Blurred Lines

I can no longer work on my laptop without wearing my readers. My cheaters. My stupid glasses that allow me to see things close-up ....more

Learning To Ski

I have snapshots of memories the winter I learned to ski. Like many memories from early childhood I only remember pieces from the stories of that time. Those pieces and pictures come together to form what I think happened, while I’m quite sure there is some important information missing or an error in the sequence of events ....more

Will I Do Yoga Again

I’m a self-proclaimed yoga hater. Okay, maybe hater is a bit harsh, so let’s just say that yoga is no longer my jam. I mean I don’t hate you for doing and loving yoga, as many of my dearest friends are instructors and extraordinary women who live and die by the yoga sword ....more

New Year New House

I haven’t really opened my laptop for 10 days. The kids are on holiday break and I intend to soak up every moment with family and friend time until they go back to school next week. It’s been nice not to have schedules or carpools or many obligations of any type ....more

A Letter To My 46 Year Old Self

December 22, 2054 ...more

Why We Love Archery

One of the most beautiful, amazing, yet sometimes heartbreaking part of parenting is watching your child find their way as we(as parents) try HARD to resist the urge to (gently) push them into activities, but instead sitting back and letting them find their way. Will they play football like you did? Will they excel in math? ...more

She’s Just A Child

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for over a month. I’ve written it. I’ve deleted it ....more

There’s Plenty Of Time To Grow-Up – American Girl Doll Giveaway

When my then 10 year old asked for another American Girl doll for Christmas – I admit I almost didn’t get it for her. I wondered if she wanted an ‘i’ device, some new clothes, a trip to the mall, or maybe an email account. She’d been playing with dolls since she was a ‘baby’ – but at 10, would this doll collect dust? ...more

I’m A Work At Home Mom

Work At Home Mother’s Log – Day 10 ...more

Not A Bah Humbug Month

We aren’t decorating for Christmas this year. With the house for sale, the impending move, ornaments deep in storage somewhere, and just a general feeling of discontent, different priorities, and overwhelming to-do lists – well the decorations can hide in a box in their unknown location this year. The girls have been told to expect little to open this year – the house, their new rooms, and the new space will be present enough ....more