A question about undressing

That's not exactly what I meant by a boob job, honey

I was reading Dan Savage's advice column the other day. Savage, if you haven't heard of him, gives advice on all things sexual, and even lots of things I wouldn't consider sexy, but somebody does. It's not for the naive. Or maybe it is if you need to get up to speed....more
It makes me sad to think that we have to change our physical aspect in order to turn someone on. ...more

Goodbye to Cousin X

I wish people would think about who they might hurt when they let loose their bigoted, repressive, cutting words on the world of Facebook. Real people read these words. Real people react with their real feelings. Their hurt feelings. Their feelings of despair. This goes out to all of my LGBTQ friends. I'm sorry for some of the shit you endure here. I'm sorry for some of the shit we all have to see here....more

A question about undressing

A question about undressing (photo credit: babble.com....more

The devil you know

I was about half a block from home yesterday when I walked past a gray car with all the doors and the hatch open, a sermon blasting from the speakers. Oh, look, I thought, someone's trying to save my soul again....more

I wouldn't date that name

In praise of cave walls

Don't bogart that lube

What else can I say? You saw it for yourself. A stoned vagina can orgasm without even a touch -- and I mean a big, wet, crashing oceanic orgasm. Look, Ma! No hands!...more

Somebody hand me those forceps please.

Vaginas are trending, and not just here on Reticulated Writer. Seven people sent me articles about this guy who got stuck in a marble vagina in Germany. And I thank you all for thinking about me. I love it when you send me porn articles about vaginas when you see vaginas in the news. And I get the hint: no more serious shit. Write about vaginas now....more

How much is that doggie in the window?

I lived with a dog most of m...more