4 Ways to Add Spring Fever to Your Sex Life

Spring is here, which means you're making a mad dash to clear cluttered closets and darkened corners of your home of dust, debris, and unwanted objects. We often take the time to clear our physical spaces of things that have become stale and dull during these months of rejuvenation, but in this year of shifting energy, why not make a pledge to do some spring cleaning of your sex life as well!?...more

Dr. Ruth - The Voice of Sex and Reason

She is known by celebrities, media personalities, dignitaries and medical professionals alike and continues to speak boldly and proudly about sex, even at the seasoned age of 85....more
What a great tribute to Dr. Ruth. It was good to read her history. She has made a real ...more

5 Sex Positions To Keep Things Spicy

We're settling into a new year and remembering the vows and commitments we made to live more fulfilled lives. We often make promises to ourselves to eat better, get into better shape, and to live more stress free, but rarely do we focus on committing to having better sex when the new year rolls around. ...more
I have a tendency to fall enough without the help of the cliff hanger :)more