My Kids Don’t Rebel Against Me, I Rebel Against Them!

12-year-old Clare looks at me as I’m getting ready to go to the gym. Clare: Shannon you can’t wear those shorts. Me: I am not Shannon, I am Mom ....more

Tips to Keep Your Workout Moving and Win 100$ Gift Card from #CarefreeChallenge

This post brought to you by the #CarefreeChallenge, but all wisdom and scintillating brilliance is mine. What are you doing right now? I think I know, because I’m intuitive that way ....more

Sex with a Farm Hand? And other Important Topics

Everything I know about sex I learned from 18th century bodice-rippers peopled with rogues called Raoul, Ramon, Ridge. So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon insouciant provocateur Helena Hann-Basquiat’s body of work. I think you’ll love her as much as I do and hanker for more ....more

I Touch Myself

Something interesting happened this morning. I jumped out of the shower to quickly dry off after my morning run (okay jog, okay speed walk, okay parade where naked guardsmen bore me forth, around our neighborhood park, on a satiny be-pillowed gilt litter befitting Aphrodite…) … And as I dried myself my hands brushed against my naked bum. I was startled by how soft the skin was there and how juicy the whole round package felt ....more

If Corrupting My Child Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right aka Bad Parenting

We’re the parents who allowed our 12-year old daughter to watch two R-rated movies. Is it my imagination or have our phones stopped ringing for play dates because we’re the libertines leading our child down the inglorious path of foul-mouthed, fart-laden, flipping-the-bird juvenile delinquency? Is this just our next foray into bad parenting? ...more

4 Tips to Start Your Day With a Breath of Fire! Win a 100$ Gift Card from #Carefree Challenge

This post is brought to you by #Carefree Challenge and enter to win a $100 gift card for a new coffee maker to start your day off right! My 4 tips to start your day without annoying yourself or anyone else! 1. Aim Low There are mornings I wake up with what feels like an anvil on my chest ....more

One Mom Ponders her “What Ifs” when it Comes to her Autistic Son

Today’s post comes from filmmaker Lisanne Sartor who shares her parenting what-ifs: As a parent, it’s easy to drive yourself nuts wondering if you’ve irreparably harmed your kids with the mistakes you’ve made. “What if I hadn’t yelled at him for dumping milk on the floor? Have I scarred him for life?” “What if I hadn’t said no to drum lessons? ...more

6 Ways Dating is like Hiking Everest

6 Ways Dating is Like Hiking1. First you must be sure you have the right foot equipment for the climb.Are you going to wear flip-flops to ascend Killamanjaro?I think not. You've got to be prepared for the rigors of the hike....more

Letter to my Daughters: 10 Reasons Not to Have Sex in High School

By hook or by crook I graduated high school a virgin and am grateful I did.Not because I didn't have to worry about pregnancy or STDs (although that was certainly a plus) and not because I thought it ensured me a place in heaven sitting at Jesus's right hand, but mostly because no one could judge me or call me a slut....more