Rocking Two Makeup Looks from Mary Kay®

This is one of the most exciting...more

Pregnancy Update: Week 20-21

I promise I’ll stop taking bathroom selfies soon. No one wants to see a toilet in the background, but I get great light and a full length mirror here! Anywho, I smashed weeks 20 and 21 together because they were pretty uneventful, which is really, really good ....more

Rocking Two Makeup Looks from Mary Kay

This is one of the most exciting Mary Kay® collections that I’ve ever seen, and they’ve teamed up with Project Runway as the official beauty sponsor! Every time I see Christian Siriano or Anya Anyung-Chee on social media, I think about when I was rooting for them during previous seasons. Luis Casco created two looks for the show: the Sculpted Look and Bronze Glow. The first look is all about a subtle eye and a bold lip. They’ve chosen to pair a dark lipstick (super creamy, with a lovely sheen) with a chocolate brown lip liner. You know us brown girls love a dark lip liner!...more

Create More Than You Consume: Stop Studying and Make Great Stuff

Back in 2013-2014, I think I...more

My Three Step, Foolproof Strategy to Consistent Blogging

Last month, I cranked out my goal of 15 posts in a month. In fact, I did 18 posts, which is a little over three posts per week. I know my limits, and having posts up Monday through Friday just isn’t in my plans ....more

Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks

As a blogger, I realize that I should probably be taking more professional photos in front of cool backgrounds, with professional quality. Let’s face it, bathroom selfies really aren’t what’s up. But I tend to take one of these daily, just because ....more

Keeping the fuzzies away with Schick and Rite Aid (includes coupon)!

This post is sponsored by Schick. The hair removal routine is a struggle that many of us have been used to since our teens. Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been a little hairier than usual ....more

Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

Food cravings: Starbucks caramel macchiatos. Still. It’s a pricey habit ....more

Media Kit Crash Course: Crowdsourcing to gather media kit info

You can get most of your media kit info from an analytics site or from bits of info you created yourself. There are a few key bits of information that you’ll want to get directly from your readers. To be honest, I’ve never done a survey solely for a media kit ....more

Pregnancy Update: Week 17

It’s exciting to feel like a human being again! I’m still tired a lot and like to take naps, but I definitely feel more like my pre-pregnancy self. The picture above is from an impromptu photo session at my parents house ....more