Newbie to BlogHer Conference13

Rudacohas or is any one attending alone?? are newbies in category by themselves or is there like an intro for new/first timers?? thanks!!...more
There will be a lot of newbies in attendance and we do have a newbie breakfast on day one to ...more

Summer is here in full force..according to 90 degrees:(

So school is almost out! my 3 sons will be home and much fun we will have! The tradition we have done for the last 4 years is go camping the day after school ends! yeap..the last week of school we are busy packing and getting ready to go. ...more


2013 Welcome into my life.I cannot wait for all the things I have planned for this month. I will continue with  my journey to keep my blood pressure under control! I owe it to my doctor and my new out look on my family. I do not waste any of my valuable time with anyone who is going to add stress to my life. Yes! even family. I have the right to decline invitations and I have the right to go to my son's play off games and championship games....more

Heaven Claimed many Angels

Heaven claimed many Angels from my family .... My h...more