400 Days

A friend of mine just got deployed to Afghanistan. I am not quite sure how to feel. I have several friends who are in the military. None are quite like him. A guy I met in college one night while "studying" (a friend and I were actually dancing rather freely) in the student union, we formed an interesting bond.  We talked, and flirted, among other things, and eventually admitted we were more than friends. Yet, we were not together, and we occupied that gray area (much to my dismay) for quite some time....more

My Ex Hates It When I Write About Him

One of my exes hates that I talk about him, and because we've recently become friends again, I told him that I would restrict discussions about our relationship to my journal.Then I got to thinking...He and I dated some time ago, and after not speaking to me for over a year, he apologized, and we became "friends" again.  Months of checking up on each other, random conversations about future plans, and generally friendly things made me feel like everything with us was okay....more
I think Lisa Thomson wrote it PERFECTLY via Lamott, "If you don't want me writing things about ...more

40 Days of Singleness: There's Always That One Guy

There’s always that one guy who calls himself your friend, but never talks to you unless you initiate it.There’s always that one guy who says he likes you but he doesn’t talk to you unless he’s trying to screwThere’s always that one guy who says he loves you but he has a girlfriendThere’s always that one guy who treats you right, but doesn’t love you the way you need.There’s always that one guy whom you love, but you know you just aren’t readyThere’s always that one guy to whom you’re attracted, but you know he’s trouble....more

Day 8: Telling Mom..

Break ups suck. Informing my mother of breakups sucks more. *Backstory*...more

40 Days of Singleness: ....Awkward.

Day 7 I hate awkward conversations.  I always have to think of exactly what I’m going to say, or I ramble and get sidetracked. I had to have one the other day with #him. It felt awful, but it was necessary, and honestly, I’m glad I had it....more

40 Days of Singleness: Moving On?

You know, I began this as a moment to enjoy being single. That was my goal. I promise. Apparently, that is not meant to be the plan.  After revealing to my friend, who is more like a big brother, that I am single, he slipped a friend’s number.  We have talked almost every night since. I am loving it. He’s a genuinely good man, and I am learning to go with the flow and let him lead. Its refreshing....more

40 Days of Singleness: Let's Take a Trip

Day 5*packs bags*Well, I figured that the best way to have some fun while i’m single, and learning to experience life, even if i’m doing it alone, was to TRAVEL. So, for my first trip, I’m going to Houston!I chose Houston because I have SO many friends living there, and I really want to see them. PLUS its warm!...more

40 Days of Singleness: Imma Flirt

Day 4 Today, I did not think of #him. That could be because I was hanging out with Leo* all day and he kept me busy, but I will take it.  It was nice to go out and not worry about how #he would take it, or if #he would be jealous, or (my personal favorite), if Leo considered it a date.  We spoke, we laughed, we flirted, and that was ridiculously refreshing....more

40 Days of Singleness: WHERE IS THE MUTE BUTTON?!

Day 3I love social media. I am a Twitter lover, a Facebook fanatic, and a Tumblr-er. Its kept me connected to my friends and family, and introduced me to SO many thoughts and ideas about life. Social media and I have had a lovely relationship.Till now.Now it is my worst enemy. When I open my Facebook, he is there. When I go on Twitter, he is there. And worst of all TUMBLR. My happy place social media site. Even Spotify. Its the worst torture I could possibly have right now....more
I understand where you're coming from with this one.  One of the things I would do when me and ...more

40 Days of Singleness: I Shouldn't Have Listened To That Song

Day 2Last night, I hung out with my sorority sisters. I don’t see them often at all, so it’s always fun, and I didn’t think of #him at all.Then I went home, and listened to Corinne Bailey Rae. *exhales* I shouldn’t have done that. Corinne has a beautiful voice, and I love her music. Sadly, CBR experienced losing her husband prior to her second album and you can hear the sadness in the melodies, the lyrics, and even the beats. You can probably guess which album I stupidly listened to, and, as a result, had a very thorough cry before I went to sleep.  ...more