Christie and Kennedy: Strange Bedfellows on Addiction

November 6, 2015...more

The Wide Open Country that I Love

I’ve been thinking about Cole Porter all day.  Porter was born in Peru, Indiana, in a wealthy family. His father was a druggist and his mother heir to a fortune from her businessman father.  Porter showed an early affinity for music and left Indiana for boarding school in Massachusetts and attended college at Yale....more

The Wedding

The Raven Lunatic, July 6, 2015 — We anticipated the family wedding for months.  Our great-nephew was engaged to a beautiful girl from Cincinnati and we “saved the date” for nearly two years.We are a small family; our son is five months younger than our great-nephew.  We’ve shared many family occasions,  and wouldn’t miss this wedding for anything. Our son flew in from the East Coast with his girlfriend....more

The Pose of the Sideways Cat

Thirty-some years ago my friend Christine and I were thrown out of our first yoga class at the University of South Florida.  We giggled like six-year-olds and the instructor was not amused.At the encouragement of friends and seeking relief from a stressful job, tonight I started the practice of yoga.  You know that whole journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, or in this case, a single downward dog....more

And the livin' is easy

Driving home from work for lunch I noticed a billboard for the county 4-H fair.  How can it be that time already?  How can summer be almost over when it just began?  Is it a phenomenon of aging that time seems to move faster and faster?When I was a child, we could not wait for school to be out.  When I was very small, the end of school meant the opening of Lancaster’s Pool, our neighborhood swimming hole.  School dismissed before Memorial Day, and mornings and evenings were still cool as days soon heated up....more

Tips for Going Back to Work After a Long Hiatus

Five years ago, my Fortune 500 company "retired" me along with half its sales force.  While I had a brief period of employment in a lower-level position, I did a variety of other things. I helped my father take care of my dying mother, I volunteered at church and for a rehabilitation facility, and I took contract writing jobs.  From the age of 23 until  I lost my job, I had worked consistently in high-pressure, high-activity marketing jobs, and this five-year period was completely different.  And frankly, delightful....more
Thank you for sharing these great tips! I am going back to full time work in 3 weeks, after a ...more

"All the time you have, is all the time you have"

Imagine if someone gave you a five-year block  and said, “You can do whatever you want.” What would you do?I’m moving into a new phase of my life, having completed five years during which I did whatever I wanted to do, including running my own consulting business, community volunteering, and the occasional mid-afternoon nap. Next week I start a new full-time job with a wonderful health provider.Five years ago, I could not have imagined what I’ve enjoyed....more

Why I'm the Keeper of the Family Pictures

 By default, I’m the keeper of family junk that nobody else wants—boxes of  Kodak Brownie snapshots from my grandparent’s 1938 driving trip to Colorado, 35 mm slides of my brother and I everywhere from Yellowstone to Cape Cod, hundreds of photos of our own child, and stacks of fading portraits from different generations....more

Puppy Bowl, Kitten Bowl and Other Big Game Alternatives

Sunday is the big game, and many Americans are excited about the players, the game, Peyton Manning, buffalo wings, chili con queso, the frigid weather, and the commercials.  Show of hands here? Am I the only person in the world who could give a rat’s patootie about the NFL Super Bowl game? I speak blasphemously, but the only thing I care less about than the NFL is college football.  (There’s a backstory here that involves years of Big Ten rivalries, cold weather, insane over-the-top fans, but I’ll leave that for another day.) ...more

Why Kids Should Eat in Restaurants, Just Maybe Not Alinea

Alinea chef Grant Achatz stirred up a lot of controversy, with his tweet about a crying baby. Do you think babies should be at a Michelin-starred restaurant?...more
There are some very good points below, but some of these points I have to wonder.  Who said the ...more