Why I was an essential Oils SKEPTIC & what changed my mind!

Since the birth of my baby, I've been much more health conscious.  Now that I have a little one to care for, I'm thinking about things I never really gave much thought to previously....more

3 Things Husbands Want from Their Wives

I am constantly trying to improve my marriage. It is the most important earthly relationship that I can foster. So my question to Hubby recently was this: What are those things that husbands want wives to demonstrate or do more of. Am I demonstrating well those things husbands want from wives? Well his answer was....something that I will have to strive harder to do! It's those things that husbands want from wives that are not automatic....more

7 ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS for a new mother!

Nothing prepares a mother for motherhood like having a baby. On paper and in books it can seem doable, cut and dry, and almost easy. At least that's what I thought. And then I had a baby! And my world was upset! You hear about sleepless nights but it doesn't really sink in until you have them! You hear about the pains of recovering from childbirth but if you exercise it should be piece of cake....right? You hear that nursing your baby may be rough but you think that it will be easy for you because of all the books you've read! All of that was totally me!...more

Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway: HAPPY ENDINGS DIAPERS!

HappyEndings EcoDiapers are quickly becoming one of my favorite cloth diapers! Having heard another cloth diaper "YouTuber", Positively Mommy, spout these diapers' praises, I had to see for myself! And I was honestly very happily surprised!...more

What I Wish I Knew About Pregnancy - 7 Things You SHOULD KNOW!

As I write this post I'm one week away from my due date. I've almost completed this pregnancy journey! Woo hoo! It's been long and hard. As this was my first pregnancy, everything was new to me. I devoured books on the subject, but even those books couldn't prepare me for some pregnancy things! I hope these help you in your journey so you know more of what to expect....more

Environmental Awareness: Is It Just An Extremist Issue?

Having recently begun cloth diapering my new baby, I've become more conscious about the environment. One of the benefits of cloth diapering is that waste from his disposable diaper use is not filling landfills. Why is this a good thing? Because that waste slowly pollutes the earth and causes decay of our home - the earth. Caring for the environment is not only responsible but it's an extension of our love to God and care for our families....more

How To MINISTER to Expecting Mothers

Before I had the experience of being pregnant, I honestly knew nothing about how to help, treat or minister to pregnant women. I’d never been pregnant. I never really paid attention to those who were pregnant (what does that say about me! Oh my!) I just didn’t give it much thought. And then when I had the privilege to become a mother, I realized that pregnancy can be difficult. I realized that expecting mothers deserve to be treated with a bit more care and love....more

Halloween Party Ideas - food & decorations!

Halloween Party IdeasHere are some great ideas for your upcoming Halloween party or gathering! With decor, food and game ideas you'll have plenty of inspiration to put toward your Halloween festivities. The Halloween holiday will be here in about a  month so it's not too late to being organizing your thoughts toward this. I hope you glean some fun ideas here!...more

4 Ways to SUPPORT Your Husband - thoughts from HIS point of view!

Husbands have a lot on their plate. They work full time. They have home responsibilities. They take time with the kids. They fix the cars. They vacuum and cook when in a pinch. They wear many hats! They need just as much encouragement and support as we wives do - maybe even more!I asked my husband what he needs in the way of support. And these are his answers on how to support your husband!...more

DIY Paper Fan Craft - decor, party

As a result of flipping through a crafting magazine, I decided to make a paper fan accordion style! What I like about this diy craft is that it is easily customizable in color, pattern and size! It wasn't too difficult to make, especially after making the first one. I hope you try this for your next party....more