Commemorate 3 years since Pvt. Danny Chen’s death with a moment of silence on October 3rd

Private Danny Chen. (Photo credit: CBS 2) Three years ago this Thursday, 19-year-old Private Danny Chen was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Chen had recently enlisted in the US Army, hoping it would prepare him for a career in the NYPD ....more

Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 7 | #AAPI and Interracial Relationships

Think you know what a BAD is? How about a SCAB? Episode 7 of Reappropriate: The Podcast...more

Fox News guest is sorry-not-sorry for comments supporting Japanese American internment and Hiroshima

Last week, I posted about a mind-numbingly horrible segment aired by...more

Majority of AAPI voters in CA support affirmative action — so, who are the ones that don’t?

Asian American supporters of affirmative action at a recent rally. (Photo credit: OCA) I was having dinner earlier this week with a member of my extended family when the topic of race-conscious affirmative action and SCA-5 came up. My family member (who is not Asian American)...more

Fox News calls anti-Muslim profiling “a good start”, supports claim by citing Japanese American internment

Fox News anchor Eric Bolling was joined earlier this week by four guests to argue in favour of anti-Muslim racial or religious profiling. I don’t even know where to begin. I really don’t ....more

Grace Lee Boggs: “I am coming to the end of a long journey”

It was recently reported on Tumblr by friends and family that Grace Lee Boggs, the powerful and inspirational activist and civil rights icon who was the subject of the recent documentary American Revolutionary, is in hospice care. With the knowledge that Boggs would not be able to respond to requests for interviews or to take phone calls, Boggs issued a statement from her bed for well-wishers (after the jump). Published on, Boggs’ website, the statement reads: “I am coming to the end of a long journey—a journey that began over 70 years ago at the beginning of World War II ....more

Taco Bell parent company appropriates banh mi, finds new target in Vietnamese for cultural insensitivity

The logo of Yum! Foods’ newest endeavour, Banh Shop. Photo credit: Marc Lee I’m not entirely sure what we expected from the company that interprets Mexican food as meat-gun applied mystery meat combined with American cheese and...more

“Divided Attention” documentary explores life & art of pioneering Asian American queer artist Bernice Bing

Pioneering artist and community activist, Bernice Bing. “Once upon a time it was rare to find any Asians in prestigious art schools.” This is the first sentence of groundbreaking artist Bernice Bing’s statement for the 1990 six-woman...more

San Francisco adopts resolution prohibiting sex-selective abortion bans

San Francisco Supervisor, David Chiu. Earlier last week, I wrote about a resolution authored by San Francisco Board of Supervisors representative David Chiu prohibiting sex-selective abortion bans. Those bans ...more