Insights and Miracles

ALL SET Motherhood, or is it adulthood? as turned me into an introvert, which I never saw coming. I've spent the majority of my life as a people person, loving planning get togethers and having dozens and dozens of friends that I'd call close ....more

Home Schooling Educational Plans (Or: Why I am not Blogging Right now)

I've done the improbable. I have not left room in my week for blogging. I am writing, my (possibly awful) novel, a few children's book manuscripts (that I worry less about being awful) and researching the science of trying to send your writing to literary agents ....more

Scooping Them Up


Going Divergent on the Ending

Two weeks ago I read (devoured) the Divergent trilogy. I stayed up a few nights in a row, read them back to back, and it did my brain and body about as much good as eating a few dozen Snickers in the 10pm-3am time slot. I never am satisfied with YA lit, and yet I found myself bingeing, drooling for more, and hating myself for it the entire way through ....more

Getting Around To It

EVENING OUTTonight six year old Cookie came upstairs while the children were watching a movie and informed me that he thought the material wasn't child friendly, a little too intense, and he was worried about his younger brother Tsega being down there watching it.When I tucked him into bed later and he insisted, like every night, kissing both my cheeks and then one firmly planted on my lips (please let this keep happening for as long as possible) I whispered to him Thank you for telling when something you saw made you nervous and uncomfortable. That is such a brave good thing. Will you always always tell me when you notice something that isn't right or you're worried about what you're watching? ...more

The Dance

I was recently accused of being mentally ill for taking on all we have in the last month, new goats, new dog, new horse. No doubt, it has required a lot of adjustment. A lot of chores ....more

Dear 5th Grade Me

Dear 5th Grade Me,You got in trouble for not completing math homework. Ms. Antrim, a consistently grumpy woman is going to give you your very first D and set you on a path of believing you are awful at math ....more

Sink or Swim With me Now

Every day for the last two weeks I've alternated feeling like I am drowning and feeling like I am making progress towards the distance coast line. It is a very spastic, unpredictable, tense dynamic going on. I have heard from seven little birdies with whom I live that I am not especially pleasant right now ....more

A Day

2am ...more

The Beef on Meat

Feeding a family of eight is no small task, going mostly wheat free is impressive and doing it on a budget is astounding. I am not astounding, let me just get that right out there. Four or five days a week we eat dinner that is largely vegetarian relying on lentils, beans, and vast hoards of vegetables ....more