Pineapple Lip Balm DIY for CreativeLive

Summer is slipping through our...more

Father’s Day Leather Craft Round-Up

Need ideas for Father’s Day? Craft up some useful leather projects that dad will never stop loving. Check out the round-up of essential leather projects...more

Diamonds and Pearls

I just wanted to say that I still miss Prince. I painted this for one of my dearest friends last night, while listening to D&P on repeat. And maybe weeping a little ....more

Duolingo Inspired Painting: Tilbake Til Svart

I’m rapidly approaching my 100th consecutive day studying Norwegian on the Duolingo app. I applaud whomever submits the sentences, phrases, song lyrics that end up as examples in my daily language lessons. I look forward to logging in everyday ....more

Knitting Fork Beer Coozy

I had the pleasure of teaching...more

Enamel Paint Emergency Tin Candle

Emergency candle + match sets are always a good idea to have around. Whether it’s a rolling brown-out (our air conditioner has been battling the 90+ weather all day), a zombie apocalypse, or impromptu camp-out, keeping a fire source handy is just part of being a good scout and prepared human being. I made these […] The post Enamel Paint Emergency Tin Candle appeared first on Radmegan ....more

Duolingo (and Meme) Inspired Painting: Katten Vet Hva Du Gjør

Remember the internet meme “Ceiling Cat“? I thought of him as soon as I saw the...more

DIY Enamel (Painted) Pins

So I’m off to Craftcation16 early in the morning, and with me, I’ve packed a batch of these DIY enamel (painted) pins. Enamel pins were ally the rage when I was (cough) youngER, and like all things, they have made a fashionable comeback. This hand-painted version doesn’t look exactly like the hard enamel pins, but […] The post DIY Enamel (Painted) Pins appeared first on Radmegan ....more

See You at Craftcation 2016

I’m so excited to be teaching at CRAFTCATION 2016 this year! It’s my FIFTH...more

Needle-Felting Fox VIDEO for eHow

A few days ago, I posted about my...more