How You Choose To Fight Is Important

Social media has been buzzing this week because of a recently released video of “Potty Mouth Princesses”. If you haven’t seen the video it features little girls dressed as princesses saying the “F “word for feminism. At least that is what the title and description of the video says....more

Jack-O'-Lantern Pudding Cups

Check out the original post here!I love Halloween! I love the goop, the messiness and all of the fun this Holiday brings. During this time of year I try to involve my kids in as many fun crafts and cooking activities as I can. Here's a fun and simple little dessert idea you and your kids will both have fun making, Jack-O'- Lantern Pudding Cups!...more

Dear Blogger: You Are Totally Missing The Boat

You can read the original post here!...more
Great tips!  I joined Klout following this post.  I can see the score going up slow-ly.  I'm on ...more

Why You Should Be Concerned About What’s Happening at the Arizona Border

My recent visit to the Arizona-Mexico border showed me that the situation is not what I thought it was....more
RufflesAndRain There are quite a few roadwork construction projects going on and more in ...more

Why Are 1000 Children Being Detained in a Holding Facility in Arizona?

There is a story weighing heavily on my heart that I would like to share. I had other plans for posts to share with you, but as a mother I simply cannot ignore this story. It’s important and necessary to take notice of news like this, but let me warn you it is not pretty. I’m not sure that this news has really filtered out to the rest of America, but here in Arizona we are dealing with a humanitarian crisis and it involves children....more
"In a story Thursday on gang life in Honduras, the New York ...more

Sometimes Being A Mother Stinks

Yes, yes you did just read that right. ...more

The 10 Greatest Mullets of the 80's and 90's

Let's be honest, there was a lot of hairspray sold in the 80's and early 90's.  The volume was such that there is probably little doubt that serious damage was being done to the environme...more
Love the mullet post!!!!  I had the hugest, insane, can't-believe-it-generations-later crush on ...more

Three Important Do's & Dont's For Mommy Bloggers

You can visit my blog here.A few years ago I started blogging about the children's book my sister and I wrote together, The Practically Perfect Princess.  I have watched and learned quite a bit over the years and wanted to share some helpful blogging tips that I have picked up....more

Some Ways To Fool Your Kids On April Fool's Day

Come visit my blog so we can be friends!Next week we celebrate the time honored tradition of freaking people out as part of a National Holiday.  I have amassed some of the best the internet has to offer in the hopes of helping you craft your own April Fool's Day plans....more

Common Core? Lets Start With Common Sense!

This is nine-year-old Kamryn Renfro: ...more