Sunday Objects | 12

In today's Sunday Objects I'm sharing favorites old and new, including my travel bag, the hat that's keeping me warm lately, and a shampoo that's made my hair look like an adult's hair rather than a messy child....more

Tradlands Fall/Winter 2014

It's like this: You know that Lincoln quote, "Whatever you are, be a good one"? San Francisco's...more

Good Reads: 17 October 2014

Actually can not believe that it's already Friday. I've been working a lot, so between and Mercury Retrograde, I've just been kind of focusing lately and that's it. With that in mind, I'm very much looking forward to not being online this weekend ....more

Botanica Workshop Spring/Summer 2015

Sustainable, organic underwear line...more

The Case For Consumer Culture

My recent flirtation with the world of minimalism has been brought on by many things. As I've talked about in other posts (here, here, here), my interest in consuming less partly has to do with my move abroad, partly with my growing interest in supporting independent designers, and mainly – most likely – it has to do with my age. But based on conversations I've had recently with friends, I can't help but wonder if my surroundings have had any sort of influence ....more

Shopping List: South African Designers

Oddly enough, my South African husband wasn't the one to introduce me to my many favorite South African designers. ...more

Sunday Objects | 11

This one is kind of random, I know, but bear with me here – all of these simple, everyday objects have a lot of meaning. The book has been arguably the most important everyday object this week (because I'm obsessed with it), but these other pieces are important for other reasons. Read on: not that kind of girl: Because it came in the mail this week, I've started reading it, and have laughed out loud so many times ....more

Good Reads | 10 October 2014

Extra excited because we've decided to make a quick trip to Berlin at the end of next month! Neither D nor I have ever been, but hear nothing but good things from people. Any specific recommendations are welcome ....more

What To Do When You're Stuck

A good friend of mine recently made a big change. She moved across the country, started a new job, got a new apartment. When my friend first made this change, she was feeling pretty great about it ....more

KULE Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

If you've been following Second Floor Flat, you may have noticed that I have kind of an obsession with KULE. (You may have noticed because I write about them, like, every day.) So when KULE's fall/winter 2014 collection was first released a few weeks back, I was yet again blown over by both the product offering and the incredible styling. Aside from the excellent quality and beauty of the individual pieces in the collection, one thing that always strikes me with KULE lookbooks...more