what does mom mean?

You are uniquely beautiful, my friends. Watch. It’s extraordinary ....more

i see a fighter

$3.49 $4.30 $6.15 $9.01 $9.89 $10.90 $12.32 That was how I used to shop for groceries. Every single item counted. Calculated ....more

“treat everybody like today is their birthday. . . “

For those days when you feel like you don’t make a difference. For those days when you feel alone. For those days when you wonder about this journey called life ....more

would you choose to call yourself beautiful?

How do you see you? As a woman? A mother? ...more

the no guilt holiday mantra for moms

(just because sometimes, well sometimes those holidays bring guilt.) Easter is three days away. I go into Target and it’s like Christmas there now. Toys and candy and presents and flowers and stuff everywhere ....more

to the always giving and exhausted mom

I think I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be not tired. I listen to my children complain about having to go to bed and I just laugh inside. Until the nights where I’ll utter words like someday going to bed and getting sleep will be a favorite thing ....more

the love no one sees

The other day I watched this unbelievably poignant video about a husband caring for his wife who was going blind. I don’t think it’s possible to watch it without tearing up. So get your tissues now because you will need them ....more

the fruit cup wars of motherhood

The other day I posted a silly video of me making a plea to fruit cup manufacturers about not filling the fruit cups to the tops with juice all the way because it makes a mess. You know. That mess ....more

dear mom who has had enough

So I’ll just tell you all that this is a morning where the tears are behind the eyes. It’s just life. Sometimes when it rains the flood gates open and it doesn’t even pour normally but appears to dump buckets on your head ....more

all i want is sleep

I don’t think before I had kids I understood the desiring sleep thing. Sleep. That beautiful elusive five letter thing of joy that doesn’t seem to exist much in motherhood ....more