50 States of Style

50 States of Style is a blog I discovered earlier this year and have been following ever since. Nina Myers McCammon is the mastermind behind 50 States of Style, and it's a blog I truly appreciate for its simple, thoughtful posts and focus on all things American-made. From interviews with American makers and creatives like Erin Austen Abbott of Amelia and Tradlands...more

How To Network As An Introvert

I try to be as upfront and honest as possible about my worries and insecurities, both in blogging and just in life in general. I figure: We're all, more or less, suffering from the same things – doubt, insecurity, stress, anxiety – so it's important that these thoughts and feelings are spoken about openly. By making them part of our regular dialogue, we're making these feelings normal (which they are), less embarrassing (which they shouldn't be), and also not scary (and they're not) ....more

Tuesday Thoughts

Hate that I say things like 'I can't believe that it's already Tuesday!' but...I can't believe it's already Tuesday! I've got a lot on my plate this week, work-wise, but as a freelancer that's not something I would ever complain about. Just wanted to share with you guys an outfit I wore last Saturday for a day spent in Central London ....more

Shopping List: Goodies from L.A.'s SOMEWARE

SOMEWARE came to my attention a few weeks back, and as soon as it did I panicked in the way that I always do when I find a store/designer/site/publication that I love....more

Sunday Objects | 9

I know, I know – today's Sunday Objects is a little late. I finished up my first Alt Summit...more

Good Reads | 26 September 2014

Kicking off Friday with a quote I found yesterday that I absolutely love. The quote is from a video series created by...more

Becoming Minimalist: Thoughts On Mindful Shopping

Embracing minimalism started with my move to London two years ago. As I wrote about, there's nothing quite like the task of getting all of your items from a rented apartment in Brooklyn to a rented flat in southwest London to really make you think about what you own. Picture many, many suitcases, a shipping drop-off center, a waiting period, a van driver's buzz at the front door, and a girl answering that door and dragging her belongings up the stairs one...step...at a time to her new second floor flat ....more

Am I Still Cool If I Don't Live in a Cool City?

Ready for the dumbest, most unimportant worry you'll hear all day?I've recently began worrying that soon I'm going to lose my cool and won't be interesting anymore. Hear me out—...more
Amy Baker First of all, Brixton definitely is cooler – I used to live in SW London and loved the ...more

Reminder: Free Great.ly Shipping!

Just a friendly reminder in case you missed this post last week, but I've teamed up with Great.ly to offer free shipping on my "For The Home" boutique through tomorrow at midnight EST. (Yippee!) You could score something like... Black and White Cocktail Coasters...more

Sunday Objects | 8

I won't lie. Today's entire Sunday Objects revolved around figuring out how I could include the new issue of The Gentlewoman, because I love the color, the typeface, and their overall branding. Still, this Sunday Objects isn't a total farce ....more