I Will Never Forget My First Love

I like to think that no matter what happens in our lives and how much time eventually passes, the one thing we'd never forget would be our first love. These past balmy nights, the ones that come with a soft wind blowing through my hair, take me back to my summer before college. I knew then I'd be leaving home at the end of August, and my high school boyfriend could also feel a change in the air. ...more
Thank you, BlogHer! People have told me I should answer yes, but I don't want to disturb this ...more

I'm Not a Great Dancer But I'm a Dance Enthusiast

I’m not the world’s greatest dancer, although I’m completely uninhibited. It’s not that I’m a bad dancer, but I lack a certain “wow” that you often see on a dance floor, like when an otherwise unremarkable cousin busts a move at a family wedding. Image: Stewart...more

I'm In Love with All of the Important People In My Life

"Epiphany" in English, the "Ah-ha moment" in Oprah, call it what you will, I had one — at 40. After a lifetime of plunging head-first into all-encompassing relationships with all the wrong paramours, I recently realized that I was, and could be, in love with all of the important people in my life — as a group — and therefore, give my significant other a big, fat break. ...more

Single Men and Women CAN Be Friends!

I never dreamed that I, a woman, would be “best man” at a wedding, but when my friend Thomas asked me to take that role at his wedding some years ago, I was honored. I thought about wearing a tux, but in the end decided on a long, fitted black dress with silver earrings and a silver cuff bracelet. No need to downplay my femininity. I was crossing boundaries just by my very presence in the role. ...more

A Visit To a Cosmetic Dermatologist Convinced Me That I Like My 50-Something Face

I’ve had the same face for, oh, about 50 years and it suits me just fine. But, lately, it’s playing tricks on me. My jaw line is softening like ripe brie. There are new crevices on cheeks that were smooth yesterday. And where did those brown dots on my forehead come from? So, I did what most women my age do: I scheduled a consultation with a reputable cosmetic dermatologist. No harm in window shopping, right? ...more
Thrilled to learn I'm not the only one who has decided against fighting Mother Nature this way. ...more

Never Too Old For a Music Festival

“Where’s Mark?” I asked my friend Peter, as I helped him pitch a tent in the crab grass in open meadows of the Catskill Mountains. Image: somjuan As Peter attached the tent’s fly — which was, according to the directions I was reading him (that’s how I was “helping”) the thingamajig that gave the structure its archway — he replied: “Oh, Mark says he’s too old for this.” ...more
I spent a lot of my late teens and 20's at music festivals. My husband and I are going to a ...more

Fond Memories of My Hometown Pub

My hometown, Saginaw, Michigan, boomed in the late 1800s as a big logging hub, and as a result still has a lot of cool-as-all-getout old buildings down around the river. One of these, for as long as I can remember, has been a bar called the Hamilton Street Pub....more

Avoid the Rapids When Canoeing!

Of all the topics that our river guide, Mike, covered before we started our five-day canoe trip on Utah’s Green River, it was the mention of Cataract Canyon that stuck with me the most. I remember wanting to ask him more questions about how we’d know where our pick-up point would be out there in the wilderness, so that we wouldn’t get carried away into some of the world’s roughest rapids. Would there be signs or maybe a Starbucks?...more

Visiting the Trauma Center Was More Frightening Than Sticking My Hand In a Blender

When I received a handheld immersion blender as a gift, it was given to me with recipes and a warning. The recipes were for soup. The warning was about how dangerous the blender was. When I mentioned it to a good friend of mine, she emailed me a link to a New York Times article about how many people were mangling themselves with immersion blenders. Being squeamish, I only skimmed the article....more
I did a similar thing with a mandolin on new years day! I still can't feel the tip of my finger, ...more

I Drove My Mom to A Bar Because She Was Too Drunk To Drive

I was doing homework when she came into my room, wearing a full slip and nylons. “Lydia, I’m going out,” she announced, sounding pretty articulate, considering her level of intoxication. “I don’t know where you’ve hidden the car keys. But I want them and I expect you to give them to me.” “I don’t think you should be driving, Mom,” I said evenly, as if her attire were nothing out of the ordinary. “‘I don’t think you should be driving,’” she shot back in a thin, pretentious voice, the cadences just right, mimicking me....more