why I didn’t want to pull up my bootstraps anymore

Who thought of that expression? That and plow through it, keep on keeping on, not quitting the fight, and and on. I start to wonder if they’ve really experienced all those things to begin with ....more

seeing the positive in yourself (from me, the classic over-reactor)

This is me. #blushing Scenario 1: Woman at Target looks at me with a strange look. My Response Internally: What is it about me? ...more

five truths for imperfect moms who love their kids fiercely

Tonight I cried outside on a deck 914 miles from my house. I cried because I missed my kids open house for first and third grade. I missed it because I was working ....more

Day 15: It’s all about You. #findingjoy challenge

(if you’re wondering where days 9,10,11,12,13, and 14 are — well, they’ll be coming — let’s just say life got a bit busy. Wait. Super busy ....more

15 Things That Don’t Define Motherhood – and the One Thing That Matters

For real. Don’t let these fifteen things take away from your awesomeness. Enjoy ....more

Day 6: The Amazing Impact of Others. #findingjoy

Can you believe we are already to Day 6 of this challenge? Day 6 of deliberately living a life where we look for joy. Day 6 of seeing our awesome ....more

Day 4: I am Worth It. (because yes, you are). #findingjoy

Today it’s about letting go. It’s about letting go of all of those things that hold you back. It’s about letting go of the fears, the worries, the angst, and the self-talk that sometimes defines you without all the awesome that you really are in your everyday ....more

Day 1: I am Enough #findingjoy challenge

You know how a house has to have a foundation? The foundation for this entire challenge – for finding joy and living a life filled with more hope, joy, happiness, and less worry, angst, and those nights wondering if we measure up – well, the foundation is first of all knowing in our hearts that […] The post Day 1: I am Enough #findingjoy challenge appeared first on finding joy ....more

the first (and limited edition) finding joy teeshirt is here!

Last week, on Facebook, I posted this simple and fun question for our awesome, and I mean encouraging real mom kind of awesome, ...more

why time is more important than stuff

The other day I received a sweet comment from a mom who wished she was able to purchase extra things for her kids and then wrestling with this feeling about not being able to give her kids what she thought they needed and deserved – when she couldn’t budget it in. Well, first of all […] The post why time is more important than stuff appeared first on finding joy ....more