Wordless Wednesday: #Rustlord community on Instagram picks my pic

This picture of an old Ford truck in Pacific City, Oregon was picked as a featured photo . I love me some Instagram, and one of my favorite communities is #Rustlord, which is filled with all things rusty. There’s sub-communities, if you will, and one of those is Rustlord_carz ....more

A parent’s nightmare: Kyron Horman missing after school science fair

The last time Kyron was seen was after his morning science fair in 2010. The Wall of Hope in Beaverton for Kyron Horman. A corner of The Wall of Hope ....more

This is what friends are for…

Sometimes it takes a good friend to bring us back to ourselves. I’ve been really quiet on my blog the past year or so and though life has got me quite busy, the silence is not because of my busyness. I haven’t been writing because I just have not been able to bring myself to do it ....more

For Holocaust Remembrance Day, meet survivor Ben Lesser

I want to introduce you guys to an extraordinary man. His name is Ben Lesser and I ran across him on Reddit, my latest obsession. Lesser is a Holocaust survivor and he did an AMA, which stands for Ask Me Anything on Reddit ....more

Got a Netflix addiction?

I’ll be honest. My family has a Netflix addiction. But who could blame us really? ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Rusted Links

Broken chain ....more

Wordless Wednesday: I can’t get enough of the #urbangrime

The backside of Hair of the Dog Brewery in Portland. ...more

A Valentine’s Tale: Do you know what today is?

Today is a special day. It’s the day that I decided to take a chance. Many years ago, I met a Norwegian boy and he made it clear, he liked me ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Another foggy day in Portland

I really enjoy my morning walks ....more

Storytelling in Portland: I’m At The Alberta Rose Theatre

My big day is coming up. It’s not a wedding, not a baby, but it’s essentially just as important. It’s my biggest storytelling show in Portland thus far ....more