Eight months with Gilli

My sweet baby, Today you are eight months old. This month you finally parted ways with the swaddle! You were so content being wrapped up tight, Dada and I just went with it ....more

Book update: Hiding out for the home stretch

The Boss and I escaped to Connecticut yesterday. We’re here through the weekend for the helping hands, food and family time, but mostly so I can hide out in FIL’s study and write....more

New Year Haiku, 2016

May your new year shine Bright and happy full of joy A joyous new start Tweet ...more

Mid-swaddle kisses

Today was a long day of mommying. Every time I wanted to sit down, or use the bathroom, or edit a chapter, or take a breath someone needed something. By the time TB got home I was face-down in a pillow with Gilli by my side ....more

How to be grateful on Thanksgiving (Five ways Muslims can show gratitude)

Today is Thanksgiving. And like most families, mine will be seated around a large table with family later this afternoon. We’ll pass the stuffing and gravy ....more

10 Alternatives to Halloween and Trick-or-Treating for Muslim families

Min is a toddler and Gilli is a baby. Neither of the boys are aware of Halloween (yet,) but this year The Boss and I spoke a little more in depth about Halloween as it pertains to our kids. As in, will we or won’t we allow the boys to partake in the holiday in any fashion ....more

Book update: Focus on the writing

My days have been flooded with rivers of self-doubt these days when I think about how I’m ever going to finish my book. ...more

How to manage a toddler and an infant

Now that I’ve got my hands full with Min and Gilli, I’ve been asking a lot of moms how they transitioned from one kiddo to two. I’ve gotten some really great advice (along with a few jarring reality checks!) over the last few weeks, and recently, my friend JoAnne of Sweet Ginger Mama shared with me some practical tips of her own. Here’s what she had to say on how to manage a toddler and an infant in the early days… *** I wish I had some magic potion I could sprinkle over your head, but alas, motherhood in the early years is quite demanding and challenging, much more so when you double the headcount and everyone is under 3! ...more

Book cover ideas, Marie Kondo, and boys

So, I think we have the cover art for my book! There’s still some discussion happening between my publisher, editor and myself, but you know how sometimes you have an idea, and then you come across lots of other ideas, but you still keep going back to your first idea? I think that’s sort of where I am right now ....more

And the winner of the print from ‘Life of My Heart’ is…

Congratulations Victoria U.! Email prizes@sliceoflemon.com to claim your prize! a Rafflecopter giveaway Tweet ...more