That Time My Grandmother Drove While Drunk

I sit on the butter-soft white leather in the backseat of Dithy's lavender Cadillac Coupe Deville with the wings on the back gripping the door handle. It is dusk, and we are on the way to her country club for dinner. My white knuckles ache with tension. Image: Rex Gray...more

Memories from Theater Camp

Dropping your kid off at summer camp can open up a Pandora's box of memories—your first kiss, making s'mores around the campfire. For me, it brings back a very particular memory about a very unusual summer, when a few hundred kids and I accidentally appeared in a sleazy sex comedy. Oops. ...more

Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

"It's true love," my ex-husband said about his new girlfriend. Of course, he had spoken the same words to me. And for decades, I arranged my entire existence and created our family around that pronouncement. I also trusted my brother-in-law when he pledged a similar allegiance to me. When I first met my husband, I was surprised that he and his younger brother Jonah were more like casual acquaintances. Their parents had died years earlier and I had supposed that they would be tight, but that wasn't the case. ...more

RIP Mighty Mite, Thanks For Everything

My Mighty Mite vacuum drew its last breath on Friday. I was in my last room trying to finish what used to be biannual window washing, which has now become an annual event, when it happened. I was using the vacuum to inhale all the accumulated tree pollen, pine needles and dead bugs from the windowsills in our New Hampshire home when it died. If I were my sister-in-law, I would have seen the little yellow vacuum's demise as an excuse to buy yet another new one. She has purchased at least eight vacuums, from Hoover, to Dyson, to Shark, to Oreck, during her marriage. ...more
I know how you feel!  I'm dreading the death of my 30 year old KitchenAid.  We have been through ...more

Live Like You're Not Afraid To Die

I knew that death was an okay thing, and just part of the deal of being here. I knew it to my very core: You get to enjoy good laughs and perfect peaches, but then you have to finish your drink and get out....more

I'm Building a Dollhouse For Myself and Not For My Kids

I never had a dollhouse when I was growing up. Maybe it was the size of our apartment. As every New Yorker knows, size is a precious commodity in NYC, and a perfectly decent living space—say, a 1.5 bedroom apartment—can feel like a dollhouse itself. I certainly had plenty of dolls, mainly Barbies, and all of her accoutrements, including her car and some of the furniture from her signature Dream House Collection. But I never really wanted the actual house. ...more
Good. For. You! Good for you for doing this, and good for you for staking your own claim to it!more

Why Do You Think Women Are Always Late?

Sorry to say, but men simply have no idea what we go through just to get to our car to head off to work in the morning. Therefore, I've compiled two comparative lists, enumerating what we as women need to do to face each morning, compared to the guys. Women 1. Awaken to sudden unexplained weight gain. 2. Notice that feet are somehow larger — do they swell overnight? Mental note to sleep suspended from heels. ...more
Wow, what an offensive stereotype. I've always been obsessively early to everything; it drives ...more

I've Been Working Out and I Look Pretty Good!

"Oh, look!" said my boyfriend. "You're in the background of this picture!" We'd been at one of those old car shows where they block off several streets so you can walk around looking at big, pointy '60s cars. Sadly, I am also from the '60s, and incidentally kind of big and pointy. The man I live with accidentally captured my vintage self on film when he meant to capture some huge black car with red flames painted on it. ...more
This is awesome! I'm 44 and now that the kids are getting older I can finally really focus on ...more

I Hate Technology Because It ALWAYS Fails!

Although I'm a Luddite at heart, I've pretty much made peace with the fact that my husband, daughter and I are slaves to technology. But what I can't make peace with is how often technology fails us, either by breaking down completely, or by simply not doing the common sense thing. ...more

Reality Really Does Bite For Gen-Xers

I was born in 1965, the year after the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. Which, if you think about it, is a weird reference. Others might say they were born after the Civil War, or right as the Berlin Wall came down, or during the Victorian era. But you know why I use that particular moment of history to mark my arrival on this planet? Baby Boomers, that's why....more
Love mix tapes, wish all-black still looked good on me. ;)more