Wordless Wednesday: Happy Veterans Day

There are a lot of veterans in my family and I’m proud of them all. The four pictured above are just a snapshot of our history in serving the United States of America. I send a big thank you to the veterans of yesterday and today ....more

Mizzou Shakeup: My alma mater finally addresses its age-old issue

It’s a good day to be a Missouri Tiger. I’ve been closely watching the racial unrest at my alma mater, the University of Missouri, where Tim Wolfe stepped down Monday as president amid criticism of his handling of social injustice issues on campus. Hours later, Chancellor R ....more

Celebrating Halloween, Norwegian style

We’ve made it through our first Halloween in Norway. These past few weeks, I’ve been wondering how it was going to be because Norwegians have only celebrated All Hallows’ Eve for the past 15 or so years. There’s a holiday near the Christmas season called husbukk where kids go around knocking on doors asking for treats, but it’s not the same ....more

Coming to a Netflix stream near you

Since moving to Norway, I’ve had to come to terms with giving up most of my TV shows. As it stands now, there’s no more Game of Thrones, no more Scandal and I haven’t been able to find Empire, but I haven’t given up hope on finding Cookie. This means I have combed through much of what Netflix has to offer ....more

Wordless Wednesday: A big red barn

I love red barns. ...more

Using #Netflix to learn Norwegian

One of the biggest challenges we have living here in Norway is learning the language and let me tell you, the struggle is real. First, there’s 29 letters in their alphabet, the three extra are: æ, ø, and å. Also, there’s all kinds of different pronunciations, like kj makes a “shhh” sound and ki is like you’re whispering “he.” Crazy, right? ...more

My embarrassing trip to the chiropractor in Norway

If you’ve known me for any reasonable amount of time, you’re aware that embarrassing things often happen to me. Some of them I’ve blogged about, like the Cub Cakes...more

New on Netflix: Dinosaurs + Trucks = DinoTrux

Looking for something different to watch with the kiddos this weekend? Netflix has a new original series for that combines dinosaurs and trucks, a concept that I’m surprised I haven’t seen before. It premiers today and features Ty Rux, a Tyrannosaurus Rex combined with an excavator, and his bestie named Revvit, who is of the Reptool species ....more

Ferguson One Year Later: What’s truly changed?

What were you doing this time last year? In Ferguson, Missouri a 279-pound, 18-year-old college student lay dead in the street. His black body had been shot at least six times and his death became a reawakening to what many black Americans have been saying for generations ....more

Back to School With The Help of My Norwegian Madea

The first day of school is just around the corner for many of us, and while some parents are thrilled to be rid of their kids, many of us are nervous and scared. Some of you remember dropping off your little one on the first day of school, only to walk away with red eyes and feeling slightly traumatized. I remember when Logan started kindergarten, I rubbed the back of a sobbing mom and was happy I didn’t feel as shellshocked ....more