May 4: The Culture Canard of the Model Minority Myth | #APAHM2015 #ReappropriateRevisited

For this year’s AAPI Heritage Month, I will take each day to pull...more

May 3: The Overlooked Battle Against Depression and Suicide Among SE Asian Americans | #APAHM2015 #ReappropriateRevisited

Bhutanese American Tara Gurung and her husband. Tara’s father, Ram Gurung, counseled fellow refugees from committing suicide. However, after moving to the United States with his wife and two adult daughters, Ram Gurung committed suicide last year at the age of 73 ....more

BREAKING: Japanese American National Museum will Acquire Collection of Incarceration Artifacts | #StopRago

A collection of wood carvings are being sold. These carvings were described in Eaton’s book on Japanese American incarceration, where Eaton said they were carved using makeshift tools and waste metals, since carving tools were prohibited in the camps. Last month, I blogged about a large collection of artifacts from Japanese American incarceration that was originally collected by folk art historian Allen Eaton, and which was being auctioned to the highest bidder against the wishes of the Japanese American community by Rago Auction House ....more

May 2: 10 Myths (and Facts) About #AAPI Mental Health | #APAHM2015 #ReappropriateRevisited

For this year’s AAPI Heritage Month, I will take each day to pull...more

May 1: The Untold Story of AAPI and the Labour Movement | #AAPIHeritageMonth #ReappropriateRevisited

Larry Itliong stands alongside Cesary Chavez in front of NFWA headquarters in July 28, 1967. (Photo credit: AP Photo/ Harold Filan) For this year’s AAPI Heritage Month, I will take each day to pull...more

“9-Man” is Premiering on a Television Near You on May 5th!

Last year, I reviewed a truly outstanding documentary called “9-Man” by filmmaker and friend of this blog, Ursula Liang. “9-Man” is an incredible exploration of the virtually unknown volleyball variant known as 9-Man, which has its roots in Toisan and which was popularized among Chinese Americans in the early twentieth century as...more

Anti-Asian Incident at Penn Highlights Persistent On-Campus Tensions in the Ivies

University of Pennyslvania’s College Hall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons) What should have been a fun mixer to celebrate the end of the school semester turned ugly two weeks ago...more

BREAKING: Domestic Violence Survivor Sentenced, Transferred To ICE Custody Pending Deportation | #StandWithNanHui

Nan-Hui Jo reacts to the guilty verdict in her trial last month. (Photo credit: Randy Pench / Sacramento Bee) An hour ago, the judge in Nan-Hui Jo’s child abduction case rejected the motion to dismiss the guilty verdict against her, and sentenced Jo to 175 days of jail (counted as time served) and three years probation. A jury...more

#MayPac: your comprehensive break-down of the fight of the century

Mayweather and Pacquiao stare each other down. This fight has been nearly a decade in the making. On May 2nd, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr ....more

Anti-Indictment Rallies for NYPD Officer Peter Liang Draw Smaller Than Expected Crowd in NYC

Protesters march across the Brooklyn Bridge protesting the indictment of NYPD officer Peter Liang, who fatally shot unarmed civilian Akai Gurley in November 2014. (Photo credit: Tom Miuccio / PIX11News) After over a month of build-up, a...more