How holistic review in college admissions works, and why we need it | #IAmNotYourWedge

Here’s a thought experiment: let’s say you need to buy a car. Now, let’s say you go to the car dealership, and your salesperson shows you several...more

Senate (finally) confirms Vivek Murthy, country’s first South Asian American Surgeon General

It only took the US Senate 13 months. Dr. Vivek Murthy was nominated by the Obama Administration in November 2013 to replace acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak, who held the position from July ...more

Why I’m refusing to consume the news from the #Sonyhack — and you should, too.

Aaron Sorkin, whose emails regarding his disinterest in making “Flash Boys” due to lack of awareness of Asian American movie stars, were released as part of last month’s hack of Sony Entertainment. This is going to be an unpopular opinion: I believe that consuming news obtained through the recent hack of Sony Entertainment is wrong, and I’m refusing to do it. Late last month, hackers calling themselves “Guardians of Peace” hacked Sony Entertainment servers and threw their findings online, launching the likes of...more

21 years later, it’s time for Mark Wahlberg to finally make that anti-racism PSA he promised us

The crotch-grab that launched a career. Last week, attention returned to Mark Wahlberg‘s 1988 attempted murder and contempt of court charges relating to a series of hate-related attacks targeting Vietnamese American and Black victims after the actor submitted a request to have his criminal record expunged. Yesterday, the...more

Mark Wahlberg’s victim clarifies the record & forgives actor – but is it enough?

In 1988, Mark Wahlberg plead guilty to assault for two related incidents wherein the actor attacked two Vietnamese American men while yelling anti-Asian slurs. As a teenager, Wahlberg spent 45 days in jail relating to the racialized assaults. Last week, the actor submitted a pardon request asking to have his criminal record expunged of that conviction ....more

Most AAPI actually DON’T think affirmative action hurts us in college admissions | #BlockBlum #IAmNotYourWedge

This is perhaps the most exciting and satisfying report of negative data I have ever read. Opponents have long argued that existing surveys showing broad support for race-conscious affirmative action...more

Man who beat Hmong American hunter Sao Vang charged with battery

Kevin Elberg, in his arrest photo. 43-year-old Kevin Elberg, a Wisconsin man who beat 64-year-old Sao Lue Vang on November 5th over a trespassing dispute,...more

Grand Jury considering indictment of Asian American cop in shooting death of unarmed Akai Gurley

Akai Gurley was killed November 20th by a single gunshot fired by rookie police officer Peter Liang (photo credit: Facebook) There was no indictment in the shooting death of unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown...more

Filipinos are underrepresented at most selective of UC campuses | #BlockBlum #IAmNotYourWedge

The question of how Asian Americans are impacted by affirmative action was a major topic of discussion earlier this year with the fight over SCA-5, and has returned with the filing by conservative partisan Edward Blum’s two lawsuits against Harvard and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill seeking to end affirmative action on the basis that it discriminates against Asian American applicants. The problem with Blum’s assertions are that he argues that the vast majority of Asian Americans oppose affirmative action (not true), and that all Asian Americans are currently directly disadvantaged by affirmative action policies (also not true). This latter point merits additional consideration: whereas Blum’s lawsuit treats Asian Americans as a monolithic group of high-achievers, the reality is that the AAPI community includes a broad range of Asian and Pacific Islander ethnic groups spanning a spectrum of income and educational opportunities ....more

Join me tomorrow for new podcast episode on online harassment vs free speech!

People are still receiving death threats in relation to GamerGate, and even non-profit charities are not immune to receiving them. In my last podcast episode, I suggested that we would be taking a break from the show until the new year. But, earlier last month, the Supreme Court began hearing a case with massive implications for those of us who operate online: SCOTUS is considering...more