I make joke

Him: How was yoga? Me: Good… Me: Wait ask me again! Him: What? ...more

Lend, trade, donate.

Kindness, empathy and justice make up the most valuable and empowering human currency. With everything there is to desire of this world, I hope this is the wealth Min will seek and share with others. Tweet ...more

Little Explorer

Let him be (baby) gated. Tweet ...more

A boy and his horse

He holds the left handle with an undergrip and the right with an overgrip and then just goes ham. He hasn’t quite mastered a dismount yet though. He lets both handles go at once and slides off the back ....more

Snack: Dates stuffed with walnuts

The slightly bitter walnut paired with a super sweet date makes for a very yummy and easy-to-prepare snack that packs quite a healthy punch. My mom used to serve dates stuffed with walnuts at iftaar parties during Ramadan when I was a kid and back then I didn’t know all the secret health benefits she was passing out on our post-fasting plates. These snacks might be bite-sized, but they’re packed full of nutrients and antioxidants that are good for your brain, heart, bones, intestines and so much more ....more

Baby style: rockAbye Colt Pony Rocker

Meet Bode, Min’s first pony! He was gifted to Min from The Boss’s mom for Eid! Bode is the Colt Pony Rocker from rockAbye and there is so much more cuteness where he came from ....more

Shop: classic black pumps with kitten heel (women’s 8.5)

Wear sophisticated and comfortable black pumps almost anywhere. Get them here! Tweet ...more

Thirsties cloth diaper winner announced!

Is it you? Find out now! Congratulations Maftuna! ...more

Drink: Chocolate milkshake made with Greek yogurt

Mmm, I love a good chocolate milkshake. But the shake’s key ingredient (chocolate ice cream) can pose a bit of a sugar hazard so I thought I’d try my hand at a little recipe renovation. What you’ll need: 1 ....more

Eid-ul-Fitr, 2014

Ours went: prayers then gifts then cuddles. Hope you all had a lovely Eid too! Tweet ...more