Compassion Versus Being An A-Hole

This last week was a lot. It was the week of a traumatic event for my family, a horrific national mass shooting and a terrible tragedy involving a toddler at Disney World. Just when I felt overwhelmed by tragedy, more would follow. My emotions have been rubbed raw and I know I am not the only person who felt this same way....more

17 Thoughts I Have While Shopping For Swimsuits

I live in southern Arizona and it's already starting to warm up – during the summer months we can reach upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. So this means that very soon we will be scheduling as many water-centered activities as we possibly can. This week when I went to pull out last summer’s swimsuit, I realized it was looking bad. Like really bad. Unfortunately, this meant it was time to go swimsuit shopping....more
Till Soil Haha! I think that is what swimsuit shopping should be renamed as. I hereby dub it so ...more

Should You Start a Blog?

I have been asked many times by many people whether or not to start a blog for financial gain, and so here’s the truth. If you are asking me this question, my answer is going to be an unequivocal NO. No, you should not even contemplate starting a blog if you are on the fence and need to ask someone if it is worth it. If your plan is solely to make money, and not enjoy the act of writing. I clearly think that it IS worth it, but here are some things I also know. ...more
lorilovesparis I am sorry to hear about your job loss. That is no fun. There is definitely money ...more

10 Things Parents Never Want to Hear

At some point, every parent comes up with a laundry list of things that we just do not want to hear, see or have to deal with. Unfortunately, because we are parents we do not usually get to decide if we ultimately can adhere to that laundry list. So today in an effort to promote parenting solidarity here are 10 things you do not want to hear, but because you are a parent more than likely will. You do not want to have your child's teacher ask if they can have a word alone with you. Like ever. ...more

How To Stop Caring What People Think About You

Recently I wrote a post about 5 things you can do right now to be more happy. It seemed to really resonate with quite a few readers. One of the points I included in the post that would help each of us to be more happy was to stop caring what other people think about us. Quite a few of you shared that doing that is quite a challenge. I hear you. I have a big heart and really care about people and sometimes that has morphed into the ugly beast of worrying too much about what others think about me....more

How Texting Brought Me Closer to My Daughter

There are many horror stories about the damage that can come from poorly timed and inappropriately made cell phone texts. Especially by teenagers. I admit that all of these stories affected me and were a big motivator in the reason for why I waited quite a while to get my own teenage daughter her first cell phone. This past Christmas however my husband and I decided it was time. I did not expect that her getting a cell phone and being able to text would bring us closer together. ...more
Thank you! Really took this to heart. I'm so afraid of the news about tech and kids and their ...more

Ten Rookie Parenting Mistakes To Avoid

Dumb Teens, Racism & Social Media

Something happened in my home state of Arizona this week. You may have already seen the viral photo of six High School seniors with a racial slur. Image Credit: Yolanda Sun, In case you missed it, here it is:...more
QueenMomJen You're welcome! And Congratulations again!!!more

How The Expectation Of Trying To “Have It All” Is Hurting Us All

I am almost 40 years old, and with my age comes at least a little wisdom; wisdom I wish I had possessed many years before this point in order to save myself much needless heartache....more