I Don't Remember the Last Time I Flirted

Clichéd, but true: the fast-beating heart; the heat rising inside your body; the wide smile that will not go away; the rapid breathing. All of these are universal symptoms of flirting, or so I’ve heard, and they certainly were for me. Image: letsgooutbournemouthandpoole...more

Midlife Crisis? My Husband Feels Trapped By His Life!

For many of us of a certain age, the midlife crisis is a source of tired jokes and stereotypes. We think about sports cars and younger women, drastically changing our appearance or just plain running away. I've often ribbed my husband, telling him he can't have a midlife-crisis car because we had a midlife baby instead. ...more
Heavy. But why is she placing the fate of her and her daughter into HIS hands?! She's waiting ...more

Why Don't the Men In My Life Believe In Karma, Past Lives and Magic?

I once schlepped all the way out to Malibu to get a past-life reading. Malibu was not convenient to me, as I have always been a regular, not-rich person—and trust me, Malibu is not for the middle class. But there I was, heading an hour out of my way to hear that I was a male silversmith in one past life, and in another, a 19th-century French woman who enjoyed her rose garden and wearing pants. Go rebellious, possibly gay, French me! When I returned home, my then-husband said, “I’ll give you a past-life reading—an hour ago you had a hundred more dollars than you do now.” ...more
I'm in the opposite situation. And my late father believed in astrology.more

Will Toys From the Local "Pleasure Chest" Help You Spice Up Your Marriage?

I had been married to Simon for 14 years, which might make us seem like newlyweds to Gen Xers who got hitched soon after college, but we were both 40ish when we finally decided to settle down and tie the knot. We liked to tell ourselves that we were edgy, too free-spirited to marry young. In fact, we both simply had a penchant for dating assholes. ...more

Life Hack: Embrace Your Regrets

The stories find their way to my newsfeed all the time, and the headline is always a variation of the same theme. It’s usually something like: "40 Ways to Live Your Life With No Regrets." Or, the even snappier: "LifeHacks to Living With No Regrets." Image: quinn.anya Really? There’s a way to hack my life so it’s regret-free? In just 40 simple steps? What if I’ve lived close to half of my life and have already racked up a bunch? ...more

Saturday Morning Yoga and My Head Is Spinning

This is good. Good resolution. Yoga class on a Saturday morning. Much better than my usual Saturday morning, which involves sleeping till 10:30 followed by a restorative vanilla Pop-Tart. Oh, who are you kidding? 11:30. Image: creativedc...more

I'm Going to Try to Be More "Normal" In My Fifties

Johnny Depp, who really should call me, once said normal people are the most fascinating people, because he finds them the weirdest of all. I completely agree with that, which incidentally means Johnny Depp and I should mate, often and ardently, and did I mention he really should call me? Image: LaVladina...more
Hi here. In my Abnormal Psych class it was all about context, context, context. You're only ...more

After Chemo: I'll Never Cry About My Hair Again

I was born a Kewpie doll, with one single red cowlick on the top of my head. A few wisps appeared around my first birthday, and my mom celebrated by taping a pink bow to my head. When my hair finally grew in properly, I mostly screamed at my mom’s combing efforts, and toddled around with the beginnings of dreadlocks, probably as retribution for the tape. ...more
I love that you have a friend like Jenee who did that for you.  And I appreciate your ...more

I Don't Have the "Winter Blues"

Outside my window, the sky is bright blue and clear, the customary winter fog nowhere in evidence. If you didn’t notice the grass tipped with frost, you could easily imagine it to be a 70-degree day. This is winter in California. Born and raised here, I’ve never had to contend with winter snow, unless by choice. But that familiar feeling sets in the day after Christmas, a heaviness of limb, inability to choose between tasks, lack of desire to do anything—so unlike busy, Type-A me the rest of the year. ...more

My Mom, Dementia and Me

If you passed me on the street or stood next to me in the grocery checkout line, you'd never know that my mother is slowly losing her mind. Sometimes I call her and she doesn’t know who she is. Sometimes I call her and she thinks her caregivers are thieves, stealing all the furniture and leaving her for dead. Sometimes I call her and she screams in a low, desperate tone, “I’m not myself....more
Been through those telephone calls 2011,2012. She's in a care facility since jan last year. With ...more