Fashion Friday: How To Wear Harem Pants

All of us have seen the loose fitted pants this summer; some of us love them while others cannot understand why anyone would want to wear pants that resemble PJs.I had been apprehensive of trying the harem pants in fear that I would look wider than I wanted. I finally gave them a shot and have fallen in love!Check out my blogpost on styling tips on how to wear harem pants.  ...more

Fashion Love: Necklace Belts

Leading up to my wedding, I was in super save mode. I made a conscious choice to stop shopping unless I really needed something. I love fashion and thought it would be hard but it really wasn't. Shocking, I know.It has been one year since the wedding and I have slowly started to let myself buy things when I want instead of just when I need them....more

The Modern Bride: Heirloom Bouquets

I love the new trend of heirloom pieces at weddings. Heirlooms are beautiful, have a story and connect generations of a family together - what's not to love? Take a look at the picture below - you can incorporate your mother's or grandmother's wedding dress into your bouquet. How sweet is that?...more

Everything You Needed to Know About South Asian Weddings

Since this is my first post on BlogHer, I figured I should start at the beginning. This is an introduction of sorts.I started dreaming of my wedding long before my prince charming came into the picture. In my head, I knew certain things that I wanted to incorporate since I was a little girl. Yup, I'm one of those girls. Being part of a Pakistani family, I knew I was going to be an extra lucky bride - I would get to be the bride for 4 main days plus numerous other parties....more
Brings back memories of my aunts and cousins getting married..more

Behind The Scenes On the Wedding Day: Mehendi

Before I was married, I always wondered what was going on in a bride's head on her special day (days in my culture's case). As I daydreamed about what my own wedding days would be like, I promised myself that I would right about my feelings on my blog.In a nutshell, my mehendi day (the funnest day in my opinion) was full of emotions:...more

Fashion Love: The Colour Red

There's just something about October and November that gives me the chills - I'm assuming it's the darn cold weather. In this chilly weather, I have come to LOVE the colour red.I think red is a colour that makes every woman/girl look amazingly hot.Those are my hot red pumps. Check out my favourite red lipstick on my blog!...more