From Connection to Curation: How Social Media Is Killing Our Relationships

The creaking of doors opening, and slamming of them closing. The melodic chirps. The moo of something important ....more

Roasted Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Hash

Whip up something delicious for breakfast with this Roasted Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Hash recipe. It’s fantastic with a poached egg. Last week, with the kids off from school, I took a vacation from work to spend time with them ....more

Mediterranean Tuna Pasta (and a Giveaway!)

Red onion, red peppers, mushrooms, tuna, white wine and butter come together in this rich Mediterranean Tuna Pasta recipe — perfect for dinner tonight! This recipe was created for my client Genova Torro, but all opinions are my own. Growing up, canned tuna exclusively went into mayonnaise-laden tunafish sandwiches ....more

Spicy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are baked and then stuffed with black beans, red peppers, hot sauce and cilantro in this Spicy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe. When your world is suddenly painted white, brown and gray — the colors of winter in Maine — and the sun seldom shines bright against a blue sky, it’s easy to get down. And as much as I intellectually knew what winters in Maine would be like, it’s much different to find yourself staring out your window at swirling snow during the umpteenth storm of the season ....more

Fifty Shades of … I Don’t Care

Let’s get something out of the way: I haven’t read Fifty...more

Why I’m Breaking Food Photography Rules

After nearly 10 years of food blogging, I am choosing to break food photography rules. Find out what I am focusing on instead. This Brussels sprouts salad was shot with my DSLR camera ....more

Hearty Turkey Meatballs

Hungry? Whip up a batch of this recipe for big, tender Hearty Turkey Meatballs. They’re perfect for chilly nights ....more

Remaking Me: How I Lost 25 Pounds in 2014

On a chilly December day in 2013, I stood in a department store dressing room taking selfies of potential outfits for an upcoming television appearance. I sent them to my sister and then to my friend, before examining...more

Freelance Writing Goals: How to Achieve Yours

Do you dream of being a freelance writer, writing from coffee shops and making your own schedule? While that can be part of a freelance writing career, it is also a lot of hard work. You need to treat your work like a business, and plan well — including setting goals ....more

Honey Plum Scones

Love afternoon tea? Whip up a batch of Honey Plum Scones for a delicious tea-time treat. Or for breakfast, brunch … or whenever ....more