Shearing day was long over due. This is One year old Shaun the Sheep with a fleece so full of hay and grass it's hard to see what is happening. But it turns out just under the surface of vegetation was some amazingly gorgeous wool ....more

Over in the Clover

Brady has a lamby snuggle Tsega and Blue play...more

The one about Nurturing

Brady took a flying leap out of our van and landed weird. ...more

Babies, More Birthday, Breaks and Braids

BABIES Our baby chicks are less exciting and consequently less stressful than the last few years. We know the drill now. We are less uptight, less worried, slightly less attentive and they are doing just fine ....more

Nepal, Adoption, and What You Need to Know

The sharks are already circling.When the tornadoes devastated Oklahoma, when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, when Japan flooded, when terrorists destroyed New York City, when there was death and devastation and destruction we responded thinking "This is awful, how can we help these families who've lost so much?" We sent money, we sent our wives and husbands to go be hands and clean up wreakage, we sent donations and prayers, our church groups and community groups assembled to do all we could.Do you know what we didn't do? We didn't go up to mothers and fathers who lost their homes and family members and all they had and say Will you consider giving up your children? You don't have any way to take good care of them now, we will take them and give them a better life....more

Blue, Birthdays, Burnt Offerings, etc.

Just a normal Sunday afternoon. While making dinner I realized we were out of dog food, as in, not a morsel. So I took Blue on a ride to the store to grab him some dinner ....more

How do you do it all?

Folks favorite question while they look on in mixed horror and relief that they don't have as many kids as I do, or as messy a van as I do. The answer is I don't. I systematically do as little laundry as humanely possible ....more

Get 'Em Young

I overheard Fikir and Cookie discussing something quietly in the back of the van yesterday. This is not easy to do as we have a very large 12 passenger van. But I deliberately strained my ears to hear ....more

Thousands of words

I haven't wielded my camera much lately. The spring is barely not-really springing still and everything is muddy, brown, ugly. No grass, no buds, no blossoms, no leaves yet ....more

He'll Draw Nigh

Last night I sang for an Easter concert my church put on. As all my performances are these days, it was a humbling experience. I am a classically trained singer, it has turned me into a pop-music-hating, somewhat critical, sometimes competitive musician who fiercely loves excellent, jaw-droppingly good real music.When my children ask me what my favorite song is, I tell them without pause, this one: I want to perform jaw droppingly good, real music ....more