Trump Mocks Asian Speech Patterns in Campaign Speech

Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump Oh, hell no. Less than an hour after Donald Trump ejected Univision reporter Jorge Ramos from a press conference...more

Jeb Bush Clarifies his Position on “Anchor Babies”: “It’s more related to Asian[s].”

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. (Photo credit: M. Spencer Green / AP Photo) Snoopy believes Jeb Bush — son of the country’s 41st...more

Birthright Citizenship and How the GOP is Abandoning Asian American Voters

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The New York Times Doubles Down On Its Erasure of AAPI Student Victims of Suicide

When we were freshmen first entering Cornell, an older student told Snoopy...more

Jindal Cuts Medicaid Funding for Planned Parenthood as Senate Efforts to Defund Group Fail

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal In the wake of a smear campaign against Planned Parenthood — one of the nation’s largest healthcare service providers for women (as well as men and youth) — the Senate...more

Affirmative Action in China and the US: Chapter 1 | #ReappropriateReads

Just some light poolside reading… My mom and I have never really had the kind of relationship where we talked extensively about politics. However, one of my earliest and most valuable political lessons came from my mother. My mom grew up...more

Why is the New York Times Rendering the Suicide Deaths of Asian American Students Invisible?

This post was written with input and inspiration from Snoopy. Yesterday, the...more

AAPI Civil Rights Groups File Amicus Brief Opposing Asian American Band “The Slants”

Asian American rock band, The Slants.It’s Asian vs. Asian, once again. Earlier this year, I profiled the Oregon-based Asian American rock band, “The Slants“, whose fight to trademark their name had gone all the way...more

BREAKING: Nan-Hui Jo Released From Federal Custody | #StandWithNanHui

Activists tell me that Nan-Hui Jo — the Korean survivor of domestic abuse who fled her abuser with her young daughter only to be arrested last year when she reentered the United States on a tourist visa and charged with child abduction — was released from federal detention pending possible deportation. After her first trial ended in a mistrial, Jo was convicted earlier this year and sentenced to time served, but was then immediately taken into ICE custody pending possible deportation. Korean American community activists and women’s rights workers joined forces over the last year, working tirelessly to deman Nan-Hui Jo’s release and restored access to her daughter, who is currently under full custody of her father and Jo’s abuser ....more

Federal Civil Rights Charges Filed in SWAT Raid That Maimed Baby

I wrote earlier this year about the story of Baby “Bou Bou” Phonesavanh, a toddler who was disfigured and permanently injured by a stun grenade that landed in his playpen during the execution of a “no-knock” raid on the house where he and his family were staying. In the end, police had raided the wrong house, seeking a suspected drug dealer later arrested without violence at his actual place of residence. Earlier in the year, I wrote about the bizarre defense filed by police in response to a lawsuit brought on behalf of Baby Bou Bou, wherein police argue that the toddler was the one at fault for his disfigurement ....more