3 Ways to Improve Your Child's Fundraising

This week I’ve been approached to support a children’s dance class, a high school mission trip, a college sports trip, an elementary soccer league, and a private school fundraiser....more

Silence, the Last Commodity

 From Wikicommons, public domainPerhaps the planet Mercury in retrograde is the reason today is not a good day. Or, perhaps it is the more prevalent and less cosmic force “Shit Happens.”...more

Why We Don't Leave Home

 There’s an old expression, “You need to get out more.” It’s good for us to travel and experience new things, but some of us have more trouble coping with the outside world.  Years ago, we went to a Barry Manilow concert. (I know, I am quite ashamed to admit it, but give me a break, I was a teenager in the 1970s. “Weekend in New England” was the romantic torch song of the era.) I purchased advance tickets and shoved them into my suitcase of a purse. ...more

The Legacy of Erma Bombeck

 Courtesy Erma Bombeck Archives, University of Dayton...more

I am Mrs. Olson's Love Child

 My husband is the Love of My Life. But high on the list is coffee....more
I love my morning coffe just as much, but for me it eases me into my day. The aroma awakens my ...more

Authentic Frontier Jibberish

 March 28, 2016 —  I mistakenly referred to a calculator as an adding machine at work.  Everyone burst into raucous laughter, followed by taunts about my age. Senior moment?  Or generic brain fart?”...more

Trump Supporters: Who Are You?

Who are you, Trump supporter? I only know two of you.  And I live in rural Indiana, so I know you are out there.  Granted, I don’t bring up politics unless I’m around close friends.  And not even around some of you....more
Love it! I've wondered the same thing so many times.more

How to Sell Your Book with Facebook Ads

Half the battle in writing and other artistic pursuits is promotion. But who has the time? Like many creative people, I have a day job to support my addictive writing habit. But you know what? Facebook ads are a viable outlet for a promoting creative work on a small budget. ...more

Do You Take Facebook Quizzes?

Earlier this week I took a Facebook quiz to find out my IQ. My results were astounding. I scored higher than Nicholas Tesla, somewhere in the range of 170. But... I'm a teacher's kid, and I was frequently tested as a child. I know that my IQ is nowhere near 170. I think the quiz was reporting my seventh grade weight. Now here's the thing. The fact that I took this stupid quiz makes me think my IQ might be half to a third of what Tesla's was. You would guess I would see the irony in this. Taking a Facebook quiz is like filling your car with gas, making sure the oil is full, and offering the keys to the guy who just robbed the bank. Sure, go ahead, take a good look at my personal information. Of course, I'm as smart as Tesla. ...more

The Day My Music Died

 February 1, 2016 -- Tonight my adult son is going to hear MUSE in concert in the District of Columbia where he lives.  He is extremely excited about the event.  He posted a video called "Bliss."  I want to share his enthusiasm; I know he's tried to get tickets for past concerts and failed....more