Christmas DIY – Make a Retro Crocheted Santa

I did pretty dang good trying to cram all of my holiday tutorials into the time I had between back spasms and general poor health, but at 8:00 on Christmas Eve it’s time to move on to playing Santa. So I’m going to leave you with two last videos and leave the step by step text version on my desk drive. Hopefully you’ll watch these and be entertained in those times when family makes you crazy ....more

Make a Retro Starburst Ornament

The starburst motif might just be my favorite of all the classic midcentury designs. You can still see them all the time in signs that haven’t been updated since the 60’s. There’s an old motel we often drive by on the 5 freeway that has a big HOTEL sign decorated with starbursts ....more

Make a Geometric Santa Ornament

Lucky for you we’re running out of time for me to share ornaments for my 60’s kitsch tree. Otherwise you’d have to listen to me gush on and on about my obsession with midcentury design. It’s just so stinkin cool! ...more

Make a Retro Bell Ornament

This is one of my favorite kind of ornaments. Make it in minutes, make it for pennies, and watch if it doesn’t have the most impact on the tree. This ornament was another way for me to bring in some of my favorite surface design patterns from the midcentury period, this time a “sticks” pattern of overlapping blocks of color ....more

Make Dotty Sunburst Ornaments

I found the work of Elspeth McLean thanks to Facebook’s algorithm and I’m completely enamored with it. I thought the dots of her “dotillism” would work perfectly on my Christmas kitsch tree since so much of what I love about Midcentury design is the patterns common in surface design. Whether it’s the dot...more

Make a Kitschy Embellished Ornament

It’s time to start tree #2! Like my Nostalgic Tree, this one started last year with a vague idea of doing something 60’s themed. But the ornaments I was making kept fighting ....more

Make an Old-Fashioned Sled Ornament

I’m pretty certain that this will be the final ornament for our Nostalgic Home for the Holidays tree. ...more

Make a Button Wreath Ornament

When I’m making ornaments that evoke a nostalgia for home, there’s a lot of things I have to imagine. I didn’t have warm and loving grandparents or family traditions I look back on fondly, so making this tree has been the chance for me to pretend for a minute that I did. This tree has been the place I put all of my wishes I had as a child, and all the hopes I have for my future ....more

Make a Doily Wreath Ornament

I struggled to know what to call this little ornament – is it a wreath? Is it a mixed media something? Does it have to have welcome home in the name? ...more

How to tie the perfect bow

I’m counting this as an ornament because I’m using it as one, but this is so all purpose I could count it as everything from gift wrap to floral design. I use these bows EVERYWHERE. And I bet you will too once you know how to do it ....more