the motherhood days we don’t talk about that much but we should

read -> Why Being a Mom is Enough For more reminders about why motherhood matters check out my my dear mom letter ebook - it’s full of letters reminding you why you matter and why you’re not failing and honestly, why mothers are absolutely amazing. I’d love to have you join our community of real […] The post the motherhood days we don’t talk about that much but we should appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

10 Things to NOT do this Holiday Season (and the one thing to do)

1. Stress that you’re getting the very best deal. Let’s face it – there will always be one more deal, one more thing cheaper, and more options ....more

i hope you understand

(a letter, really) but sometimes I just need to stand up for me. I’ve been the girl that will do, say, help, volunteer, smile, help, and never every want to ruffle a feather. Ever ....more

dear target, we all love you.

I know. You’re thinking that you’re just a retailer who happened to choose a logo that looks like a bullseye that is the most perfect shade of red ever. And I know, you went through that phase with the Bullseye dog ....more

i always wanted…but then life happened

I always wanted to be the kind of mom who made the coolest lunches for her kids and put them in fancy lunch boxes and included a hand written note for them. But, truthfully, I’m just not. I’m okay with being the mom that gets up at 6:50 am and races to pack a lunch […] The post i always wanted…but then life happened appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

eleven things we forget to thank moms for

These are the things (and driving them to school counts). 1. ...more

“i’m just not enough”

…for who? ...more

Is this What I Signed Up For?

I used to be terrified of vomit. I know. How is that for an opening line? ...more

The 36 Rules of Dinner

These are the rules shared to me by my good friend and business partner Dan R Morris. Today I’m super thankful to share (with permission) his rules of dinner, which, by the way, are universal parenting laws of dinner. Because let me tell you ....more

moving on. why really living means letting go.

I read a post on Single Dad Laughing today that made me stop in my tracks. Like cold stop, heart beating, palms sweating just a bit stop in your tracks. He was so real ....more