Need a laugh? These #momtexts are the best.

Oh my word. I love Jimmy Fallon. Like he makes me laugh all the time ....more

to the mom who has yelled

First, listen, this is a safe space. There’s no judging if you’ve yelled at your kids. I can’t judge ....more

when mother’s day hurts just a bit

Some talk about Mother’s Day. I’m going to be real. I know Mother’s Day hurts for some of you and that you kind of actually look forward to the day after when you can put that big red x on the calendar and call Mother’s Day done ....more

you are doing better…

…than you often think. For real. Watch this… When you think you are doing a seven…you probably are doing a ten… You have taught me to stay positive ....more

to the world changers

To the world changers, the next generation, the ones that look at us and call us “mom”, the ones that stumble and fall and want to do good, the ones that we battle with, the ones that we love unconditionally, the ones that just need to hear the words of truth.. So you see, there’s […] The post to the world changers appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

please don’t tell me I’m strong when I’m in the midst of one of those motherhood days

Please don’t tell me I’m strong when I’m in the midst of one of ...more

what does mom mean?

You are uniquely beautiful, my friends. Watch. It’s extraordinary ....more

i see a fighter

$3.49 $4.30 $6.15 $9.01 $9.89 $10.90 $12.32 That was how I used to shop for groceries. Every single item counted. Calculated ....more

“treat everybody like today is their birthday. . . “

For those days when you feel like you don’t make a difference. For those days when you feel alone. For those days when you wonder about this journey called life ....more

would you choose to call yourself beautiful?

How do you see you? As a woman? A mother? ...more