The Best of April (A.K.A. Autism's Hellmouth Month)

Everyone who has anything to do with autism activism or other kinds of associated consciousness-raising tends to get steamrolled by April. Not only during the month itself, but in the weeks leading up to Everything Autism-And-April-Related. It certainly doesn't leave much space for personal journaling, and it's exhausting -- especially for people who don't have a whole lot of spoons (Disability community vernacular for available energy units), to begin with ....more

Forget Awareness. Let's Make It Autism Acceptance Month

April is all about autism acceptance for me, and also for most of the autism families and autistic people I hang with. Why the focus on acceptance, and not merely the "awareness" so many autism organizations push all April long? As I wrote last year: "Why acceptance? Because autistic people like my teenage son Leo deserve the love and respect that come with acceptance, not merely acknowledgment that autism exists. Awareness is passive. Acceptance is a choice." ...more
I've been particularly impressed by the cooperation btwn autistics & our allies toward that ...more

Which Candidates Give a Damn About Autism and Disability Issues?

The current slate of POTUS contenders makes me uneasy, especially when it comes to what so many of them have to say about autism and disability issues. Most of the candidates really don't get what our autistic children, friends, and family members need our political leaders to do for them: Treat them like deserving human beings. ...more
A great post. Struggling with disability, I found this concise view of the candidates platforms ...more

Autism Acceptance Month 2016 at TPGA: Calling All Accommodations

Flickr photo by Laura Wechsler. Creative Commons License.[Image: East Asian person wearing blue headphones, seen through the door window on a NYC subway car.] At TPGA, April is Autism Acceptance Month. In keeping with (and quoting from) The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network's Autism Acceptance Month project: "April is Autism Acceptance Month ....more

When The Wrong People Write About Autism: A (Preview) Review of In A Different Key

I've been trying to write a review of the new autism book In A Different Key and its media treatment for nearly two months. So here is an unbridled, frustrated, disappointed preview of my forthcoming, more measured, but no less critical long-form critique. (I live-tweeted while reading of the book if you want to see my specific grievances.) My primary issue is that In A Different Key (IADK) is so misleading, so harmful -- and presents so many outdated ableist messages about autism and autistic people as facts -- that it's hard to pick a starting point ....more


Writing from my phone, from Disneyland. Where our entire family of five visited, together, for the first time ... Ever ....more

11 Ways to Make Your Autistic Child's Life Easier

Loving that autistic child of yours with all your heart is a wonderful, precious experience. If you’re not autistic yourself, though, even the purest love won't help you understand how being autistic affects your child’s body, their senses, and how they interact with the world. ...more
paintingpoet I'm glad you are doing well, but I can't get behind and must strenuously warn ...more

All Done January

Not a great month. Happy to see it go away, and no encores, please. Though cool things got done this month; you can look at my Stuff I Did for Jan 2016 if you want to know what they were.My mom stayed with us for much of January, which was a blessing and a delight, and for which I was grateful ....more

How Can We Do Better By Our Autistic Girls?

Autism is different for girls, and not only because fewer girls than boys get autism diagnoses. Autistic women and girls not only tend to have different traits than autistic boys do, but are also socialized differently -- leading to many of those girls being overlooked or misdiagnosed well into adulthood, and leading most of their life without the supports that could have made their lives much easier. It gets even more complicated when autistic girls are also racial minorities, and/or from low-income households....more
I shared this with two friends who have autistic daughters. BTW, I loved how the autistic girls' ...more

Adios, 2015

Learning Speed Scrabble: Part of Mali's Grifter Training[image: Three white people playing Scrabbleon a bright red table.] Good bye, 2015! We are spending our evening playing Speed Scrabble. Or, some of us are ....more