5 Sites That Pay For Posts

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From Anonymous Blogger to Best-Selling Author: Judy Rothman Rofé

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8 Things To Do With Your Submission If It Gets Turned Down

Originally Published on Beyond Your BlogAnyone who has been submitting writing for any length of time has most likely gotten a rejection (or just never heard back) from a site they submitted to.  I’ve had plenty!  Don’t get frustrated, the universe is just telling you it belongs somewhere else (or so I tell myself).  Be sure to keep track of where you have submitted things to help you manage what to do with it if you get a rejection or no response....more

8 Practical Tips For Getting HuffPost To Give You The Time OF Day

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11 Great Tips Writers Need to Know to Keep Getting Published

While getting your writing accepted by a website you’ve aspired to be published on is a great accomplishment, your work isn’t over as soon as you get a "Yes!"  Once you get that coveted letter from an editor saying your work is going to be featured, there are several things left to do, to ensure that you get the most out of your experience as a contributor, and that you are welcomed back to write more pieces in the future. ...more
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7 Great Rules for Submitting Your Writing

Submitting your writing for consideration on websites is not usually a high interaction activity, however, it still calls for a certain etiquette.  While not always necessary in getting your writing accepted, blog submission etiquette goes a long way with editors and could definitely earn you some brownie points with certain publications! I have found that following these 7 simple rules has helped me keep my elbows off the table when submitting my work and even earned me a gold star a few times. ...more
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Chamber Of Horrors For Adults – The Fast Food Play Place

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How BlogHer Took My Fizzled Out Post to 21,000+ Views

As I am writing this post, my other post is the most popular on BlogHer.com.  This is a post that had barely ignited and then fizzled on my own site, but was featured by BlogHer and took on a life of its own. This is definitely a testament to the power of BlogHer. It drives me nuts when people share stories about increased traffic, shares, or going viral with no stats, so I am going to lay it all out for you here, and you can judge for yourself. ...more
I agree Blogher has done wonders for this newbie, The most growth I've seen, however has no ...more

My Husband’s Talent: Burping Curse Words

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Playrooms Are For Parents, Not Kids

Originally Published On Pecked To Death By ChickensMy family recently moved, and one of my must-haves for the rental house was a playroom.  My reasons were very selfless and practical.  For instance, I wanted to....more