I Qualified For Boston Marathon – Twin Citites Marathon Recap

“I plan to qualify for Boston.” I said to the cashier at the running store as I purchased a few more GU packets for the race that was now less than 18 hours away. ...more

Home From Haiti

Transition home from Haiti has been 36 hours of extremes, loneliness, and sadness. Of all confusing and seemingly glutenous things to do less than a day upon returning, Jed and I attended a David Gray concert in Minneapolis. I’ve waited to see David Gray in concert for nearly 15 years since I first bought his White Ladder CD in 1999 and his music became my comfort in the time of many transitions – from divorce, to new love, to moving across an ocean, and to times of extreme loneliness that I had never encountered before ....more

Quick Check-In From Haiti

I have a lot to talk about. The last three weeks have been a juxtaposition of living. From a retreat to work on me and my writing and my(our family) goals, and to rest my spirit and soul, to running a marathon and setting a PR(more on that later), to hopping on a flight to Haiti to serve a mission right after the marathon ....more

Day Before The Marathon Prep – Pre and Post Motherhood

Day before the Twin Cities Marathon – my prep in the year 2000 before I became a mom: -Hang out for hours at the expo. Chat with adults without anyone yelling “Mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM!” -Sample the goodies at the expo instead of feeding them to my children -Nap -Hang out with fellow running friends and talk about running. No one interrupts us ....more

The Jan Brady Syndrome

You swear it will never happen in your family. To your kids. To you ....more

Building Sandcastles

My tears surprise me almost as much as my view of the turquoise blue waters of the Pacific Ocean that continue on forever beyond the islands that dot the bay. I try to keep my sobs buried inside, but as my hands dig deeper into the sand, my cries grow as my sandcastle turrets are formed. I wipe my eyes with the back of my arms as my hands become caked with shells and wet sand ....more

Costa Rica Or Bust

I’m heading to the airport in 35 minutes for a flight to Costa Rica and I have yet to shower, drink enough coffee for this ungodly early morning, or admit fully to how much I’m going to miss my kids. ...more

Marathon Preparation – 5 Tips To Survive The Taper

It’s officially two weeks until the Twin Cities Marathon. Do you think it should be said with a “The?” Or just as two weeks until Twin Cities Marathon? Does the “The” make me sound too Californian and how they talk about their roads? ...more

Ready For Middle School

I took a pair of jeans back to American Eagle last week. I decided to try a light gray wash in the hi-rise jeggings, but the color just wasn’t right for me. I’ve never taken a return to AEO before ....more

Sleepover Rules

I had a bit of a fight with my 11 year old the other night. And when I say “fight” I mean I told her “no” about something she really wanted to do and she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her and told me that I was a “Mean Mom” and then went on to say how “Everyone ELSE gets to do it!” and that “It’s no big deal!” and “You must hate me!” and then turned around and headed to her room to shed a few tears alone. Perhaps while she was up there she texted a few friends to tell them about the Meanest Mom on the planet or perhaps she went on her computer and Googled “Why I should be able to spend the night at a friend’s house?” and then found about 450,000 mommy bloggers who have written about the subject and how those moms let their kids go to sleepovers and then she was preparing a full presentation on PowerPoint to show me why this is such an injustice to all of humanity ....more