She Wanted to Move in After Dating One Week! Shannon Colleary Advises her Guy!

What happened when Solomon was dating a woman who not only wanted to move in after dating one week, but was also naming their future children? … But first: Drumroll please!! I have a brand new website...more

The Brits Tell Us How to Date at Lovestruck

I’m going to be in London next week. Yes, you may hate me. It’s a despicable thing for me to do ....more

Westwood Charter Families, If You’re on the Fence About Emerson Middle School, Here’s why I Think you Should go.

I want your child to come to our neighborhood middle school, Emerson Community Charter. So there’s my agenda right out there in the open. And part of getting you to do that is convincing you that Emerson middle school is perfect ....more

"I've Never Felt More Attractive in My Life" said the 50-Year-Old Woman. He Said, "I Don't Believe You."

In my writer's group recently I shared a piece I was working on called Dancing the Fifty Fandango about turning 50 this June and how I've never felt more curious, ambitious and even attractive in my life.I awaited my notes and am used to having to trash pieces and start all over. So I was surprised at how chafed I became when one of my middle-aged, male compatriots said he thought the piece was a bit forced and that he wasn't really buying it, especially the bit about me believing I'm "at the apex of my juiciness."...more

Sizzle Video for our Shift For Love Seminar & My New Relationship Site is Live!

Hello TWFKAB readers. You may have noticed I’ve been writing a lot about relationships lately, which isn’t the reason most of you come here. (You come for the free pizza and peyote tabs) But it’s also the only reason a small percentage of you do come here ....more

I said, “I’ve Never Felt More Attractive.” He said, “I Don’t Believe You.”

While both of these women are astonishing beauties, it’s Judi I find most attractive. I recently submitted a post I titled, Doing the Fifty Fandango...more

Discover How I Made My Daughter A Better Athlete!

I stalked left field like a panther, my stride sinuous. Predatory. My Wilson 6-4-3 Series 13 Slow-pitch glove embraced my powerful, lightning-quick left-hand like a pashmina ....more

One Reader’s Comment Paralyzes Me & I’m in Love with Someone New!

One of my readers shamed me, which has paralyzed my typing fingers. It was in response to my post There’s Always Gonna Be Haters. I’ll post the comment below for your perusal ....more

A Beautiful Brunette was After my Man so I Pulled a George Costanza!

This isn’t Margo. Margo is more beautiful than this shrub. We’d had a really loving date ....more

My Kitties’ Humans Desperately Needed a New Litter: You’ve Saved Our Olfactory Glands, Cat’s Pride! (Our Family Video and Win 100$!)

I’ve gone to the dark side. I’ve officially become a cat lady. Here’s the evidence: I used to be a dog person until my dog Shelby passed and my traitorous daughters insisted we get a cat ....more