She Agreed to a Threesome and Lost Herself

A recent client I’ll call Sandy has been with Jim for almost four years. During that time he’s been unpredictable, unfaithful and unkind. But Sandy’s co-dependent addiction to Jim has made it impossible for her to leave him ....more

The Design Mom Book is a Must Have – How to Live With Kids: A Room by Room Guide

This is Gabrielle with her lovely husband Ben Blair. I want to invite them for dinner. Photo Credit: The Mormon Women Project If you don’t know Gabrielle Stanley Blair you absolutely need to ....more

I’m Reading at the 2015 Orange County “Listen to Your Mother” Show on Sunday April 26th!

Hello people who inexplicably read me! (and thank you for that!) I’ve been selected along with 12 other writers to read at this year’s Listen To Your Mother Orange County Show. Tickets are available HERE! ...more

The Man With no Feet.

(Author’s Note: I recognize that most of my posts are about how irresistible I am to sex workers and fetishists. Just know that I’m also frequently found completely undesirable. My Trader Joe’s debacle is just one example ....more

Lane Bryant’s Response to Victoria Secret’s “Perfect Body” Campaign

I absolutely love the Lane Bryant Cacique lingerie “I’m No Angel” commercial. But there’s been, what I consider to be, trumped up controversy by the media about the campaign. They’re accusing Lane Bryant — that features succulent, zaftig models in Cacique underwear seductively purring, “I’m no angel,” — of bashing Victoria’s Secret models because of their “Perfect Body” campaign ....more

What to do in London: Our Tour Through London’s West End Theater Productions

Warning: This post may incite annoyance as I was very spoiled and undeserving. Caveat in place. My daughter Bridget and I just returned from a whirlwind, gorgeously-curated tour of London’s West End theater productions vis a vis Upstage Theater Arts School ....more

I Went in for a Massage and Might Have had a Happy Ending (London)

I can massage my own breasts, thank you! It began with sore feet. I was chaperoning my daughter Bridget on a theater/drama trip in London last week ....more

He Hit on Me, Then Married Her. Tales From an Inadvertent Matchmaker.

I can’t imagine why anyone would mistake me for a call-girl! The Setting: The Peninsula Hotel lounge in Beverly Hills. Chic ....more

How to Prevent Teen Dating Abuse

After recently learning that an acquaintance’s teenaged daughter was murdered by her estranged boyfriend, I thought it was important to repost one of my most shared posts on how to prevent teen dating abuse: In 1983, the year that I graduated high school, a fellow classmate I’ll call Sheri passed away at the age of 18. She should have graduated with the rest of us. She should have gone to college or taken a gap year and worked at The Limited ....more

10 Things I Know About Beauty at 50!

Oprah was right! 50 is going to be awesome. You’re too old to be a young fool and you’re too young to be in Depends ....more