, he puts an E symbol to indicate that he is the one posting. ...more
its isnt a big deal - hes not into social media  - and has nothing to do with trustmore

Is it still a sin if you think of slapping someone but wont actually do it?

Have you ever thought of why some people have self control and others don't? This blog has many different layers. I will try to keep it simple.I went to Catholic school all my life. Some things I believe and some things I question just like many other human beings.  I'd like to say I am religious in my own way. I don't go to church anymore unless it's for a wedding, baptism, communion etc. But I do try to pray every night to God, the angels & my relatives that have passed. I say my own prayer in my head. ...more

Our Experience in Lancaster

This past weekend, my family, husband and I,  slept at the CHURCHTOWN INN B&B in Narvon, PA. This B&B is near the Amish farms and Mennonite churches. This is the first bed and breakfast for us. We are used to sleeping in hotels when we go away but we wanted to experience something different....more

Are you a Name Brand Junkie?

What are some of the name brand clothing & accessories you just HAVE to have? Is it because you like the style, everyone has it, or it makes you feel like a celebrity?Before I start, I am not writing this  post to judge anyone. Don't take it to offense. I am just going to state why I am not obsessed with it....more


What makes someone "annoying" on FACEBOOK?  Do you find yourself hiding or deleting more and more people? Why do they get offensive when they find out? I am sure we all have had our moments of being annoying ourselves. Many of us have been through that phase. I can say I may have annoyed people when I had to promote my dad's performances when he was singing at local hot spots every weekend.These are some of the things that annoy me (and most people)...more