Do You Take Facebook Quizzes? You May Want to Rethink That...

Earlier this week I took a Facebook quiz to find out my IQ. My results were astounding. I scored higher than Nicholas Tesla, somewhere in the range of 170. But... I'm a teacher's kid, and I was frequently tested as a child. I know that my IQ is nowhere near 170. I think the quiz was reporting my seventh grade weight. Now here's the thing. The fact that I took this stupid quiz makes me think my IQ might be half to a third of what Tesla's was. You would guess I would see the irony in this. Taking a Facebook quiz is like filling your car with gas, making sure the oil is full, and offering the keys to the guy who just robbed the bank. Sure, go ahead, take a good look at my personal information. Of course, I'm as smart as Tesla. ...more

The Day My Music Died

 February 1, 2016 -- Tonight my adult son is going to hear MUSE in concert in the District of Columbia where he lives.  He is extremely excited about the event.  He posted a video called "Bliss."  I want to share his enthusiasm; I know he's tried to get tickets for past concerts and failed....more

Old-Timey Remembrances of Blizzards Past

 O, that that earth, which kept the world in awe,...more

The 7-Day No Complaint Challenge

 January 16, 2016 -- I'm a world-class complainer,  one who has hoisted a  trophy for kvetching and donned the medal around my neck for my lamentations. ...more

When I Win the Powerball

January 8, 2016 — Tomorrow night is a big evening at our house when I win the Powerball. I have not purchased a ticket of my own.  But, my Beloved has, and Indiana is a community property state....more
leshandler  Hi, Leslie!more

Guidance in the new year -- an epiphany

 January 3, 2016 — One weekend day a month I travel to Emergency Rooms at outlying hospitals for my job. I work for an addiction and mental health treatment hospital. My Department is a liaison between those who refer patients and the hospital’s intake team....more

Does the Lexus SUV in front of you need your gift?

This morning I drove to Starbucks to pick up coffee for us. The car ahead of me -- a light blue Mustang -- paid for our order. What a sweet and lovely gesture for the first day of the year.This is a frequent practice.  Once and sometimes twice a week,  people ahead of me buy my coffee....more

Christie and Kennedy: Strange Bedfellows on Addiction

November 6, 2015...more

The Wide Open Country that I Love

I’ve been thinking about Cole Porter all day.  Porter was born in Peru, Indiana, in a wealthy family. His father was a druggist and his mother heir to a fortune from her businessman father.  Porter showed an early affinity for music and left Indiana for boarding school in Massachusetts and attended college at Yale....more

The Wedding

The Raven Lunatic, July 6, 2015 — We anticipated the family wedding for months.  Our great-nephew was engaged to a beautiful girl from Cincinnati and we “saved the date” for nearly two years.We are a small family; our son is five months younger than our great-nephew.  We’ve shared many family occasions,  and wouldn’t miss this wedding for anything. Our son flew in from the East Coast with his girlfriend....more