How to Be Awesomer: Stop Believing Everything You Think

My partner forwarded this TedTalk video to me today, Why Aren't We Awesomer featuring Michael Neill....more

Because It's No One Else's Job to Put Me First

Since I have committed to blogging daily for the month of July (connecting with #NaBloPoMo and #BlogBoost), I see this as an opportunity to jot down some of the sticky notes that hang out on the walls of my mind. The notion of "Putting Myself First" used to be a scary "no no" of an idea, but it is gaining more and more traction....more
This is great! Nothing and nobody is going to make you happy, unless you are happy on the inside ...more

How Do You Want to Feel? Vacation Edition.

Do you go on vacation to escape the pressures of everyday living? Do you go on vacation to be restored in any manner? Do you go on vacation to re-connect with parts of yourself that take second position more often than not? What if you went on vacation to experience the energy of the place as much or more than the visuals of the place?...more

What do you want to tell advertising companies?

I've been asked to speak at the Hawaii Advertising Federation annual "university" ( this coming January, 24, 2008. Since I want to evangelize about new and social media, I'll be using our blog to start connecting with the members as well as asking for input from others of you who have opinions and recommendations. Comment where you like though I would love to demonstrate to my upcoming audience the value of blog comments over at my original post: ...more

Walk the Beach with Rox

Hello Blogher's, I have recently joined. Love the activity here! I have a daily video blog, Beach Walks with Rox, and hope you will join me and my dog Lexi as we talk about life - business, relationships, technology, and Hawaii. My goal is to share the spirit of aloha and create new perspectives on so many of those things in life where we default to "auto-pilot." ...more

Very creative and fun. Thanks for sharing it and welcome :o)more