My Brother Took a Walk and Never Returned

You never think it will happen to you, not your family. Even the most paranoid and anxiety ridden of us never truly believe reality could be this cruel. We hear the news stories, we see the families huddled together, broken and scared, desperately hanging onto their prayers. We glance at the posters briefly, if we stare too long the picture might become too real and force us to imagine the nightmare. But then somehow, out of nowhere, everything we once knew shatters as we're dragged into one of life's horror shows. ...more
Thank you everyone for your kind words, my family and I are still diligently searching for ...more

10 Tips for New Moms

1)  I don't care if you've got 4 weeks left or you're 3 days late, if you're feeling "funky" and obsessing over whether or not this is IT, just go to the freaking doctor!  Take my advice and don't wait until you're putting every ounce of effort into standing up without doubling over before heading over there. You just might find yourself stuck in rush hour traffic wondering why the hell, when the doctor asked you if you'd be interested in some Lamaze classes, you responded with, "no thanks, I'm just going to wing it."...more

Top Five Ways Life in School Was Easier Then Life as a Stay At Home Mom

I'm done with school but sometimes I miss the simplicity of it compared to "grown up life."  Don't get me wrong, wouldn't go back if you paid me in large amounts of chocolate covered espresso beans but still, certain aspects of it were nice.Top Five Ways Life in School Was Easier Then Life as a Stay At Home Mom1)...more

Yes, Virginia, You Have a Favorite Kid

Anyone who says they don't have a favorite kid is LYING. In fact, they're probably the same person who, when asked in the first three months of motherhood how it was treating them, responded with "oh it's wonderful, being a mommy is such a beautiful thing." Again with the lies! Motherhood isn't beautiful! It's messy, pudgy, wrinkly, chaotic, snotty, and often times extremely smelly. ...more
I have 3 children, and I frequently let them know which one is my favorite. I frequently have a ...more

Hello Neurosis, How I've Missed You

Fueled by caffeine and neurosis, I have spent the last couple weeks battling the repercussions of quitting breastfeeding.  Repercussions you say?  Why, what repercussions other then the opportunity to drink mad amounts of coffee and suddenly finding yourself no longer able to produce cleavage could there possibly be??...more

Are You Going to Screw Up Your Kids? Probably.

I know I've eluded once or twice to the fact that my children aren't huge fans of sleep.  At least during the baby stage anyway.  So while I tend to err on the side of "attachment parenting" practices, I'll admit I've entertained the idea of allowing my child to cry it out one or two times (or 70ish, whatever), ...more

Valentine's Day? No Thanks, I'll Take the Other 364 Days

I didn't even realize it was Valentine's day until I logged into Facebook this morning and was bombarded by friendly valentine's wishes, kissing couples, strong independent singles posting about how awesomely they fly solo, sappy posts about significant others ("It's been the most magical 2 weeks baby, looking forward to the rest of our lives" etc), etc. So apparently we're all still taking this holiday really freaking seriously huh?...more

Mom Of The Year Award Goes To...Not Me II

Time for another round!You Know You're Not Getting MOTY (Mom of the Year) Award When...1.  You pretend to sleep, complete with a subtle snore, when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night in hopes your partner will take care of the situation instead....more

Hey You, I Like Your Stretch Marks

There's nothing like having children to give your life meaning, or to force you to re-examine your alcohol allowance.  I'm sure I can move some things around in the budget...Yep, looks like we're ditching the smart phones, it's all about prioritizing people....more

Apparently 'Smart Ass' is Hereditary

Conor:  "Mommy, dinner was ew."Me:  "That's not very nice."Conor:  "Why?"Me:  "Well, because Mommy worked hard on dinner and when you said it was 'ew' it made mommy sad."Conor:  "Well, it made CONOR sad that dinner was ew and you made me eat it anyway."Me:  "..."Yep.  That's my boy. ...more