Costa Rica Or Bust

I’m heading to the airport in 35 minutes for a flight to Costa Rica and I have yet to shower, drink enough coffee for this ungodly early morning, or admit fully to how much I’m going to miss my kids. ...more

Marathon Preparation – 5 Tips To Survive The Taper

It’s officially two weeks until the Twin Cities Marathon. Do you think it should be said with a “The?” Or just as two weeks until Twin Cities Marathon? Does the “The” make me sound too Californian and how they talk about their roads? ...more

Ready For Middle School

I took a pair of jeans back to American Eagle last week. I decided to try a light gray wash in the hi-rise jeggings, but the color just wasn’t right for me. I’ve never taken a return to AEO before ....more

Sleepover Rules

I had a bit of a fight with my 11 year old the other night. And when I say “fight” I mean I told her “no” about something she really wanted to do and she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her and told me that I was a “Mean Mom” and then went on to say how “Everyone ELSE gets to do it!” and that “It’s no big deal!” and “You must hate me!” and then turned around and headed to her room to shed a few tears alone. Perhaps while she was up there she texted a few friends to tell them about the Meanest Mom on the planet or perhaps she went on her computer and Googled “Why I should be able to spend the night at a friend’s house?” and then found about 450,000 mommy bloggers who have written about the subject and how those moms let their kids go to sleepovers and then she was preparing a full presentation on PowerPoint to show me why this is such an injustice to all of humanity ....more


“I don’t want to go to kindergarten tomorrow, Mama.” She’s twirling my hair in her delicate fingers. I have her cradled on my lap like a baby, but her legs now go over the edge of the chair. She pulls her knees up to make herself fit better ....more

One Month Until The Marathon

I’m writing this on a Friday night – which if you look at the worst possible time to publish a blog post – it’s late on a Friday night. But since I suck so much as a blogger lately, I’ve decided to throw caution to the blogging wind and just publish something when I feel like it. Also, because I’m home on a Friday night ....more

Family Running Fun And Color Vibe Run Giveaway by Tum-E Yummies!

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tum-E Yummies – but all words and opinions are mine) I’ve been running as exercise for about 23 years(I was 2 when I started obviously) – and during that time I’ve had years of running just for exercise, years of running and training for races, years of running while pregnant(10 miles the day I gave birth to my oldest), and a little time off here and there for recovery and injury. ...more

Rare Bird Book Review

It’s a mix of pain and joy now. This back to school week. Isn’t that typical of motherhood ....more

My First Stitch Fix Was A Big #fail

I was the last women on Facebook to try Stitch Fix. For months now my feed has been filled with “Got my latest Stitch Fix and it’s fab!” And “Stitch Fix has arrived – cannot wait to try on the fabulous items!” And pictures upon pictures have been posted for us to tell them what we love and what we don’t. ...more

Celebrating Firsts with TWO $100 Staples Gift Cards For Teachers

Astrid met her kindergarten teacher last week. Her teacher was warm and kind and gave Astrid a smile and a handshake introduction and told her how excited she was to have her in her class. Astrid was polite yet shy, and looked up into her teacher’s eyes and said “Thank you.” ...more