How To MINISTER to Expecting Mothers

Before I had the experience of being pregnant, I honestly knew nothing about how to help, treat or minister to pregnant women. I’d never been pregnant. I never really paid attention to those who were pregnant (what does that say about me! Oh my!) I just didn’t give it much thought. And then when I had the privilege to become a mother, I realized that pregnancy can be difficult. I realized that expecting mothers deserve to be treated with a bit more care and love....more

Halloween Party Ideas - food & decorations!

Halloween Party IdeasHere are some great ideas for your upcoming Halloween party or gathering! With decor, food and game ideas you'll have plenty of inspiration to put toward your Halloween festivities. The Halloween holiday will be here in about a  month so it's not too late to being organizing your thoughts toward this. I hope you glean some fun ideas here!...more

4 Ways to SUPPORT Your Husband - thoughts from HIS point of view!

Husbands have a lot on their plate. They work full time. They have home responsibilities. They take time with the kids. They fix the cars. They vacuum and cook when in a pinch. They wear many hats! They need just as much encouragement and support as we wives do - maybe even more!I asked my husband what he needs in the way of support. And these are his answers on how to support your husband!...more

DIY Paper Fan Craft - decor, party

As a result of flipping through a crafting magazine, I decided to make a paper fan accordion style! What I like about this diy craft is that it is easily customizable in color, pattern and size! It wasn't too difficult to make, especially after making the first one. I hope you try this for your next party....more

Fall Decor Ideas to help you jumpstart your creativity!

Needing some fall decor inspiration? Here are several ideas that should jump start your creative juices! Some are super easy and some are more involved, but all are fabulous! Scroll through and follow over to the original sites!...more

How to deal with DIFFICULT family members!

This post was written in a time of frustration and learning on my part. In response to the things I was learning and having to deal with difficult family members, I wrote this to be a help to others!Family is something that you cannot change and with whom you're stuck with for life (in a good way!) Knowing that, we must dedicate ourselves to learning how to interact and deal with family members. This is not always on easy task though....more

Organize your photos - 5 tips to save you from disorganization!

Photos are a great way to document events, families and lives. But if you can't access or even find the photos, then having all of those photos do you no good! Check out these tips for organizing photos and even some helpful scrapbooking tips at the end!...more

9 Ways to Comfort Others!

When was the last time you sought an opportunity to comfort someone in need? Most of the time we are so busy with our lives that we just don't notice others. We may notice if our friend's outfit is in fashion.  We may notice their state of their vehicle. We may take note of the cleanliness of their home. We may notice surface things like that...but do we REALLY notice them? The state of their well-being, the expression of sheer exhaustion, the tired eyes that say so much more than they ever will - these are things that we should look for!...more

Why I Bother to Decorate a Temporary Living Space - Apartment

When Hubby and I first moved into our apartment, I  had no intention of decorating. I figured that I would only be living here with Hubby for a short time. Boy, was I wrong! We've been living  in our 3rd story apartment now for about two and a half years....ever since we were first married! {Here's my post on living minimally in our little apartment} While I accept this as necessary for now, I am quite ambitious to eventually buy a home....more

7 Ways to CHANGE your Husband!

I think every woman thinks at some point that with enough pressure and chatter, she can change her husband. I have thought this countless times to no avail. No amount of pressure and coercing on my part has done any good in moving Hubby toward an idea, attitude, or action. I hate to say it but it's taken me these 2 and half years of marriage to realize that I alone cannot change Hubby. Men don't like to be bossed. They must be gently encouraged or led. Have you ever heard that song from the movie "Hello Dolly!"? So true!...more