Things I Do When My Husband Is Away

My husband doesn’t go away often, but once in a while his job requires him to travel to the U.S for a week or so. Having been together for 13 years and working constantly together all day everyday, meaning that since we got together, we’ve not been apart for too long. Unless of course he has to go away on business trips or if I have to go and visit family back in the UK.This time will be the longest that he’s been away from us. A whole two weeks of just me and the boys, living it up – ‘alone’....more

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: uTalk A language learning app

How do you find yourself when it comes to languages? Are you quite an impressive polyglot or like myself need that little help once in a while? There are still occasions when I still find myself referring to my translator or having a quick refreshers on one of my language apps. Oh, how I wish my brain is like my 7-year-old, in the past two years he’s been learning Castellano, Valenciano and Chinese. Everything seems to be sinking in without any problems. What’s this superpower?...more

Bed and Breakfast in Xativa: Hostal Casa La Vuelta Valencia Spain

During our visit to Valencia two years ago one place that we were lucky enough to visit the small town of Xativa.  We had an appointment with one of the schools in the area and decided to take a little tour ,while we were there we stayed at Hostal Casa La Vuelta just 15 minutes outside of Xativa in a town of Novetlè....more

Must-Have Accessories for Traveling (Even in Europe)

Frequent traveling requires organization and planning, which I have learned over the past two years.  My four-to-seven-day journeys usually do not require a lot of things, so traveling light and having reliable travel accessories makes the journey a lot more easier....more
As like the other two, I am in deed impressed with the sim case. It sounds pretty easy - instead ...more


Bringing our twelve year old to Spain have always been our main worry, having read many articles and forum discussions regarding bringing an older child to a different country can pose many complications, mainly affecting their education and social skills.  Having to learn a new language after the age of 10 proves a lot more difficult for many children....more
Hello, thank you for sharing! Could you please tell me which concertado school in Valencia your ...more