I Was Used by a Catfish!

Sunday at 4:23 p.m. I received a direct message on Facebook from an attractive young woman who appears to be in her early 20s. She wrote: “Hey! I saw your profile picture on a website, I google image searched the photo to see if it was a fake profile, and somehow, I found you here ....more

Married Sex: Fact and Fiction is Live!! Countdown to Sale Promotion!

I finally did it! I took all of my married sex stories, along with many previously unpublished interviews (conducted with anonymous subjects under cover of night on a train platform in Gstaad) and compiled them into one freshly edited, integrated book! In addition, I’m including three previously unseen fictional short stories as well ....more

When I Met a Very Rude Boy

Let’s just be clear. I blame it all on Tony Robbins. How The Incident occurred ....more

Daniel Radcliffe Fails Epically in his New Role (Video)

Hollywood Update! I think we always knew that Mr. Daniel Radcliffe was a one-act pony (I suppose this can also serve as a pun for his desnuded turn with a horse in Eqqus on Broadway), but now this?? ...more

Top 14 Things To Do In Italy (That Travel Guides Don’t Tell You!)

#1 When you’re in Italy, ogle the gorgeous men. They are one of Italy’s most salient points-of-interest. Whether you’re a married straight man or a twenty-year-old Kappa Phi Beta Epsalon Theta Omega (as my friends and I were in the photos below) you really owe it to yourself to take in the grandeur of the Italian male, as they are some of the most wildly attractive in the world ....more

I Give You The Lady In Red

Photo copyrighted by Arlene Ibarra. Used with permission. While I’m in Italy eating my weight in gelato, I’m thrilled to have the wry, lovely Stephanie Weaver as my guest blogger, appropriately called The Lady In Red for the 4th of July! ...more

She Lost Her SoulMate, You’ll Be Surprised at What Helped her Through her Grief

Yoga includes a whole new vocabulary of words and phrases. Judy Freedman is my guest writer today. I love this story about how a passion for yoga lead her out of the grief she suffered when she lost her husband ....more

5 Reasons I Sometimes Want to Leave my Husband

Today I’m lucky to have fabulous author, Kathy Radigan on my blog. She’s beautiful, funny and kind. Come to think of it, I don’t think we can be friends after all ....more