Carrot ginger cashew bisque (gluten-free soup)

I had a really amazing carrot ginger bisque when The Boss and I visited Big Bear Lake for our second wedding anniversary. I’ve tried my hand at this soup several times over the years and it’s a favorite around here. But recently while at the grocery store, I saw a box of soup that was a carrot ginger cashew bisque and was immediately intrigued ....more

My toddler’s favorite books (18 months)

When I was growing up my mom took my sister Uzma and me to the local library almost weekly. I still remember the excited feeling I used to get in my chest as I took half a dozen books up to the counter to check out. It never ceased to amaze me that I could take all these books home with me! ...more

And the winner of the $50 Shopbop gift card is…

Congratulations, Nicki J.! Happy shopping! a Rafflecopter giveaway Tweet ...more

Sponsored: Win a $50 gift card to ShopBop!

In the mood to do a little shopping? Well, our friends at shopbop are giving one lucky reader a $50 gift card! All you have to do is enter below! ...more

Heartbeat of ours

Motherhood has made my heart so fragile. When I watch Min play with other kids I am bursting with joy and still with fear. I want him to be a force of goodness, kindness and generosity; I don’t want him to ever be hurt, or hurt others ....more

PORTALS by Shared_Studios

A former colleague, Amar Bakshi contacted me recently to share a project he’s been working on for the past year. It’s a global public art initiative called Portals. Portals are big gold shipping containers with immersive audio-visual technology inside ....more

Book update: Outlining my toddler’s stories

I’ve got an outline for my book that’s a work in progress. This is not the norm after you’ve signed a publishing contract (your outline and manuscript are usually done first), but I’ve been lucky to have publishers that saw my vision in the early chapters I submitted and an editor who only half-irritatedly emails me like,...more

Eat: Egg white and veggie scramble (vegetarian)

This is one of my favorite easy, make-ahead breakfasts for Min and me. It’s an egg white and veggie scramble, but you can also make it as an omelet and use the whole egg instead of whites only. Whites only ....more

A happy interim (#SisterhoodUnite)

The first time I took a trip to India, I was eleven years old. We went to visit my mom’s family and during our trip my cousins took us to the movies. While I am ethnically Indian, everything about the country and its people was new to me ....more

Eat: Cream of broccoli and Cashew soup (vegan, vegetarian)

Every month I get together with a couple of new moms for a girls’ night out. We met in various ways/places (story time at the library, farmer’s market, and over the last few months anytime I mentioned these women to other people in my life I referred to them as my “new mom friends.” But our friendships have quickly evolved into something that is independent of our kids. And it’s nice to have good company that can make you laugh and think and advise you when you need it ....more