Purvi Patel Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Death of Her Fetus

A court sketch of Purvi Patel, who was sentenced today after a court found her guilty of feticide and child neglect in the death of her fetus. Earlier this month, I wrote about the story of Purvi Patel, the Indian American woman who faced...more

Tammy Duckworth Announces Senate Bid

Representative Tammy Duckworth. Confirming rumours that circulated through much of the weekend, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (IL-8) became the first Democrat to announced a Senatorial bid for 2016. In a video released today, Duckworth declared her plans to challenge sitting Republican Senator Mark Kirk ....more

When White Audiences Have Problems With TV Diversity

The 2014-2015 television schedule has been hailed as a breakthrough for television diversity. Not only did networks unroll an unprecedented number of shows featuring predominantly mixed race or non-White casts of colour, but many of these shows have outperformed the schedule’s more conventional — and thus more conventionally White — fare. Although some shows have flopped (Selfie), others like Black-ish, How To Get Away With Murder, Cristela,...more

NYC’s High-Stakes Testing for Elite Public Schools Is Not Helping Poor Asians Either

Stuyvesant High School I’ve been writing in support of affirmative action in higher education for a few years now; and, with news that the Students for Fair Admissions lawsuits against Harvard and UNC...more

Jason Chu’s “MARVELS” and being an adult comic book fan

Got a heads-up this week about the latest song by artist Jason Chu: “Marvels”, featuring a haunting hook sung by songstress Sarah Jake. The music video, which dropped on March 17, stars a young Hudson Yang (@HudsonDYang) of...more

Batgirl Variant Cover Glorifies Sexual Violence | #CancelTheCover

You can tell how unplugged I am from the mainstream fandom that the internet broke this week over a variant Batgirl cover, and I had no idea whatsoever. Earlier in the week, DC Comics received a deluge of critical responses to a variant cover for Batgirl #41 drawn by...more

Why are feticide laws disproportionately criminalizing pregnant women of colour?

Purvi Patel was convicted last month on charges of feticide for what she maintains was the miscarriage of her late-term fetus. Last month, Purvi Patel faced...more

125 yrs later, Hong Yen Chang finally receives California law license denied to him because he was Chinese

Last year, I wrote about the story of Hong Yen Chang, a Chinese immigrant and law student who received his law degree from Columbia in 1868, and who moved to California to practice law in 1890, only to be barred from admission into the California State Bar because he was “Mongoloid”. Federal law at the time prohibited anyone of Asian descent from naturalizing as citizens. Chang was one of the country’s first Chinese American Ivy Leaguers, and he had already made history after graduating from Columbia when he fought for his right to practice law in the state of New York; he challenged the initial decision to deny him entry into the New York State Bar, and won his case before the New York Supreme Court to become the first Chinese lawyer in the United States ....more