Why Protein in the Morning Matters

This post was sponsored by Milk Life on behalf of Influence Central. Confession: I haven’t always been a breakfast enthusiast. Once in the sixth grade, a teacher chastised me for not having a suitable answer when she was polling the class about their morning meals ....more

23 Delicious Ground Turkey Recipes for Dinner Tonight

These creative ground turkey recipes will help you put lean, flavorful, family-friendly dinners on the table any night of the week. How many times have you arrived home with no idea what would hit the table for dinner that night? That happened to me earlier this week when I’d forgotten to toss the pork in.. ....more

Slow Roasted Lemon Garlic Cauliflower Casserole

Slow roasting gives this tangy Lemon Garlic Cauliflower Casserole a silky texture that’s perfect with fresh spinach and an egg over easy. Every so often, Facebook or Timehop will show me a photo of my kids from a few years ago. In these images, they’ll be so little and fresh faced ....more

Avocado Spinach Egg English Muffin Sandwiches

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Homemade Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes

Saucy, messy, flavorful homemade Turkey Sloppy Joes are a family favorite. Best of all though? It’s a quick and easy recipe, perfect for any night ....more

Lemon Garlic Marinade: My Go-To 30-Minute Marinade Recipe

Love flavorful marinated chicken, but short on time? This easy recipe for Lemon Garlic Marinade is my go-to 30-minute marinade … and it’s so good. One evening in the fall, I had the basic bones of dinner planned: chicken, rice, green beans ....more

9 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes for Cold Winter Nights

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On Effortless Dinners and #WokWednesday (and a Giveaway!)

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9 Healthy Dinner Casserole Recipes To Try

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Slow Cooker Tomato Lentil Soup

Warm, thick Slow Cooker Tomato Lentil Soup is an easy recipe to make, and so comforting to come home to at the end of the day. December was unseasonably warm here in Maine. Gloves were largely optional, hats were unnecessary and sometimes it was hard to decide which coat would keep you warm instead of.. ....more