This Post Will Make You Love Yourself in 1 Minute and 13 Seconds (Real Beauty)

I’m not pimping Dove. This is not a sponsored post. But all I buy is Dove because their Campaign for Real Beauty is revolutionizing the conversation women and girls are having about self-love and positive body image and highlighting the fact that brands don’t have to make consumers hate themselves to sell a product ....more

A School Art Project in “CandleLight” Gets Fast Tracked to the Sex Ed. Dept.

Umm, okay. Is it just me or do these “candlelights” painted by students remind you of anything in particular? This image of the school “art project” has had almost 2 million views on Imgur and, understandably, the comment thread is nothing short of spectacular ....more

He Says I’m Too Fat, But What Bothers me Most is my Response

I have a co-worker who occasionally tells me I need to lose weight. Sometimes he tells me I need to lose three pounds, sometimes it’s five pounds. Every once in a while he ratchets it up to ten, even though I’ve been roughly the same size for about five years, an 8/10 ....more

What do Chrissie Hynde, Rape and a Cup of Tea Have in Common?

I’ve always seen Chrissie Hynde as a feminist badass. A woman who circumnavigated some of the land mines we often trip; valuing ourselves based solely on our appearance and/or sexual desirability. Abdicating our power to men ....more

Red Flags #7 and #8 That you Might Be Dating an Asshat. (& What to do About it)

If you’re elbows deep in Asshats you might want to pop over to my relationship site and have a gander at the latest installments in my Asshat Recovery Program. We’re currently on Week 8 & Week 9 and clients are coming out of the woodwork to work this program. At the very least you’ll takeaway a couple of tidbits to help you set healthy boundaries with people that are always trying to cross them and plant their flag right in the middle of your peace and serenity ....more

This Conversation with my 9-Year-Old Made me Panic!

“Mom, how old do I need to be before I can have sex?” Oh, crap. I am suddenly thrust into a very important conversation with the question-asker, my 9-year old daughter, that I WAS NOT expecting. We’re snuggling in bed after binge-watching five episodes of Friends ....more

The Mothership Has Landed. My Byline in October’s “O” Oprah Magazine

I have my first byline in “O” Oprah Magazine. I’m not at liberty to reprint my story here. I’m stuck in Oprah handcuffs for Time and all Eternity ....more

How to be Handy in Bed (NSFW!)

I have a client we’ll call Francesca L’Amour. She’s been working my Married Sex Resuscitation Program and was kind enough to allow me to share her most recent story. She has given me creative license in terms of narration ....more

How Laziness Can Make You More Successful

Smoking hot, fiercely intelligent, mother-of-three and personal coach, Johanna Sawalha is partially responsible for this blog’s existence. (I don’t know whether to spank or thank you Jo!) We became friends when we swapped services, she as my personal coach and me as her book-writing coach. I’ve adored her ever since and wanted to share her latest newsletter which reminded me (and I needed it) that success isn’t all about the treadmill ....more

Beautiful Book App: Classic Books, Gorgeous Looks

I have a cousin who is a creative genius. He created two of my book covers. Then he kind of took a step backward by helping animate...more