Mother's Day Self Care Looks Like...

... knowing that we needed to do something different. It is usually a complicated day for me, sometimes horrible ....more

The Price of Saying "I Don't Need a Career"

Just got the email about next year's expenses for Samantha's gymnastics team. Look at how worth it she is. I mean, me, Scoopy, LOOK AT IT SO YOU DON'T FORGET I had a small heart attack ....more

Teaching About Fear

We requested the Uber, as we do one or two mornings a week. My lovely teen Mimi has a trickier school schedule as five of the six kids do part time at a private school this year. But as luck would have it, on most days the classes they all take don't line up at the same hours ....more

Bearing it

Got it over with: the first day of the year where it's warm enough to go the beach and so we drive, arrive, set up towels, blankets, the kids run off with buckets and smiles and I start bawling because I am so so happy. I can't even stop it. It happens every single year, the first trip I realize how very seasonally depressed I was for so long, and how everything feels better when my feet are warm and bare in the sand, and I am baptized anew in sunshine and I don't put on sunscreen because I want the heat to stay in my skin for a few days ....more

Not a Pendulum

I was trying in my head to articulate how life feels lately. Today the image of a pendulum appeared to me and I immediately rejected it. I do not swing back and forth between joy and misery, stress and contentment ....more

Stories of Ethiopia in a Few Thousand Words

The pictures, sillies. Each picture is worth a thousand words, right? I may slip in a few extra for context ....more

Good In a Little Corner of the World: Lola Children's Home

I have been in Ethiopia. It was a fast trip, intense, hard and good all wrapped up in one. Ethiopia is never easy but it rips your soul right out of your body and keeps it saying I will hang on to this, I know you will be back....more

Stayin Alive

The weather is now finally at the point where every day is a "haul warm water from inside to take out to the goats, sheep and chickens" kind of day. You gotta overturn their flexible rubber water pails and stomp out the left over ice from the day before, and pour the steaming water in. they are always grateful to the humans bringing hay and water It's eyes burning in the wind cold now ....more

The One on Belonging

I am not a typical Mormon. I am fiercely feminist which is a scootch chafing in a religious environment that prides itself in a structure of mortal and eternal patriarchy. I also believe in marriage equality and feel wildly supportive of my LGTBA+ brothers and sisters ....more

Shiny and New Didn't Last

2016 isn't taking long to play dirty. Sick kids and parents, poor sleep, grumps and winter slumpy feelings are at large.But I have to hand it to the kiddos and Hubs: we had the happiest night ever on NYE. Here, let us both get distracted from the raging horrible mood with the pretty pictures of family time ....more