Yes, He Did. Now What Can We Do?

Of all the things that kept me crying during today's transition from functioning government to proto-dystopia—gut-wrenching fear for my children's future, executive branch corruption and incompetence, Betsy DeVos's staggering ignorance about special education and grizzly bears, ACA repeal—this is what made me cry the hardest: Yes we can.Yes we did.Thank you for being a part of the past eight years. — White House Archived (@ObamaWhiteHouse) January 20, 2017 [image: Tweet from...more

Looming ACA Repeal: Why It Matters to Us, and How You Can Help

Leo: sleeping during a sleep study[image: close up of a sleeping white teen boy's hand resting on his chest,with a glowing red oxygen sensor on...more

Reminder: Vaccines have nothing to do with autism. Not a single f***ng thing.

A friend recently asked me to join a discussion on autism and vaccines, in which an acquaintance was parroting, much like our misinformed PEOTUS, the misinformation that vaccines are linked to autism -- and also that anyone who says otherwise has been bought by Big Pharma. Here is my response: ...more

Bye, Twisty

Twist went to the big cat tree in the sky today. The veterinary staff were all kind and thoughtful, and they even let us hang out in their new spa-like goodbye room for as long as we needed to. I cried a lot ....more

Post-Birthday Reality

[image: selfie of a me, a smiling white woman andmy happy teen son Leo, with sunlight streamingfrom behind. I am wearing a black t-shirt that reads "WTF?" In white block letters.] Leo's 16th birthday made November 9th bearable. He was so excited ....more

Change: Dislike

Leo will be sixteen in two days -- or on, as I like to say, the day after The Apocalypse. He was also born two days after the 2000 election, while the Dubya/Gore contest was still ... contested ....more

Small steps towards autism acceptance.

Yesterday Leo and I were in our favorite local Latino grocery store, which also happens to be the closest place in town that stocks his beloved Rosa (no really) brand whole wheat tortillas.During the checkout, Leo was being his usual exuberant self. The Latina cashier greeted him pleasantly, with a genuine smile, and asked his name. He whispered it ....more

You CAN Choose Where You Want To Live, If You Have Autism

Photo © Serena Snowfield/Flickr. Creative Commons License[Image: enhanced photo of a cozy cottage behind a flowery garden.] The San Francisco Autism Society recently published a rather alarmist article on autism and housing issues written by their president, Jill Escher, titled "You Can Choose Where You Want to Live... Unless You Have Autism." Here's a characteristic excerpt: "Almost every autism family I know is panicked about their children's futures ....more

Autism and Health Care: Excerpts From My Patients 2.0 Presentation

Video description: Red-headed white woman (me) giving a presentation on autism and health care at a professional conference. Periscope video is low resolution and sideways, apologies. I was honored to be invited to give a presentation on Autism and Health Care at the Patients 2.0 conference this past weekend, as part of the Health 2.0 2016 Conference in Santa Clara ....more

There She Goes

Iz, already bored before her first day of preschool[image: Blonde pigtailed preschooler sitting on the floor,yawning, & posing with a Rosie the Riveter lunch box.] Iz left for college today. An out-of-state college. A perfect-for-her college ....more