Man arrested, charged with hate crime in anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh hit-and-run

Surveillance camera footage showing Sandeep Singh moments before he is struck and dragged by a white pick-up truck in Queens. Moments earlier, the driver of the truck had hurled a racial slur at Singh and his friend as they stood in the street. Earlier this month, I posted about the Queens-area hit-and-run of Sandeep Singh, a South Asian American man who was run over by the driver of the white pickup truck pictured above after a series of racial slurs were hurled in Singh’s direction ....more

Opera Providence mocks, threatens peaceful protest against RI yellowface production of #Mikado

Providence, Rhode Island residents protest Opera Providence’s recent yellowface staging of “The Mikado”. (Photo credit: Peter Glantz) Last month, a yellowface production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta “The Mikado” — put on by local Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society — sparked national controversy and a number of outraged articles....more

Lives Unlived & Dreams Undone: America’s Siege on Blackness | #Ferguson

Students at Howard University protest the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown by Ferguson PD. An unarmed teenager raises his hands above his head and pleads for his life. He is fatally gunned down by Ferguson police officers ....more

Awesome new header art for Reappropriate!

No, thine eyes do not deceive! Thanks to the incredibly talented Alison Roberts (who also happens to be my cousin), Reappropriate now has awesome new header art featuring vampire Jubilee! If you are as much in love with this Jubilee art as I am, you should definitely contact Alison for your own commission work! ...more

12 life lessons I learned from the incredible Robin Williams

By now, you’ve heard the news: yesterday, Robin Williams died of apparent suicide at the age of 63. Depression has claimed yet another beautiful soul, and left the world a little bit emptier of laughter. For myself as for many children of the 1980′s, Robin Williams — with his cheeky grin and seemingly boundless energy — shaped...more

Reappropriate: The Podcast – Ep. 3 | #AAPI and affirmative action

I’m excited to announce episode #3 of Reappropriate: The Podcast is now live! This week, I invite fellow blogger Byron Wong of

ACT NOW! Go (in-person or online) to Seattle Rep’s diversity townhall on 8/18, 6:30pm | #Mikado #SeattleAFAR

A photograph of Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s production of “The Mikado”. Yellowface and brownface seems to be all the rage these days. The Asian American blogosphere has been leading a vocal online conversation over the inappropriateness of yellowface in stage productions of “The Mikado”, prompted by this July 14th op-ed by Sharon Pian Chan; you can check out the wonderful guest-post by Sean Miura that was published on this site...more

After one month, here’s the “Butchers’ Bill” for the Gaza Conflict

Palestinians mourn the deaths of the Nigim family, killed in an airstrike in Jabaliya. Photo credit: Sergey Ponomarev / NY Times. After just over a month of fighting, a 72 hour cease-fire held through to the end of last week ....more

Obama advisor & director of WH Initiative on #AAPI shares family history of mental illness | #MentalHealth

The statistics on mental health in the Asian American community are staggering, if well-known to regular readers of this blog:...more

Comedy Central’s Drunk History on Sen. Daniel Inouye, starring Steve Yeun

The blog title speaks for itself, but in case you weren’t reading: an upcoming episode of...more