I Thought I’d Fixed All of My Issues; Think Again

Hello, my Beautiful People! You may’ve noticed I haven’t been around here much lately. I’m going through a massive life transformation ....more

The Best Photographer in Los Angeles & “Write Your Starring Role” Workshop!

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I’m Lucky to be Featured in SheSpark’s “Keeping It Hot” Edition

My Favorite Midlife Women’s Magazine (Online!) I’m not entirely sure how this happened. But I’ve managed...more

Smooth, Silky Sex After 50! Here's How...

Now this part of my body, that made my eyes roll back in dread on first viewing thirty-two years ago, is to be maintained with the same assiduity, passion and love a marine biologist might exert over a salt water aquarium boasting the most rare and beautiful sea creatures in captivity. For me this means keeping things fluid and moist; and I'm not gonna lie: from time to time I need a little help from a friend. Which happens to be Replens™ Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer....more

Smooth, Silky Sex After 50! Here’s How…

At the tender age of 18, a well-meaning gynecologist working at the USC health center decided to acquaint me with my very own vagina for the first time. She positioned a little handheld mirror between my legs while I lay back on the examining table, feet in stirrups, so I could see. Sweet mother of Jehoshaphat, I did not want to see that! ...more

6 KickAss Tools for Getting What Your Want in Your Love Life!

A lot of things have been going on at my relationship website shannoncolleary.com. So if you’re one of my readers who struggles in your love relationship — or even if you simply want to be get better at having a love relationship — these 6 articles will help you think and act more effectively and successfully. This one is about Detachment ....more

The #1 Killer of Married Sex

(Before Teenagers) The #1 Killer of Married Sex is … Teenagers. They put the kibosh on romance because they have the hearing of Doberman crime dogs; they can hear a mouse fart through your dense plaster and lathe walls. The thought of you and their father having sex makes them want to projectile vomit ....more

Inspiration From a Teacher Who Cared for My Daughter When an “Active Shooter” Terrorized UCLA

An “Active Shooter” at UCLA (Ringo H.W. Chiu / Associated Press) My daughter’s Emerson Community Charter Middle School 8th grade class was on a field trip at UCLA when the campus came under threat from an “active shooter.” My husband and I were in our outdoor office when we saw the news....more

Is Chad from The Bachelorette a Serial Killer? My Pick to Win!

Chad from The Bachelorette is Scary! Okay I’m a really good mom. I don’t let my kids watch crap on TV ....more

Who Else Wants to Quiet Their Mind and Be Happier?

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