After a hard few weeks, a shift in perspective

Autumn evenings in the backyard, a chill hangs in the air, the grass still scorched from summer. These last two weeks with Min have been HARD. I came into his third year of life excited for his growth, his stories, his learning and adventures ....more

Running with a baby jogger

My mom got me a baby jogger for Eid. It’s been ages since I ran (my last race was a 5k in 2011,) but with the way my schedule has been over the last couple of years, I’ve realized that a gym membership, workout DVDs and even short videos on YouTube are just not cutting it for me. In order to get in my weekly workouts the way I wanted to, I realized I had to include the boys....more

Minimize Sibling Rivalry When A New Baby Arrives

It’s true when moms say there is nothing that can prepare you for motherhood. And last year I learned this was also true for having a second. (Spoiler alert: IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER.) Last summer The Boss and I welcomed our second baby, Gilli ....more

Where To Settle With Your Family

Earlier this year I started to feel an unfamiliar feeling of wanting to settle down with my family. I say it was unfamiliar because since The Boss and I got married, and even after Min was born, we were happy to sort of take things as they came. We’re not big on life planning ....more

Making A Baby Book

I uncovered a ton of gems while I was cleaning my mom’s garage a few weeks ago, and one of my favorite finds was a baby book my mom had for my sister, Uzma, when she was born. It’s from birth to seven years (with the sweetest illustrations) and filled with hand-written notes from my mom with her thoughts on motherhood and many of Uzma’s firsts. So far, with the exception of very few things, The Boss and I have recorded most of the boys’ milestones electronically ....more

New haircut for my almost- 3 year old

I wanted to give Min a new cut for his birthday this weekend. I can’t believe he’s been mine for three years. Never in a million years could I have imagined how challenging and freeing motherhood would be ....more

Eight months with Gilli

My sweet baby, Today you are eight months old. This month you finally parted ways with the swaddle! You were so content being wrapped up tight, Dada and I just went with it ....more

Book update: Hiding out for the home stretch

The Boss and I escaped to Connecticut yesterday. We’re here through the weekend for the helping hands, food and family time, but mostly so I can hide out in FIL’s study and write....more

New Year Haiku, 2016

May your new year shine Bright and happy full of joy A joyous new start Tweet ...more

Mid-swaddle kisses

Today was a long day of mommying. Every time I wanted to sit down, or use the bathroom, or edit a chapter, or take a breath someone needed something. By the time TB got home I was face-down in a pillow with Gilli by my side ....more