They're Back

The kids are overjoyed to have each other back. There is a lot of Amharic going on from both girls. They both have said they will be ready to go back in about six months ....more

50 Shades of Lies

This post comes from a place of, I will admit it, desperation. I desperately want teenagers and young adults to know something important about love and relationships, something I wish I'd understood better when I was young.First Confession: I, like hundreds of thousands of others have been in a relationship where I felt shamed, controlled, had to change what I wanted and who I was to make someone happy. I remember the first time I reached for the dial on the dashboard to change the radio station in the car, and had my hand slapped away ....more

Finding Silver Linings

It is snowing again. And will tomorrow, the next day and the next. We have drifts outside 35 inches high and it keeps coming ....more

In like a Lion

I know I know, March is the one that is supposed to be in like a lion, but February didn't get the memo. I was all set to write about how unmagical being snowed in over and over is, how old it's getting and how stir crazy I am with the kids. And I went to upload pics for proof ....more

Snow Storms Mean Baking

(And yogurt making and napping and Roald Dahl books.) Yesterday we ran out of oatmeal, had only a few eggs left, zero fruit in the house and we were slammed with a snow storm. We have a very long driveway, I think about 500 feet, which meant we weren't going anywhere until the plow fairy came. This meant making hot chocolate and muffins for breakfast and thank heaven I had all the ingredients for my favorite muffins ....more

Reclaiming Martin Luther King Day

Monday was not too cold. Windy, but sunny, and I was determined to make the day meaningful with the little boys. So with the help of the Good Lord Himself I drove the three little boys to a train stop, and with them and enough snacks for an army and a double stroller hopped (limped) on to the subway ....more

heart bursting

All the New Things

Hello neglected blog. Turns out home school, cleaning one's house, teaching violin lessons to more than a handful of students and six kids' sports is all rather time consuming. Not to mention now that temperatures are often in the teens or below, the amount of time it takes to do the farm chores has tripled....more



Heading Back to Ethiopia: And You Can Join the Fun

Our biggest girls are excited to announce that after Christmas they will jump on a few planes to visit sunny, warm, comforting Ethiopia! They were able to go last January, twelve months later they are ready for another visit, and we are happy for them. They of course will enjoy spending time with family and friends for several weeks, but they are also looking forward to bringing donations to a school we love and and organization we support ....more