Why I Loathe The Empty Praise of Grace

Originally posted on burymeinredlipstick.comThe praise of grace /or forgiveness in the face of vitriolic racism perpetuates the idea that anger is not a valid response. Anger is a valid response to racism. I reject the idea that someone has to turn the other cheek or hold someone’s hand while experiencing the pain inflicted by that same person in order to be seen as sympathetic. The people who perpetuate that idea are insecure with their own conduct, racism or otherwise, and want that same evenhanded approach to their misdeeds. ...more

Is "Silence" The Word Among Black Beauty Bloggers?

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Thank you for your comment. I think your comment speaks to how vague the call out was in the ...more

Yes, Kat Von D's Underage Red Lipstick Is a Big Deal

It seems that outrage over one of Kat Von D's lipstickscaught the attention of some folks at Business Insider. The lipstick in question? Underage Red, a lipstick that has been out for a year. ...more

Take Control of Your Dating Life With Singled Out App

Let me paint a picture for you. You finally decide to sign up for that internet dating site at the behest of your friends and family. Or maybe you did it in spite of their misgivings. In any case you did it. You uploaded your best selfies. You cropped your friends out of that photo of you in your favorite outfit. You wrote a pithy about me section so your potential suitors know that you’re funny and smart. You answered all the questions and you clicked all the boxes. You click “save” and your profile is now live....more

Women Have Eyes, Too. Why Can't We Check Out Guys?

I loathe the phrase “Men are visual creatures”.It’s a phrase used to excuse things from excessive porn watching to infidelity. It makes women wear things they’d never wear and excuses the lack of reciprocity when it comes to things they find visual appealing. It says that women don’t care about looks while men do and shames women who care all at the same time. I believe women are just as visual as men, but our socialization has pushed us to downplay those things while our insecurities bubble up with each photo or video in our newsfeeds and timelines....more
Great post Shanta. Yes you are a writer - and a good writer too. And I look - oh baby I look. I ...more

So Much Urban Decay Nakedness

Top-Bottom Naked 1, Naked 2, Naked 3...more

A Sexy Photo Shoot Helped Me See Myself Through My Husband's Eyes

My husband decided he wanted to be a photographer this morning. I was rather apprehensive and self-conscious. Thoughts of what childbirth hath wrought in a photo did not make me feel so good.  Image: Sophie Asia, via Flickr ...more
bacikiss Absolutely!more

It's About What You're Doing And Not Who You're Doing It With

Relationships end. Be it death, abandonment, mutual dissolution or something else, they end. So this idea that because you’re in a relationship that doesn’t fit the monogamous ideal puts you at greater risk for your relationship to end is crazy to me....more

80's Inspired Look

I wanted to recreate an 80's look for a party and this is how it turned out. http://burymeinredlipstick.com/2013/11/11/80s-party-look/...more