Guess What? They're Not Overreacting.

What girls had to say about people who insult them ... and then pretend they didn't really. ...more

Should You Use Typepad for Your New Blog?

When I started blogging in 2004, Blogger and Typepad were the major blogging platforms out there, and if you were really trying to prove yourself, you used custom templates on Typepad....more
You just reminded me that the reason I left Typepad was because of the lack of widgets. But I ...more

Representative Dumbass Laughed Out of the Chamber

Idaho Representative Vito Barbieri asks if a camera women can swallow to show the state of their colons after colonoscopy could be used to prevent abortion. Apparently, he does not understand the differences between the digestive system and the reproductive system. YOU'RE FIRED, VITO ....more

The Tunnel

Kizzy didn't pee last night. About an hour after I wrote my last post, though, his painkillers kicked in and he stopped his frantic litterbox laps and settled down. This morning, there was still nothing in his box, but he seemed cheerful, so we all went to work and school ....more

The Wait

It's been a year and two weeks since the last time our little black cat had a health crisis. He had a urinary blockage last January with two rounds of hospitalization. Then we had a good year in which we fell in love with him even more ....more

I Don't Even Make a Game of It

I drove her to school yesterday, because it was cold. She hoisted her backpack and saxophone out of the trunk that she didn't used to be able to open by herself. It is a heavy trunk door and the struts to keep it open don't work anymore ....more

Do You Give Up Anything for Lent?

Fat Tuesday's come and gone and Mardi Gras beads may still be littering some sidewalks, but the fun is over, guys. It's time for Lent....more
onthisnewmorning I love that post! I want to give that role up, too.more

Why Should You Start a Blog in 2015? Here Are Some Very Good Reasons.

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. LinkedIn. Tumblr. Google+. The opportunities to spread yourself out all over the Internet seem never to end in the year 2015. So why on earth would you start a blog?...more
Although I love blogging and have been doing it for years, I feel like people are just starting ...more

When the Holidays Are Over and He Didn't Propose

I knew I wanted to marry my husband long before he asked me to marry him, which presented a problem: He was taking too long to propose. To compound this problem, he also made the mistake of asking me what shape of diamond I liked nearly a year before presenting me with a ring....more
Ugh, that sucks. I'm sorry.more

Death By a Thousand Paper Cuts: Fixing the Minor Annoyances

I read somewhere that if you want to be happy, take five minutes every day and fix something that bugs the shit out of you. I may be paraphrasing. This week has been insanely busy ....more