A happy interim (#SisterhoodUnite)

The first time I took a trip to India, I was eleven years old. We went to visit my mom’s family and during our trip my cousins took us to the movies. While I am ethnically Indian, everything about the country and its people was new to me ....more

Eat: Cream of broccoli and Cashew soup (vegan, vegetarian)

Every month I get together with a couple of new moms for a girls’ night out. We met in various ways/places (story time at the library, farmer’s market, meetup.com) and over the last few months anytime I mentioned these women to other people in my life I referred to them as my “new mom friends.” But our friendships have quickly evolved into something that is independent of our kids. And it’s nice to have good company that can make you laugh and think and advise you when you need it ....more

‘Ruh roo’ more

Me: Book Min: Dada Me: Bbbb-uhh-kkk Min: Bbbb-kkk Me: Book! Min: Dada! *** Me: Snake Min: Dada Me: Sss-nnn-aaayyy-kkk Min: Sss-nnn-kkk Me: Snake! ...more

Beware of pretty packaging

I’ve been keeping to a pretty regimented writing schedule over the last few months. With Min demanding large amounts of my day, my writing time is limited and precious. I give myself days off when I feel like I need time to regroup and some days I postpone writing to meet up with friends or run errands ....more

A recent reflection on old hijab

I wrapped my hair for a few years before I started wearing hijab in a more traditional style to work and social gatherings. But even after making the swap, I still pulled my hair back in a wrap when I went out for runs or to the gym. This went on for several years until one day I decided to wear a sports-style hijab to my yoga class ....more

Blank page(s)

We were kind of snowed in yesterday. The local news and weather anchors, along with the mayor and governor were telling us to except severe weather: lots of snow (up to twenty four inches), wind, ice and terrible roads. It was really cold, and we did get eight inches of snow, and the roads were bad, but other parts of New York and surrounding states were hit worse than we were ....more

My role in Min’s God

When I was a kid I used to crack my knuckles. I learned how to do it from a friend at school and it became a sort of addictive habit. Each finger pop! ...more

Book update: Don’t eat all the marbles

I recently helped someone make edits to their resume and in my feedback notes said, “strip, strip, strip…” The resume was cluttered with courses and experience (some of which dated as far back as ‘who cares’) so we worked on presenting everything in a soundbite and picking career highlights to showcase. This was easy when editing someone’s resume. Not so much when trying to write my book ....more

Leak: party of four

We currently have four leaks in our apartment. Two in our dining room, one in our bedroom and one in the bathroom. We had some water come in through the ceiling above our dining room last year after New York was hit with several days of heavy rain ....more

Civic conversation might stand a chance

I believe in the first amendment. I value this freedom as a journalist, writer and human being. I’m also aware that I, like many others, take this right for granted every single day ....more