to the mom who just wants to feel appreciated

Don’t you care? Those were the words I said to my boys sitting at the kitchen table this afternoon. My awesome boys, who were just kids, who happened to leave some popsicle wrappers out and a popsicle melted and the kitchen that was clean 90 minutes prior now looked like it needed to be on […] The post to the mom who just wants to feel appreciated appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

my joy today

Today was one of those days with tears hidden behind the eyes. I’m kidding. It’s really one of those days where the tears tumble as quickly as I mention that there are tears there ....more

why there are no silver medals in motherhood

What happened? There are days when the temp is high and humid and I look around at life and I just want to whisper to someone what happened? How did this become my life? ...more

the social media pause we all have

I’ve noticed something about social media. In some ways it’s as if this layer of kindness was stripped away and the fact that we’re answering on the computer or on our phones has given permission for responses to made without as much tact or kindness or understanding. There’s this icky form of judgment, in way ....more

the day my toddler fell from the window

I’ve never written about this day. Sure, I’ve talked about it often. I’ve spoken in front of moms groups or chatted with other moms and dads about that late June day in 2007 ....more

Happy Mom Secrets 3: What did you get done today?

Honestly. This is the best explanation of why us moms seemingly get nothing done. Except, as you’ll see, we’re working all ....more

100 Years of Fashion. Which would you choose?

Sometimes I just run across cool videos that I want to share. Like this: I think I love it because it shows such a glimpse into culture and expectations and identity and all of that. I laughed at the eighties one – and then I remembered ....more

what doing a good job in motherhood really looks like

Sometimes at night I will look in the mirror and give myself an “F” for my day of mothering. Well, maybe a “D” and rarely a “C” and even more rarely one of those high grades that I always seemed to get in school but rarely bestow on myself now. Like today ....more

why you are worth more than “I’m fine”

I know. I’m fine. I utter it to myself and to others all the time ....more

20 Mom Things I Wish I Had Done More Of

1. Compared Less. ...more