a good failing giving and yet enough mom

This morning after I dropped my kids off at school I drove home, pulled into my driveway and just sat in my van staring out the window wondering what in the world was going on in my life. I feel like I’m a good mom. Most of the times ....more

words about those vitamins, snacks, checklists, frozen meals, and all the other questions that make you go slightly crazy in motherhood.

I read this Facebook post about this mom spending 45 minutes attempting to determine what vitamins her kids needed and finding out she would spend upwards of a $100 on vitamins. Her post went viral. And rightfully so ....more

breaking the silence of parenting alone

I told myself I wouldn’t write about this struggle. It felt too personal, too vulnerable and too open, I guess. I didn’t really want to expose that part of my life ....more

to the mom who feels like she’s not good enough

That’s me today, in case you were wondering. I’m kind of sitting here with eyes welled up with tears and a counter of dishes to be cleared and laundry folded and a whole bunch of work to accomplish and my weary mom heart racing. But more than that it’s that weight inside – that heavy […] The post to the mom who feels like she’s not good enough appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

because of love

Because of love. I have days that go in a circle. I feel like I get nothing done ....more

dear snapchat – a word about that “beauty” filter

Dear Snapchat — a word about that “Beauty” Filter. We’re going to talk about the “Beauty” filter that’s on your app. Yeah, that filter ....more

to all the mommas with littles still at home

This is really important. I mean super important, and I know you’ll hear it, but you need to stop, just for a second (catch your breath) and read these words. Please please please do not compare your home, your schedule, your crazy with any of us mommas whose littlest one is in school ....more

when it’s just you writing the parenting story

I was pushing my cart in Target. It was one of those overflowing back to school kind of carts. The carts with the 48 count of pencils, three ring binders at $3.49 a piece because the cheap ones are out because you waited so long, with the looseleaf paper and shoes and some socks and […] The post when it’s just you writing the parenting story appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

how to be brave

Some words about bravery. ...more

why you need to rewrite your “failing” mom list

So you think you’ve messed up motherhood? Have a list of things that you’ve done wrong? Places you want a do-over? ...more