you just might be doing better than you think…

He’s eight now. And he’s awesome, really. Sometimes I don’t realize it as much as I should realize it ....more

about the mom day where i had enough

Sometimes we have to do things in life that we don’t like so that we become better. That’s what I blurted out to my eight year old son Elijah as he grumbled and slammed a piece of paper on the table because I was making him write out his spelling words four times. Mind you, […] The post about the mom day where i had enough appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

to the mom who needs a friend

I understand that need. Sometimes motherhood seems so lonely. Like everyone has it all together and we’re the only ones who need someone to just say that it will be okay ....more

i love being a mom, but….

I think I read that phrase at least a dozen times a day. I love being a mom, but there are times where I am just going crazy. I love being a mom, but I just want a moment to myself ....more

when your mom story feels small

I have a friend who has the most fantastic stories and life adventures. It seems as if for every update there’s a story and a parallel and something experienced. It’s pretty cool – I’ve never met anyone with the depth of life like that and so many unbelievable journeys and travels and things given to […] The post when your mom story feels small appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

The Joy of Coloring Pages: Mom Deserves a Break Too

Take time for yourself. I don’t know the number of times I’ve been told that I need to do that in this life of mine. It seems like the go-to answer and is something that I’ve written – about the no guilt and the need to take time ....more

the day I realized I needed to snap out of it

It was today. A really beautiful fall day. And in fact, if you peeked through the curtains of my home you’d think that I had it pretty much together ....more

why do we dismiss our awesome as moms?

How many times do we dismiss all we do as moms? How many times are we too hard on ourselves? How many times do we think we’re just a mom? ...more

for the failing mom days

Sometimes people will tell me I’m an awesome mom. They’ll tell me I’m cool and fun and so loving to my kids. They’ll tell me about how great my kids are and that I do so well ....more

Patience: Is this all I get?

Patience. I don’t know how much patience we are each allotted. There are times when I’m really proud of myself and other times where I think I got snippy too quickly ....more