I Bought My Little Boy a Pink Bed

I don’t know about every mama in the world, but I can tell you about me. My little boy is the center of my universe; he thinks the world will stop for him, and you know what? His just might. ...more
Nope.  I personally would not.  We adopted our 2 boys at ages 2 and 3 and I didn't give either a ...more

"Mommy, When You Adopt Me, Will Your Skin Turn Tan Like Me?"

"Mommy, when you adopt me, will your skin turn tan like me?" My heart stopped as I looked into my son's beautiful brown eyes, as he expectantly awaited an answer from me. All the preparation in the world could not prepare me for taking his little hand in mine and trying to explain to him that no, we do not look the same, but we are family bonded at the heart. That his culture is one I am proud to be a part of. That he is special and gorgeous and unique just the way he is. ...more
All kids need that kind of love and acceptance. And it's how kids express that need reminds us ...more

The Truth About Bullying: Defined

Bullying.  What comes to mind when you hear this word?  Some fear for their children every single day before, during, and after school.  Some roll their eyes and think bullying is something schools overreact to and are forced to look at due to "political correctness."  Some might shrug shoulders and don't have much of an opinion on the topic....more

In the Meantime: 5 Ways for Adoptive Parents to Be Proactive While Waiting

If there's one thing adoptive parents know about, it's patience. Well, patience or lack thereof, depending on how one is currently dealing with the adoption process. There is alot of waiting time that goes into it, from the applications, to trainings, to home study, to licensing, to referrals, to placement.So.... what can be done in the meantime? What makes the waiting time bearable, or even positive? Here are 5 ideas.1. Finish those projects you've been "meaning to do."...more

Mommy In Waiting on Mother's Day

Click, click, click.  The sound of the computer keys as I check my email for the tenth time in one hour.  I nervously flip the switch to my cell phone to make sure it's on loud, because I've checked this so many times today that maybe I've accidentally turned it to vibrate mode.  My heart jumps as I hear the email sound emanate from my phone, but it's just another work email.  The silence is deafening....more
I know first hand that feeling of agony as you wait for that call.  We waited 2 years before our ...more

A Promise to My Child: I Will Not Let the System Fail You

When I was a little girl, I used to think that having a baby meant getting pregnant, having a happy nine months of eating ice cream and taking pictures, and going to the hospital to you know… deliver the baby. Then I lived my teenage years. And my early twenties. I had personal experiences that led me to desire adopting children who need a family, and I began meeting people who did not have a traditional family either....more
Feel free to email me at harrisoncounseling@gmail.com if you would like to talk sometime! ...more

What Not To Say To Someone Grieving

When people are grieving, it can be difficult to know how to comfort, how to offer a word of healing, and how to express how you truly feel.  Oftentimes, due to this discomfort, we resort to common clichés or even Scripture that often are used at an inappropriate time or context.  What are some of these common blunders, though meant to offer comfort, that often hurt the ones who are encountering loss or grief?  Here is a list of just a few of them. “&nb...more

Why Adoption?

"So, are you going to have any...you know, kids of your own?""You're adopting how many?""Are you worried about not meeting them before you commit?"...more