Sochi 2014: 6 Olympics Party Ideas

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are almost here, and it is time to celebrate this world-wide event and learn at the same time. Having a party, no matter how big or small, can be really fun for the entire family. Using food, drink, decorations, and your own games can teach the entire family about the Olympics, sporting events, geography, and world cultures. Let's get started!...more
Panning The Globe  That is cool to make your grandma's recipe too! Glad you enjoyed the other ideas!more

Phil Robertson can say what he wants but must accept consequences

The big Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty controversy has been stirring around my head since I heard about it yesterday. Hubby and I talked about it a bit last night at dinner too and Hubby, a huge fan of Duck Dynasty, has been posting about it on his Facebook page, a lot. While he and I agree on some of this topic, we disagree on others. It is a touchy subject for us....more
Only-Mama Thank you!more

My 1st Mammogram - a Video Walk-Thru

This video is from 4 years ago but it is very much still relevant. I had my 1st mammogram and was so nervous about it because I would hear such negative things. So I took my video camera with me and recorded before, during, and after about having my first mammogram. If you are 40 (or whatever age your doctor suggests) and are nervous about having your first mammogram done -please watch this! Robyn's Online World...more

Miley Cyrus on MTV Video Music Awards – The Video and My Opinion

So I did not watch the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards last night – but I now have my DVR set to record it so I can see all of it (and forward past what I don’t want to watch). What I heard so much of this morning was Miley Cyrus’ performance on the show so I had to find video of it and see what the fuss is about....more

BlogHer '13: The Good, The Bad, The Brands

This past weekend was BlogHer ‘13 in Chicago. If you have not heard of it, this is the largest conference for primarily female bloggers in the USA and has been happening for several years now. This was my fourth year attending. Last year I was a bit critical of BlogHer ‘12 and honestly I did not think I would go this year, but in the end I did and I was happy to see improvements....more I know - how did we miss each other? ACK! Next time we will have to set an ...more

Perfect Examples of Bad “Mommy Blogger” Pitch Emails

I posted this originally on my blog Robyn's Online World and many found it very interesting to see actual examples. I'm sharing here on BlogHer now as well ...more

Top 10 Best & Worst Things About BlogHer 2010

BlogHer 2010 was wonderful and I am thrilled that I was able to attend. I plan on going back for 2011 which will be in San Diego, California next August (I hope you can come too). My biggest goal was to meet these wonderful folks I have known online for ages now and I was able to do that with so many!...more