releasing the pressure of perfect

My alarm, that blasted thing on my iPhone, rang at 6:15 am. My kids can mimic the sound that it makes – perhaps because I tend to hit snooze again and again until the snooze cards run out. This morning, I rolled over, and thought to myself today is the day where I can only […] The post releasing the pressure of perfect appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

Ten Facts About When Moms Get Sick

So I might be just a wee bit under the weather. Now, when moms say they’re just a tad under the weather the rest of the world would be under the covers, begging for soup, and attempting to fight of intense chills while chugging a combo of Nyquil and Dayquil at appropriate hours. Okay ....more

on being a single mom

Sometimes I wish I could just talk freely about what it is like to be a single parent. I don’t like to. I like to hide, honestly, behind the cloak of busy ....more

i’m a good mom, right?

Tell me I’m not alone in wondering that. Tell me I’m not the only one who stands in the bathroom and looks in the mirror with tears in her eyes and has that moment of doubt and wonder and worry. I just want to be a good mom ....more

“the worry. . . no one understands the worry.”

That’s what nobody gets…....more

the most beautiful words ever spoken about moms

Just watch. But have some kleenex by you. Not just some, but a bunch ....more

100 Things Moms Can Stop Apologizing For

Ready? Here you go: 1. Having a messy house. 2 ....more

the two words moms should tell each other

Me too. The other day a friend of mine uttered those little and yet big and profound words to me after I told her about how I had this overwhelming and yet normal but for some reason yet crazy daunting day. Instead of coming up with the solution she simply whispered those two simple sweet […] The post the two words moms should tell each other appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

the happy mom pledge

Repeat after me. (and if you have little kids it might take a couple tries simply because you don’t get much quiet.) I will know that I make a difference....more

the mom days when the tears fall

On Tuesday I cried for I don’t know what reason why. Well, I busted the keyboard on the netbook computer that I saved up to buy my kids for Christmas. I mean, it’s a thing, yes, but I had saved and saved and saved and this was a huge thing for me to get for […] The post the mom days when the tears fall appeared first on Finding Joy ....more