Status update: my library job has ended until next school year, my book is still a disaster, and I’ve somehow managed to gain more weight than I did while gestating a giant baby. Oh, and I had a huge, explosive fight with some of the people who abused and neglected me when I was a child, where I realized: they are never, ever going to get it, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. On the outset, life isn’t looking so hot ....more

Help Me Do A Thing?

Oh, hello there, darlings! I was just discussing navel gazing with Jesus H. Have you met him? ...more

I Seriously Review High Heels

A very serious review video. I also appear to have a double chin. I blame it on potato chip Nazis ....more

If Mary Was More Like A Regular Mom

“Oh, hey, you need to buy some flowers for the school Mass tomorrow. It’s for the crowning of Mary.” “What kind of flowers?” “Oh, anything. Carnations are cheap, so that should be fine.” “Oka–” “I mean, it’s not like Mary was the mother of God or anything ....more

Why Mean Words Hurt

Oh hey there. Hiiii! Hi ....more

Do It Wrong

Sachin is not going to make any mistakes. He’s going to be a trillionaire. One of the things that always stalled me from doing things I wanted to was the question I asked myself, “What if I’m doing it wrong?” This didn’t just apply to school assignments or writing lecture notes or a resume or a job, but my haircut and my clothes and my house decorating skills and my parenting....more

Full Blast

I would like to state for the record something very, very uninteresting: I have absolutely nothing to blog about anymore, and that’s why this space remains old and musty. These are the things I have been doing with my time: renovating a bathroom, working in a library, writing a new book, reading, occasionally watching clips from old episodes of...more

Chapter Book Suggestions for Early Elementary Kids

This is a list of books that many, many kids I know, ages 5-8,, love. Caveat: Most of these are based on...more

Books I’ve Liked Lately

Don’t ask me when I lasted updated this section of the blog (poor neglected blog!), but I have some serious control issues with your reading interests, meaning YOU NEED TO READ THESE BOOKS. (Also, wow do I have…eclectic…tastes.) Tell the Wolves I’m Home It’s 1987 and June’s beloved uncle just died of AIDS, and it turns out he had a few secrets. I could tell you more, but it will be better if I don’t ....more

Treating Depression Like an Illness

I will readily admit something to you: until recently, I did not treat my very own depression and anxiety like a chronic disease. Instead, I looked at it as a personal character flaw, despite the overwhelming evidence that it was a genetic disposition: e.g., family members present similar problems, these symptoms presented themselves right at adolescence when I got my first period, I have tried dozens of nonmedical treatments and they have not worked long-term. Etc ....more