“Divided Attention” documentary explores life & art of pioneering Asian American queer artist Bernice Bing

Pioneering artist and community activist, Bernice Bing. “Once upon a time it was rare to find any Asians in prestigious art schools.” This is the first sentence of groundbreaking artist Bernice Bing’s statement for the 1990 six-woman...more

San Francisco adopts resolution prohibiting sex-selective abortion bans

San Francisco Supervisor, David Chiu. Earlier last week, I wrote about a resolution authored by San Francisco Board of Supervisors representative David Chiu prohibiting sex-selective abortion bans. Those bans ...more

LA hosts free API Hope & Recovery Conference for #AAPI #MentalHealth clients, family & caregivers

On October 29th of this year, the Los Angeles County’s Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) is sponsoring the 9th Annual API Hope & Recovery Conference, a day-long event for Asian American & Pacific Islander mental health advocates to share their stories of hope, recovery and advocacy, and that is free to mental health clients, family members, parents and caregivers. In the morning, the conference features keynote speaker Emily Wu Truong (@emilywspeaks), chair of the Asian Coalition of the LACDMH and long time community activist on mental health issues. Here is her biography: Emily Wu Truong is a Taiwanese American Community Activist for Mental Health Awareness from the San Gabriel Valley ....more

Asian Americans side with Blacks & Latinos (not Whites) in opinions on police effectiveness & racial profiling

Students at UC Davis tweeted this picture of themselves in solidarity with Ferguson protesters. It has been nearly a month since the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, and in that time, the nation has become engrossed in a long overdue national conversation over race, race relations, racial profiling and police brutality. Countless think-pieces have been written about police brutality, school-to-prison pipelines, racial profiling, the myth of Black criminality, Black-on-Black crime,...more

San Francisco poised to become first city to ban racist anti-Asian abortion bans

San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu has introduced the nation’s first resolution that would ban sex-selective abortion bans. (Photo credit: Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle) Over the past several years, anti-abortion lawmakers have been using a variety of legislative tactics to throw legal barriers in front of abortion access; their goal being to make abortion so difficult, bureaucratic and harrowing a process as to render it a completely impractical option for most women seeking...more

World Suicide Prevention Day: Asian American & Pacific Islander #MentalHealthMatters | #WSPD14

Print by artist Mikaela Jane for 2012’s World Suicide Prevention Day. Today is...more

New York’s Asian American “band of brothers” all defeated in Tuesday’s Democratic primary

Tim Wu was defeated in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for the party’s Lt. Governor nomination. (Photo credit: Photograph: Linda Nylind / Guardian) ....more

The Wu/Liu Divide: NY Asian American politicians likely caught in the crossfire of a Dem upheaval

John Liu during his term as City Comptroller. (Photo credit: Jonathan Fickies / Bloomberg) Late last week, I wrote about New York Lt. Governor candidate Tim Wu’s endorsement of State Senator hopeful John Liu’s campaign ....more