Simple Cherry Pastry Pies.

Frozen puff pastry makes these handheld cherry pies a piece of cake pie to prepare. GUESS WHAT. I made little handheld pies! ...more

Saturday Seven, 22.

Hey hey hey! Here we are in the dog days of summer...more

M&M’S® Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie.

Only 50 minutes between you and THIS. M&M’S® are...more

Strawberry Rolls with Sweet Lemon Glaze.

A summery twist on cinnamon rolls, these glazed strawberry rolls can be made ahead to save time in the morning. First, thank you for all your excitement over my new photography blog! I’ve been looking forward to sharing this new addition...more

Peach Pecan Crisp.

Sweet and bubbly peach crisp with toasted pecans...more

Chocolate Cherry Almond Snack Bars.

Grain-free healthy goodness! First, thank you so much for listening to my behind the scenes interview! I feels wonderful to...more

Interview: Behind the Scenes of SBA!

Gooooood morning! (This just autocorrected to “gooey morning!”) Today, my friends over at Food Blogger Pro are sharing an interview where I discuss all things blogging. In this 40 minute podcast, you’ll hear me blab about how I turned my blog into my full time job, what it’s like...more

S’mores Tartlets.

Little chocolate s’mores pies. YES. Hi ....more

Saturday Seven, 21.

I’m doing things a little different this week. Instead of 7 archived recipes, I’m gushing about 7 things I’m currently obsessed with. Because you know me ....more