Mushroom Umbrella Tutorial!

Rain or shine, my family ALWAYS has an umbrella handy....more

Grandparents Day Coasters

Put your budding artists to work on some textile designs then whip up a batch of these patchwork coasters. They make fab gifts for Grandparents Day (Sept 7th) as well as fun birthday, thank you, and holiday gifts! P.S. Toddler-friendly! Read my full tutorial on the eHow craft blog: The post Grandparents Day Coasters appeared first on Radmegan ....more

Picnic Blanket with a Twist!

Savor those last few days of summer with this easy-to-make, fun-to-use picnic blanket that doubles as a Twister board. Step-by-step instructions on the eHow Craft blog! The post Picnic Blanket with a Twist! ...more

Catching up!

I’ve managed to post new projects ...more

Felt Family! Soft Book! Stenciled Shoes! Knitting Forks!

Have you seen my latest posts over at eHow? Between chasing after a VERY active toddler and managing several freelance projects, I’ve barely had time to check in and share. Going on vacation and need a craft for your bored back-seat passengers? ...more

Blogging for eHow & Constellation Camp-Out Maps

I’m super excited to announce that I’m an eHow blogger now! I’ve always loved crafting with kids, so I am extra super stoked that kid crafts are my area of focus. If you are interested in seeing what I’m working on, please visit my author profile page at:...more

The Last Onesie

Baby boy, sunshine of my life, you are killing it with this whole “adorable toddler thing.” Your word count is up to “Mama, Dada, Na-Ma (grandma), moon, moo (sounds similar to moon but happens only when a cow is visible) no, nose (again, a similar sounds but is accompanied by a baby-sized index finger in […] The post The Last Onesie appeared first on Radmegan ....more

Why you need the Summer 2014 Issue of Kids Crafts 123!

Hey gang! I’m all over the current issue of Kids Crafts 123! If you love America, crafts and/or kids, you should for sure pick up an issue ....more

Cut Fruit Paper Maché Bowls for Kids Crafts 123

This month has been bananas! I have so many projects to share with you, and so little time to get them up on the blog. Before the current issue of Kids Crafts 123 is replaced by the next one, I wanted to share my paper maché fruit bowls with you and encourage you to pick […] The post Cut Fruit Paper Maché Bowls for Kids Crafts 123 appeared first on Radmegan ....more

This One Goes to Eleven: A Boy & His Onesie

My dear sweet Lars, I wish I had thought to write little updates about you months and months ago, I’m sure there was always a lot to say about your development back in those early months, but now that you are one month shy of a year old, you seem to be growing and […] The post This One Goes to Eleven: A Boy & His Onesie appeared first on Radmegan ....more