the day I realized I needed to snap out of it

It was today. A really beautiful fall day. And in fact, if you peeked through the curtains of my home you’d think that I had it pretty much together ....more

why do we dismiss our awesome as moms?

How many times do we dismiss all we do as moms? How many times are we too hard on ourselves? How many times do we think we’re just a mom? ...more

for the failing mom days

Sometimes people will tell me I’m an awesome mom. They’ll tell me I’m cool and fun and so loving to my kids. They’ll tell me about how great my kids are and that I do so well ....more

Patience: Is this all I get?

Patience. I don’t know how much patience we are each allotted. There are times when I’m really proud of myself and other times where I think I got snippy too quickly ....more

this is not another “dear mom you’re awesome” letter

Instead, it’s about the simple power of you showing up. Worst day ever. Worst day ever ....more

i was the mom crying in the pick up line

That was me. Not the simple brush away a tear kind of cry, but the full fledge tears streaming down my face kind of cry where people look at you and nod with empathy and pat your back. Yeah ....more

i am a mom

I am a mom. Sometimes my home is messy and there are dishes in my sink. Sometimes I look at my kids and want to throw up my hands in the air and to scream enough when deep deep down I simply need to know how much of that enough I really am inside ....more

i just want to be the amazing mom

Sometimes I’m so tired of finding the joy all the time. I’m tired of the schemes and gimmicks and posts and rah rah rah moments that are supposed to be the joy inducing things in life but then morning comes and the alarm goes off and the kids cry mom and the last thing in […] The post i just want to be the amazing mom appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

“never order a salad from a truck stop”

It’s interesting to think of all the wisdom I could give my younger self. Dear 39 year old, Don’t think 40 will be the end of the world. You’ll make it through ....more

the seven happy mom rules

We’re talking about some rules tonight. We’re talking about being a happy mom. And it’s not going to be about doing a whole bunch of stuff that is going to leave you sitting in the bathroom behind the door with tears in your eyes and the kids go crazy and you thinking I can’t handle […] The post the seven happy mom rules appeared first on Finding Joy ....more