I Want To Get Married But He Doesn't

I'm in love with a man who doesn't want to marry me. He's a wonderful person and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He's dedicated to making our relationship work. But marriage? Not so much. ...more

Yes, I'm The Friend Who Pees Her Pants From Laughing So Hard

Within any social group, people generally adopt a persona that defines their niche. In my family, I am known for two things in particular. I am the person who laughs so loudly that I can be singled out in the movie theater, and secondly, I am the person who laughs so hard she cries and pees her pants. This is a role that I willingly accept. ...more

1970: The Year I Didn't Go To Summer Camp

The summer of 1970, when I was 8 years old, was the only summer of my childhood that I didn't go to camp. ...more

My Virginity: What Was I Saving It For?

Virginity is like a shiny, new BMW. Its value goes down the longer you have it. I held onto mine for 19 years, which—by today's standards—is way too long. I'd be lucky to get a trade-in. It wasn't that I was saving myself for marriage or even for "true romance." I just hadn't met the Mr. Right. ...more

After Two Divorces, I Tried Again

It wasn't a club that I ever wanted to join. Only 3.5 percent of married Americans belong. Yet, at 55, I was grateful to become a member of the Thrice-Married Club. "Third time's the charm," some of my friends assured me when they heard I was planning to tie the knot for the third time. But others were concerned. "You've already made two mistakes," they told me. "Why set yourself up?" A few friends were so alarmed that they responded to my news as if I had announced a cancer diagnosis. ...more

I Might Have a Half-Brother?

The first, and last, time I saw him, he'd bitten through his tongue and its severed edges had just been stitched back together. Our meeting was on an August day, which was sunny and blue-sky beautiful. My father, brother and I had driven from our Avalon rental apartment to Ocean City, New Jersey, in the car Daddy borrowed from his friend Paul. When we pulled up, Marie and the boy came outside to see us. ...more

I Had a Brain MRI and I Thought I Was Going to Die

There were times in my life that I thought I was going to die. It was mostly when I was a teenager and lived on my own and very bad things happened. But it's different when you're young. If you're not facing imminent death, from, say, a grave illness or an accident, the great beyond is not as scary because young people tend to think they're immortal. You don't have decades of anticipation of what death may be like, you're nowhere close to mortality and you don't yet have the people that come along through those decades that you need to hold on to. ...more

Why Don't I Go Dancing Any More?

Twenty-five years ago, if you'd given me a dark bar, a cover band and a lot of pink wine? I was set. I wasn't there to get drunk or pick up dudes. OK, I totally was. But those were just an afterthought. What I was really there for was the dancing. All I wanted to do was dance. ...more

Reflecting On a Life Full of Mistakes

You'd never know I recently turned 50—and not because I look so youthful or anything. My skin is, in fact, doing a Granny-from-the-"Beverly Hillbillies" impression, thanks to the reflective tanning blanket that I splayed across every summer from age 12 to 25. ...more

Meeting Rod Stewart Changed My Life

My ex-husband was a model railroad enthusiast, and while we were married I helped start a company that turned his lifelong hobby into a business. It was an exciting time. Tiny people, buildings and locomotives became our stock-in-trade. We designed and manufactured products bought by hobbyists all over the world. ...more