Got a Netflix addiction?

I’ll be honest. My family has a Netflix addiction. But who could blame us really? ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Rusted Links

Broken chain ....more

Wordless Wednesday: I can’t get enough of the #urbangrime

The backside of Hair of the Dog Brewery in Portland. ...more

A Valentine’s Tale: Do you know what today is?

Today is a special day. It’s the day that I decided to take a chance. Many years ago, I met a Norwegian boy and he made it clear, he liked me ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Another foggy day in Portland

I really enjoy my morning walks ....more

Storytelling in Portland: I’m At The Alberta Rose Theatre

My big day is coming up. It’s not a wedding, not a baby, but it’s essentially just as important. It’s my biggest storytelling show in Portland thus far ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Life’s a Beach

Oceanside, Oregon ....more

Wordless Wednesday: I can’t believe I took this shot

On the outskirts of Hillsboro, Oregon the fog was so dense it seemed alive ....more

My Portland Adventures in Storytelling

Storytelling, live literature, oral histories, whatever you want to call it. I’ve been completely hooked on this for a few years now. I fell in love with the format immediately because it reminded me of hanging around my family when aunts, uncles and cousins would share hilarious stories from long ago ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Not-So-Much Cheer

I didn’t expect to be in the picture and, clearly, Ethan was not a fan either. Us three and Santa ....more