8 Reasons Little Girls Make Great FBI Recruits

I own a boy and a girl and am often asked how old they are.  My answer is “She’s 4, going on 34, and he’s 3 going on 1”.This accelerated maturity seems to be the case for many of the other little girls I’ve observed.  After careful evaluation of their specific behaviors, I’ve deduced that The FBI and other intelligence agencies may want to start recruiting little girls, in order to take full advantage of their optimal skill sets....more

Beyond Your Blog Podcast 004: Rita Arens - Deputy Editor, BlogHer

Originally Published on Beyond Your BlogBlogHer is one of those sites that so many bloggers have benefitted from, and visit on a daily basis.  I hear lots of questions from bloggers about how they can get involved and get the most out of BlogHer, so today we are focusing on posting, being featured, and being syndicated on BlogHer.  What are the differences and how can you make all three happen for your writing?...more
I loved this podcast.  Thanks Susan and Rita!more

My Husband’s Split Personality: Dr. Jekyll and Corporate Guy

Originally Published On: Pecked To Death By ChickensMy husband works at home most of the time, but does commute to a big tall building about twice a week to attend lots of important meetings and business lunches.  For this excursion, he transforms into someone who shaves, carries an access badge, and wears a button down shirt — freshly pressed by me of course.  (Alright, I put it in the dryer on high, with a wet wash cloth, after having left it damp and wrinkling for 3 days.)...more

11 Ways to Organize Your Playroom for Moms Who Hate Toys, Playing, and Pinterest

If you’re looking for a color coordinated wall of bins, or a toy bin label printable, you've come to the wrong place. I buy my bins at Walmart, and I don’t actually know what a printable is or why we would call it that. Isn't anything on your computer screen technically printable? Anyway…...more
Hahahaha! Sooo funny! We just had Thomas the train as a gift recently and my husband said: "His ...more

And The Preschool Mom Of The Month Tiara Goes To….

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensLike many of you, I’ve entered plenty of giveaways online before, that used Rafflecopter and the like. What I was NOT familiar with, until recently, was how to administer one of those giveaways. This week I actually have 2 giveaways running on other sites, so I was forced to figure it out....more

The Outrageous Demands In My Toddler's Rider

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensWe’ve all heard the ridiculous requests that famous musicians and movie stars make in their riders right?  You know, the provisions they make in their contracts that say “I’ll be there for the gig but I must have fresh flowers, Nutella filled Oreos and 27 grapes hand peeled by the pope himself, or else”?...more

Disclaimer For The Babysitter

Originally Published On Pecked To Death By ChickensI have never let anyone babysit my kids except for the two sets of grandparents.  It’s partially because I don’t trust anyone else to do it, but it’s also because I’m a little worried about the victim babysitter’s sanity and well-being....more

14 Fauquier County Fair Firsts in Photos (Say It Three Times Fast)

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensYesterday I attended the Fauquier County Fair with my husband, two kids (2 and 4) and my parents.  Having just moved back to the area after 20 years, we enjoyed the country atmosphere, field parking, and smell of funnel cakes in the air....more

The 10 Best Blog Posts I Have Read So Far This Year

Originally Posted On Pecked To Death By Chickens BlogAs a blogger, I blog a little and read other blogs a LOT.  I have been keeping track of my very favorites and decided to post them today since I am hearing a lot about Christmas in July and figure I will make my own New Years in July.This probably seems like an odd mix, but these are just the ones that grabbed me the most for various reasons.Here they are in no particular order…...more

Does Preschool Frown On 4 Year Olds Who Curse Like Sailors?

My daughter turned four last week but has been speaking like a thirty-five year old since she was two.  She is full of ‘IT’, whatever ‘it’ is, and she knows it.She walked pretty early, she talked very early, and she rolled over early.  The only thing she didn’t do early was potty train, and that was mostly because I was unmotivated and not averse to changing poop diapers.  Anything she does pretty much makes her brother look like an uncoordinated, giggling potato, because she is an advanced know-it-all, and he is, well, kind of a potato....more