Family Goal Leaf 2016

Back in 2013 I started a tradition. Every year our family comes up with a word of the year. Something to strive for, something to keep in mind as a goal to work towards together, some value we want to focus on as we go through the year ....more

How to make an Upholstered Bedframe

My bedroom makeover project has been finished for a while now, but with all of the horrors of the last couple of years, I couldn’t do the work to share it. There’s a tremendous amount of work to pull together a decent tutorial with video, and seeing how I’ve been pingponging between fertility procedures driving me to the mental hospital to surgeries for my baby and then more fertility procedures that ended badly and more surgeries for my baby,...more

Make a windchime from dollar store supplies

In my quest to outfit this superstar backyard of mine, as is my duty as Park Ranger of this place, I’ve been searching for a windchime that was both 1) not obnoxious and 2) not so outrageously expensive I would resent it every time I heard it’s gentle chime. So as usual, I knew I had to make what I was looking for. I love the sound of bamboo windchimes because they’re so light and subtle and not glaringly high pitched, so when I found bamboo windchimes at the dollar store I knew they were exactly what I needed ....more

Speaking Atticus

Atticus does not speak fluently. Over the years we’ve been given every possible explanation for this. He’s mentally retarded, he has autism, he’ll grow into it, it’s just a CP thing ....more

Mosaic Birdhouses for Fancy Birds

Every time I go to a craft store, from March until September, they feature a giant bin full of wooden birdhouses right outside the front door. They call to me every year and every year I think, eh, I don’t have anything to do with them. And I leave them in their bin as I walk on by ....more

Make an Outdoor Chandelier

Once you start drilling through glass, it apparently gets pretty addictive. Because here I am back at it again. I spent so much time in thrift stores looking for glass dishes for the flowers, that I couldn’t stop collecting when I found a deal I couldn’t pass up ....more

Father’s Day Sensation

I’m perpetually behind these days, but in case you didn’t see it, here’s my boys being famous. I have watched these commercials dozens of times because they legitimately make me that happy even if my own family wasn’t in it. Originally published at Reese Dixon Father’s Day Sensation Reese Dixon - Motherhood and other creative adventures Related posts: Yo Gabba Gabba for life Camping with disabilites Atti goes to Kindergarten ...more

Finding Dory Review – from a kid who knows…

I know it’s already been a couple weeks since Finding Dory opened in theaters, and by now, I bet most of the people who wanted to see it have seen it. But I still have a lot of feelings about it that I have to get out. This movie is IMPORTANT, y’all ....more

Make a Glass Flower Garden

One of my favorite ways to spend a day is combing through thrift stores and junky old antique shops. Around here, because I live in a touristy area, there are lots of stores featuring random collections of cool stuff, combined in new and interesting ways. Lots of vintage tractor seats turned into stools, old doors turned into potting tables, barn wood turned into wall art ....more

Queen of the Artichokes

Last summer I put two artichoke plants in my garden. They mostly sat there while my tomatoes took over everything, and sat there still while the pumpkins curled through the yard and then rotted where they grew because I had to abandon everything in preparation for my surgery. So imagine my surprise when I went out to the side of the house and found this! ...more