My Thoughts On Milo And Otis

I’m not quite sure how or why so many kid-friendly movies made it onto my Must See list for this year, but I’m guessing it has something to do with my immaturity in watching more grown up films. (I’m talking to you, Silence of the Lambs). Whatever the reason, I’m glad The Adventures of Milo and Otis is on this year’s list because I needed to decompress a bit after watching Saving Private Ryan ....more

My Mental Undoing

My husband is just about the most even-keeled person I know. Not much rattles him, which is good because I spend a solid ninety-four percent of my time rattled and there’s just not room in the...more

My Thoughts On Saving Private Ryan

Of all the movies on my Must See 3.0 list, Saving Private Ryan elicits the largest response. Side note: Goonies is a close second and most of the outrage directed at me for never having seen that movie comes directly from Banana. Several...more

Bacon Fest 2014

Want to know how my weekend went? Two words: bacon festival. That’s right ....more

I Suffer From Many Delusions, But Thinking I’m Ansel Adams Is Not One Of Them

I love photography. I really, truly do. I love taking pictures, editing pictures, and forcing other people to look at my pictures ....more

1,000 Ways To Die In The Woods, Or I Went Geocaching With The Family

School for us starts on Wednesday, which means that I’ve got forcibly remove myself from my current state of denial over there being plenty of summer vacation left to do all the fun things I had planned on doing. On Sunday, I decided to take advantage of one of the last remaining days of summer vacation and coerce ...more

My Thoughts On Rain Man

The 1988 movie Rain Man hit me in the face on Tuesday. Literally. Hit me ....more

Buckle Up. Tata May Write A Guest Post

“I want to do a guest post on your blog,” Tata announced last Saturday. My immediate response? Panic ....more

I Was Built For Ice Cream, Not Zumba

My oldest daughter received a flier in the mail a couple of weeks ago. The flier advertised the reopening of the local YWCA’s swimming pool and listed the various exercise classes one could take utilizing the refurbished pool. My kid immediately zeroed in on the Aqua Zumba class ....more

Such A Sucker For Duran (Duran)

I love minor league baseball. I really do. Actually, I love any activity that includes a giant hot dog with mustard and onions on it and that scenario seems to present itself...more