Keeping Them Safe

At about 7:45am I wondered if I had done the right thing. We had planned this race for weeks – a fun 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning – just me, Eloise, and her bestie. But then we checked the weather ....more

Raising A Reader

uses for neurontin “Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.” -Kate DiCamillo … The post Raising A Reader appeared first on Sellabit Mum ....more

The Ease Of Privilege

My plan last night was to keep the TV turned off, twitter shutdown, Facebook off, and make everyone just read a book. ...more

What A 12 Year Old American Girl Wants For Her Birthday

What a 12 year old American Girl wants for her birthday….In no particular order.. A puppy A kitten A puppy and a kitten Second holes in her ears An instagram account A Pinterest account A puppy Chevron scarves Taylor Swift concert tickets To be Taylor Swift’s sister To not have to babysit her little sister ever again(unless Taylor Swift was also a sister) Inspirational posters $4354 worth of Lululemon headbands A kitten For Justin Bieber to never ever sing a song ever again. Privacy A lock on her door More freedom Fewer chores To end hunger An instagram account A phone to use to take pictures so having an instragram account would make sense World peace Henna tattoos For her sisters to stop being so annoying Unlimited Starbucks gift card Chevron throw pillows to go with her scarves ....more

How To Take A Selfie With Your Cat

I love our new kitty. Well she’s not super new as we’ve had her since July. But we love her ....more

My Kids Saw The Mockingjay Movie

In a follow-up to one of my best and most judged parenting decision – letting my nine year old read The Hunger Games Trilogy – and taking her to the movie – I’ve now taken my current nine year old to see the new Mockingjay movie. ...more

My Tween

She turns 12 in about a week. ...more

How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Astrid wants to tell you that the worst part about having siblings that are a wee(a lot) older is that you have to worry about the zombie apocalypse. Most five year olds are worrying about whether or not Calliou will ever make it out of preschool, or whether or not their next meal will be nuggets or cheesy noodles, or if they will EVER figure out this whole shoe typing business. But Astrid has to worry about zombies ....more

The Countries Of North America

Our kids all attended a different kindergarten. Typically a family just sends their kids down the block to the neighborhood school – and their kids all attend the same school, and many times have the same teacher. ...more

Tips For Running In Cold Weater

Earlier this year I wrote a survival guide for Cold Weather Running. ...more