The Young Sandwich Generation: Tips For Coping

I am a member of the sandwich generation. This is someone who is sandwiched in between two generations. They are busily raising their own children while at the same time caring for elderly parents....more

Finding Something To Be Grateful For Even When It's Hard

This week is proving to be very deeply and personally difficult for me. I am in the middle of helping to make some rather important decisions that will impact other people’s lives. People for whom I am responsible and care deeply for. And because of this, it feels like my fears, insecurities and self doubt are winning the war against my usual optimism and confidence....more

What I Learned The Month I Went Without a Cell Phone

Over a month ago my cell phone had a very unfortunate run in with a bottle of Gatorade. At first I was hopeful that my husband could fix it because he can pretty much fix anything. He suggested a treatment involving a bag of rice and complete submersion of my phone into said bag of rice. This treatment lasted for a week and I have to say that my first week sans cellphone was hard. ...more
J-MOM Nope, you are smart! Emails are the best for exactly that reason.more

How to Prepare Your Daughter for Menstruation

I remember the day my period started for the first time. I was 12 and other than hearing the vague and cryptic comments from my friends at school and an older sister who had shared a little bit about their own experiences with me, I was woefully unprepared. I have good parents whom I love dearly, but I think there was a whole generation of young girls who were as unprepared for this life event as I was, because menstruation wasn't something we talked about. ...more
QueenMomJen we talk a lot in the car too. I think it's almost like a non chat as we are focusing ...more

Why I Still Nurse My 2-Year-Old (Even Though I Don't Want To)

I am not a parenting expert, and I admit to looking cross-eyed at all the bloggers who profess that they are. Because, unless you have a specialized degree or MD behind your name, your opinions about parenting are just that, opinions. I do think, however, that the best way to learn is by doing. I have 4 children and although I do not have a degree in child psychology, nobody else in this world knows more about what makes each of my children tick than I do. ...more
ABeautifulwhim Beautifully said and I couldn't agree more! Hugs!more

A Discussion On God And Politics

We all know that we aren’t supposed to talk about God and politics, at least not together that is. The problem with this “prohibition” is that it contributes to the shenanigans that occur when people actually get around to discussing these 2 topics. In general they do a pretty bad job....more

9/11: My Story Of Love, Loss, and Finding Strength Through My Newborn

Fourteen years ago I became a mother. This is my shared story of love, loss, strength, and September 11th. Mostly it is the beginning of the story for My Little Fighter. Because there are many more stories yet to be written for her. ...more

Blogging Secrets Revealed!

Bloggers are known for their open, honest and realistic posts. We aren't afraid to look silly or to share some of our most heartfelt concerns and experiences. But bloggers also have secrets. Secrets we don't share. Until today that is. Because I am going to blow the lid right off some of those blogging and social media secrets you had no idea about! ...more
So true!! And hilarious!! Thank you for the smile! :)more

Five Reasons Why All Schools Should Have Uniforms

Three years ago our family moved to a new school district. I was considering home schooling my children because I wasn’t entirely enamored with our new school district. There was however, a free public/charter school that was within walking distance for our family, but the fact that the children were required to wear uniforms at this school was a big negative at the time to me. I felt like uniforms hampered personal style for the child and would just be a big bummer. After touring the school, my children and my husband and I were all impressed....more

Don’t Make These Five Blogging Mistakes

Because both the world of blogging and social media changes at almost lightning fast speeds, there is a pretty significant and continual learning cycle involved with blogging. I have been a blogger since 2012 and I know that I still learn something new everyday. There are quite a few things you can do to help your blog be successful, and back in May I wrote about some of the Secrets To Successful Blogging....more