14 Reasons You Attract Asshats

When it comes to dating, do you keep choosing Asshats over and over and over again? I was an Asshat-magnet right up until my womb entered its geriatric phase and I had to get serious and stalk Henry who I like to refer to as my honey potato man (okay, stop throwing up in your planter). But pre-Henry, Asshats could sniff out my needy co-dependence from 100 miles away as the crow flies ....more

13 Things Men Want Women To Know About Sex

In a recent story on College Candy (because I've never matured past my beer-funneling, waking-up-in-a-strange-dorm-bunk-with-Robert-Downey-Junior-during-the-druggie-years college era) the men of the Dude's List offer this wisdom gems to women everywhere.Here's what they say:1. Not Every Time Has To Be The Best Sex Ever! ...more

13 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex!

In a recent story on College Candy...more

My Sexy Interview on Breaking Through With Doctor Penn

I had the great good fortune to be a guest on Breaking Through With Doctor Penn, a...more

Uncommon Goods are sooooo Good! Win a 50$ Gift Certificate!

I queried one of my favorite sites, Uncommon Goods...more

Signs of an Abusive Relationship; Turning the Asshat’s Bread Crumbs Into a Rustic Loaf

Ahh that perennial relationship black hole of Calcutta, the Asshat. They don’t call when they say they will. They don’t show up when expected ....more

1 Woman + Three Marriages = 33 Wisdom Bites

I have had that marital prodigy/libertine Michelle Combs on my site before writing Do You Need Code Language For Sex Because Your Toddler Will Say Blow Job When Your Mother-In-Law Comes Over?...more

Are You Catnip for Asshats?

Hello there my favorite people. I’m starting something new and hopefully helpful and cool. Because my post, “10 Signs You Might be Dating an Asshat and 5 Ways to Avoid Them”...more

Vanity Fair Women Who Do Giveaway $100 Visa Gift Card! And Viggo Mortenson. Yum.

What the Dove Campaign is doing for body image, Vanity Fair® Lingerie is just beginning to do for women in difficult circumstances who need support (and not just for their ladies). When I write sponsored posts for brands I like I seldom end up crying. I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face after watching videos in the Vanity Fair® Women Who Do campaign (the lingerie, not the magazine)....more