Rare Bird Book Review

It’s a mix of pain and joy now. This back to school week. Isn’t that typical of motherhood ....more

My First Stitch Fix Was A Big #fail

I was the last women on Facebook to try Stitch Fix. For months now my feed has been filled with “Got my latest Stitch Fix and it’s fab!” And “Stitch Fix has arrived – cannot wait to try on the fabulous items!” And pictures upon pictures have been posted for us to tell them what we love and what we don’t. ...more

Celebrating Firsts with TWO $100 Staples Gift Cards For Teachers

Astrid met her kindergarten teacher last week. Her teacher was warm and kind and gave Astrid a smile and a handshake introduction and told her how excited she was to have her in her class. Astrid was polite yet shy, and looked up into her teacher’s eyes and said “Thank you.” ...more

WIN Tickets To The Minnesota State Fair #GoPhone

I didn’t become a State Fair person naturally. For me, not a native of the experience – the Minnesota State Fair has become more of an acquired taste. But for my husband Jed – an East Coast boy – and someone who didn’t move to Minnesota to be with me without some trepidations – he immediately became a State Fair person and should really be hired as their official spokesperson ....more

Lessons Everywhere

We passed a homeless man as we were walking to our car today. He had numerous bags, a wheeled cart, and he sat on the curb reading his bible aloud. Eloise took the two dollars she had out of her pocket and started to hand it to him even though he had no sign and wasn’t asking ....more

I Wore A Romper And Did Not Pee My Pants

I wasn’t quite sure what else to title this post because if you are A. Over 40 and B. Have considered wearing a one piece romper contraption...more

The Road Less Traveled

“Mommy, if we are driving really far and I have to pee how do I go to the bathroom?” ...more

The Blank Page

I’ve started and deleted and stared for days now. Trying to document a conversation or something that happened or a funny story. Most of the time I get distracted by work emails or a snack that needs to be made or a hairball that our new cat coughed up ....more


I planned to write this post last night, or very early this morning before she woke-up. But life got busy and I haven’t had time to really sit down to write in weeks. I was going to go on and on about Five and how she’s oh-so-Five…or maybe how I’m not quite ready for Five…or maybe talk about how big Five is…or maybe even talk about what she’s doing that is so special at Five ....more

Like A Bad Line From Frozen

My hair – graying and thinning and splitting at the ends – gave me away last week. Well I thought it gave my age away – but instead my four year old helped me once again look on the brighter side and gave me pause like a bad line from the movie Frozen. “Mama, did Elsa freeze you?” And while that was a lovely thought – gray streaks caused by a princess – I had to instead tell her the truth that most of my gray can probably be directly attributed to her and her sisters ....more