Why I Can’t Live Without my Get to Workbook Planner (And How 10 Other People Use It)

It’s no secret that planners are a big thing right now. It’s like putting everything on paper makes you more accountable or something. Well I’ve gone through a few planners, and let me tell you, the Get to Workbook is everything to me! ...more

Free Workshop: Media Kit 101 for Bloggers and Small Biz Owners

I’m SO pumped to do my first webinar in four years! If you want to be on a brand’s radar for partnerships, samples or compensation, making a great first impression is a must! In this workshop, we’ll discuss the basics of a media kit, a one page document that serve’s as your blog’s resume ....more

Act Fast: It’s the Last Week of Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty

That was a quick three weeks, huh? I’ve got my eye on the Bliss masks and Too Faced has some gorgeous matte lipsticks up for grabs. What did you grab from Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty? ...more

How To Create a Youtube Channel Banner for Free Using Canva

When you’re serious about your Youtube channel, there are a few things that you can do to brand yourself. One of the easiest ways to customize the experience for viewers is to create banner art for your homepage. I’ve seen people create all kinds of banners–some include their social media handles, their upload schedules, a call to action, or a collage of pictures ....more

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty: Platinum Perks

It’s week number two in Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty, and there are some bonus deals that are pretty fantastic. The platinum rewards club is a title you’ll get when...more

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty is Back!

This post is sponsored by Ulta. It’s one of those magical times of year in the beauty world. It’s Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty! ...more

MAC x Taraji is Coming Our Way this September

This collection might be small, but judging this photo, it’s going to be mighty! I’m slightly bummed that we aren’t getting that fab eye shadow she’s rocking. It’s available September 6th on maccosmetics.com ....more

Traveling to Puerto Rico with an Infant: Learn from my Mistakes

Our wonderful vacation in Puerto Rico has concluded, and the entire family had a fantastic...more

Media Kit Crash Course for Bloggers and Brands (Free Download)

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about media kits. They’re absolutely essential for growing your blog or brand, especially if you want to reach out and work with brands, sponsors, etc. I send out my media kit a few times a month, and believe me, if I didn’t have one, I wouldn’t be able to get so many awesome opportunities ....more

The Best Bottles for My Baby

I had no idea how many brands there were for babies. When I had to do the newborn prep, I was absolutely overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe there were so many options!...more