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Dear Black Folks

By Guest Contributor: Stacy G Dear Black folks I don’t know what it’s like to question authority because I had the privilege of never having to do so I don’t know what’s it’s like to have an authority figure see you as a threat before seeing you as a child Demonizing you before they get to know you I donft know what it’s like to watch your classmates be called overzealous While you do the same, and your teachers send you to detention and call you rebellious Dear Black folks I don’t know what its like to be followed around a store Or to feel like a suspect as soon as you walk through the door I don’t know what’s like to have to tell my future son to fear the police because anything he might do Might be construed As a threat and force them to shoot Dear Black folks I don’t know what it’s like to live a lifetime of anger and frustration because of what happened to your community What happened within your community I don’t know what it’s like to have your tongue ripped out by having a bullet Strike your heart before you have the chance to have your voice heard Dear Black folks I feel empathy and compassion because I don’t know what it’s like to face the reality of constant death and trauma and how real it is for you everyday Feeling mortal is more real to you every day than I can ever imagine Dear Black Follks You are necessary Without your community, and your hustle, I would not be given the same opportunities as I have now If I was born before 1954, I wouldn’t be allowed to have an education Because of the color of skin If I was born before 1967, I wouldn’t be able to marry outside my race Without your community we wouldn’t have peanut butter, stem cell research, traffic lights or pace makers Dear Black folks We might be different cloth but we rip the same way Stain the same way Jin said we see the same sky and cry the same cry Dear Black folks, I know what is like to try to defy every label and stereotype given to you I know how tiring it can be to prove you are different, That you are not a statistic, I know what it’s like as a person of color, to feel you have to be representative of a whole community that is complex and diverse in itself Dear Black folks I know what it’s like to be generalized because of your race I know what it is like to read your history as something unrecognizable because there are Too many missing pieces and Too many white voices I know what it’s like to have to write your own history, in your own voice, in a language they can’t understand because they choose not address systematic oppression When teaching apathy instead of empathy because it pays more Dear Black folks I do know what it’s like to have the women In your community Treated as a commodity Before they are treated as human I do know what it’fs like to feel like you have to work twice as hard to get half way up Dear black folks You are strong for carrying such a heavy load of the world You are beautiful because your shoulders are strong yet gentle enough to lean on You deserve a world that makes you feel like you belong You are necessary This movement is necessary You are enough And you should not be demonized for simply existing Because of that I will try to be better Dear Black folks Black culture has given us a world with captivating poetry, Influential music Beautiful fashion, dance, art and technology & writing, math, and science Even if it was all stolen from you Repackaged, bleached and resold to you Dear Black folks For that I want to be better I will be more compassionate than I had been in the past But most importantly, I will continuously unlearn every single internalized racism and discrimination that I was taught to believe about you I will unlearn my anti-black racism that has been passed down and Normalized in my Asian American community Anti-black discrimination that has caused fear rather than understanding Anti black discrimination that started with being taught darker is inferior I am not going to be perfect I know I will make mistakes But I will try my best to learn from them Change is scary But staying in this violent present is scarier I guarantee that I will get weird, awkward, shy and uncomfortable as I grow out But Grace Lee Boggs once said that to change within our society begins with change from within Dear black folks I am an Asian4 Black Lives Because Black Lives Matter Since you built this land with your bare hands You have always mattered Stacy Gee is a first-generation Asian American and the youngest daughter of Asian immigrants,...more

Deportations of Southeast Asian Americans: A Glaring Human Rights Issue in an Unjust Immigration System

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BREAKING: California Governor Signs AAPI Data Disaggregation Bill Into Law

California State Assemblymember Rob Bonta, author of The Ahead Act (AB1726) which would expand data disaggregation for AAPIs in California, speaks to supporters at a rally earlier this year. (Photo Credit: Twitter) Following years of tireless advocacy work by AAPI advocacy groups, California has signed a critical data disaggregation bill into law. AB1726 (also called “The AHEAD Act”) was introduced before the California Legislature early this year by bill author Assemblyman...more

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Echoes of Pvt. Danny Chen: Fresh Focus on Military Hazing after Muslim Asian American’s Death

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