I Gave My Daughter Her First Joint

[Editor's Note: Today is National Pot Smoker's Day. As more and more states legalize marijuana, situations like this will just keep happening. What's your opinion? Tell us in the comments. - Rita]...more
As a mother of two young girls and a daugther to a mother and step-father who are pot smokers. I ...more

Only In Vegas: Mistaken For a "Working Girl"

So I was standing in line to get a taxi a few years ago in Las Vegas when a beefy, bouncer-type guy, who was opening cab doors for everyone, saw me and ushered me up to the front of the line. It was almost as if we were at some hot nightclub and I was let in behind the velvet rope. He nudged his head toward a waiting cab with a very pretty girl sitting inside. Image: stevendepolo...more

When Are You Too Old To Wear a Bikini?

Next month I'm going to Los Angeles with my 25-year-old son. Both of us can't wait to dive into the Pacific Ocean. ...more
This Angelino says, wear whatever you want. That's how we do.  :)more

I Lost My Best Friend

Through ups and downs and thick and thin, my childhood best friend Sarah and I continued our best-friendship well into our adulthood, until her sudden death from an aneurysm four years ago. I was bereft for many reasons but one was that having always had her in my life, I'd always had a best friend. She and I talked about every single aspect of our lives, including mothering, work, marriage, our shared childhoods, the loss of our parents (we'd known one another's parents well), etc. ...more
Give it some time, one day you may find someone not to replace your best friend, but to take the ...more

Menopause: Are You Shrinking Or Am I Getting Taller?

The other day I had my annual exam at the gynecologist. The nurse asked me to step on the scales — which I knew wasn't going to be good — and, afterwards, to turn my back to the wall so she could measure me. "Five-six and a quarter," she said. "Can you measure again?" I asked. "I don't think I was standing up straight." Her measurement had to be wrong. All my life I'd been 5' 7 ½", and it seemed only yesterday my internist said I'd lost half an inch. So I had to be at least 5'7". ...more
I'm not in my 50s yet, but I've "grown" half an inch over the past decade thanks to ballroom ...more

Do I Have Imposter Syndrome Or Am I Just a Fake?

"A team player, I am not," I told my therapist. "It's not that I don't get along with people," I explained, "but I have a hard time conforming to office dynamics. I feel like instead of focusing on the job, I'm focusing on how to belong. I don't easily understand the unspoken rules of a group. In fact, I haven't ever really joined any group, from the Girl Scouts to the Women's Action Coalition, and felt like I belonged." "You have impostor syndrome," she said. ...more
I'd fire your therapist (half kidding). What you described to her is not impostor ...more

50 Years of Friendship

"How gentle is the rain …" I was instantly transported the moment I heard those lyrics on my car radio the other day. I can't remember who sang it, but I can remember exactly what I was doing 50 years ago when it played on the radio of my 1960 Falcon. Image: jeremyg3030...more
Having nice memories = having good moments. Can't be happy all the time but those moments matter ...more

I Never Wanted To Be Just Like My Mom

I spent my youth trying to be anything other than my exuberant mother, who often started up conversations with strangers and thought nothing of flaunting her body in tight clothes. Perhaps it's a daughter thing—the desire to be separate from one's mother—or the arrogance of youth, but I remember constantly scanning for all the ways our bodies were not alike. ...more

Facial Exercises to Get Rid of "Resting Bitch Face"

Every so often when I'm at the computer, I look up, unwittingly catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and am always surprised to see a furrowed brow and grumpy expression. I may be deep in thought, engaged in whatever it is I'm doing, but I look really pissed off. My 6-year-old granddaughter asked me recently what was wrong, to which I answered, "Nothing." I was sitting there reading peacefully, thank you very much. ...more
plobley I call that the "Did I Leave The Oven On?" Face.more

Middle Age Snuck Up On Me and I Don't Like It

I turn 50 in a few months, and I wish you'd just shut up about it. I know I brought it up, but shut up, anyway. Middle age is not looking the way I thought it would, so I'd rather look away. I kind of figured by 50, I'd be dignified and pretty all-knowing, and possibly even wearing a monocle, like the Planter's Peanut guy. I mean, who's more sophisticated than that? ...more