Wordless Wednesday: I can’t believe I took this shot

On the outskirts of Hillsboro, Oregon the fog was so dense it seemed alive ....more

My Portland Adventures in Storytelling

Storytelling, live literature, oral histories, whatever you want to call it. I’ve been completely hooked on this for a few years now. I fell in love with the format immediately because it reminded me of hanging around my family when aunts, uncles and cousins would share hilarious stories from long ago ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Not-So-Much Cheer

I didn’t expect to be in the picture and, clearly, Ethan was not a fan either. Us three and Santa ....more

My #MommyFail at Cub Scouts

Having fun making our Cub cakes. Upon walking in I was greeted with this masterpiece of Christmas frosting. Who decorates 3-inch tall Christmas trees? ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Holidays from Hawaii

A storm is brewing near Kona, Hawaii ....more

I’m giving away a 1-year membership to Netflix #ad

I’m writing this post as a member of the Netflix Stream Team and have been compensated for it, but as always all opinions are my own. Can you believe that Christmas is just a week away? The Christmas cards are flowing in, the house is as decorated as it’s gonna get and I’ve bought a whopping two presents ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Decorating the Christmas tree

Hanging Christmas ornaments is serious business ....more

With each black man’s death I ask: Are you my Emmett Till?

Do you remember that children’s book, Are You My Mother? It’s where a bird goes around asking a kitten, a cow, a dog and others if they are its mother. I feel like I’m that little bird when it comes to the spate of black men being killed ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Recycling

A shot from my explorations at the local recycling plant ....more

Wordless Wednesday: My stolen cell phone is in California

I managed to GPS my phone this morning. It’s the blue dot, in California. As many of you know from my previous post, the people who now have my stolen cell phone have been taking pictures and they are showing up on my cloud ....more