DIY Ornament – Tinsel Bottle Brush Tree

Bottle brush trees have been everywhere for the last few Christmases. They are charming little old fashioned decorations and they look amazing with a modern update of sparkles and cool new colors. They’re also ridiculously easy to make ....more

DIY Christmas Ornament – Fancy Lady Doll

There’s a vintage furniture store nearby that specializes in Midcentury Modern. They make little room vignettes with all their furniture, so walking through the showroom feels like walking through a trendy home in 1963. One of the rooms they had set up was decorated for Christmas with an actual vintage aluminum tree and handcrafts from the era ....more

DIY Christmas Ornament – Embroidered Postcard Ornament

Aren’t vintage illustrations just the most gorgeous thing? I fell down a real Pinterest hole when I was looking for 60’s artwork. The illustrations used in ads back then are astonishing ....more

DIY Gift Box Ornament

If this is the tree that says Home for the Holidays, then it absolutely had to include some presents. It feels a little bit like a cheat, these present ornaments are so easy. But like so many of my favorite ornaments through the years, they manage to do a lot of heavy lifting....more

Ribbon Chain Garland

Yesterday we launched into my Vintage Home for the Holidays tree, and even though this tree already has a garland, I’m going to go *wild* and add another one. (I’m such a daredevil! :eyeroll:) The tinsel on a garland was practical, this garland is because if I’m going traditional, a paper chain is as traditional as it gets ....more

Make a Tinsel Tassel Garland

Last year my Christmas goals went bust. (Abdominal surgery will do that to even the best of us.) But it may have been a blessing in disguise. Last year I had all these ideas for ornaments, but they weren’t really fitting together in one perfect themed tree ....more

Green Bean Shepherds Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is as traditional as it gets if you are a whitey like me. A one pot hot dish, vegetable and meat stew topped with mashed potatoes, it is what I crave when the weather turns chilly and I’m looking for something hot and hearty. And like a lot of traditional dishes, it can be twisted up and turned on its head and become a vehicle for all your own favorite additions ....more

If the thought of Trump hurts you…

I’m going to get a little political here, but mainly in a mental health way. Ever since Trump became the Republican nominee, I’ve been operating from a triggered place. Now, don’t stop listening even if you read “trigger” and get a case of the eyerolls ....more

Happy Halloween

Wheelchairs are the best at Halloween. I never have to worry about something being too awkward to carry around and I get to incorporate wheels in everything. Atti doesn’t even want to trick or treat, so he only puts up with any of this nonsense for my sake ....more

Make a Pipecleaner Spiderweb

We’re only a few days away from Halloween, and that means that kids are excited, parents are frantically trying to get everything ready, nobody has time for a big complicated craft project, and kids have hands that need to be kept busy. So I have the perfect solution for you. These spiderwebs only take minutes to make, are easy enough for kids to make, and are adorable enough to...more