It's a Nipply Slope: The 'Tittooing' Trend

The UK's The Telegraph reported on the latest, most awesome trend in the Disney Land odyssey that is women feeling inadequate about their bodies for arbitrary reasons: Nipple tattooing. Yep. Like those tiny nubbins themselves, this story is out there. Writer Radhika Sanghani reports:...more

Blobby Bodies and Biggest Losers: Women Judging Women

Writing about the season two premier of the HBO series Girls, New York Post critic Linda Stasi had this to say about show creator, writer, and star Lena Dunham who plays the character Hannah: “It’s not every day in the TV world of anorexic actresses with fake boobs that a woman with giant thighs, a sloppy backside and small breasts is compelled to...more

Princess Butterfly Sparkle-Pants: What Toys Are Telling You About the Girl on Your Holiday List

For a currently childfree woman, buying gifts for young ones can be an overwhelming and exhausting process when the occasion is a typical Birthday or Bar mitzvah. Add a pressure cooker holiday season to the mix and the toddler won’t be the only one having a melt down in the game aisle....more

Our Preoccupation with the Perfect Pregnant Body

Rumors swirled this week about the suspected, but likely soon-to-be-officially-confirmed, second pregnancy of pop star Jessica Simpson. ABC News blogger Luchina Fisher encapsulates the skewed cultural mindset when it comes to women and body image when she writes: “Jessica Simpson could be gaining back some of the 60-plus pounds she lost after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew in May.”...more
@Sandra Kohlmann I am short and overweight with a giant, stretch-marked pregnant belly that I'm ...more

The Invisible Constituency: Who Campaigns for Caregivers?

Regardless of our respective political leanings, we all can agree that the 2012 election cycle can only be characterized as historic. When the confetti cleared in the wee hours of November 7, nineteen women found themselves holding positions as newly elected officials. Whether on the ticket or at the campaign rallies, women and women’s issues played crucial and decisive roles in this campaign cycle. Reproductive health took center stage, followed closely by issues related to fair pay, and marriage equality. What failed to make the news feed? Caregiving....more

Self-Imaging: Are You Opting Out of the Bigger Picture?

We were bombing along the twisty, narrow dirt paths that meander through the scrubby brush of Nantucket in our rented jeep. Vacation off-season. Fabulous. With the island practically devoid of fellow “tourons,” we truly felt like castaways. O.k. maybe we felt like castaways on the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie, but even so, the landscape coupled with the perfect stretch of warm, October days exceeded our expectations. I was in my shutterbug element....more

Brag: The OTHER Four-Letter Word

This week, news broke of Lena Dunham’s staggering book deal. Random House purportedly paid the 26-year-old auteur $3.7 million for a book tentatively titled Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned. Dunham, best known as the writer and showrunner of the HBO series, Girls, has been the focus of tsunami-sized criticism and praise for her work and for becoming a sensation in what seems to be the time it takes to tweet....more
I'm a big fan of self-promotion and tooting one's own horn. Women need to own their power and ...more

Missing 'The Golden Girls': The Sad State Of Female Friendships On Network TV

No matter how many times I saw the I Love Lucy episode, the schtick never got old. Lucy and Ethel cockily wrapping bonbons as they lazily chugged down a conveyor belt. Their smugness transformed into panic as the conveyor belt sped forward forcing the girls to stuff chocolates in their mouths, hats, and blouses just to keep pace....more
I so loved the Golden Girls!  There was humour, pathos and lots of heart in that show.  And you ...more

Fairest of them All?: Mirror Fast: Fad or Fix?

“And when we come back, the story of a woman who went a month without looking in a single mirror.” That statement was enough to shake me from my exercise stupor as I took a few more punishing laps with the elliptical. It sounded gimmicky and more than a little extreme, the two elements driving most popular trends. I was admittedly intrigued....more

My Minute: Prep Power!

As the saying goes, anything can change “in a New York minute.” Sixty seconds might be all you need to recharge, regain control, get an energy boost, or simply mentally, emotionally, and physically repair. My Minute is a weekly tip segment that offers ways to make your daily minutes add up to benefit you. In each post, we highlight an aspect of your every day routine with one suggestion on how to make that routine work to give you a little, but much deserved, life lift. My Minute: Prep Power...more