"Transparent" on Amazon Is Your Next New Fall TV Binge

After suffering through the last season of The Fosters, ABC Family’s Little House on the Prairie treatment of parenting while gay, I was desperate to watch a queer series about queers and families made for grown ups. In other words, I wanted to see some boobs! No, that’s not really what I meant …. to say out loud. In other words, I wanted believable characters and nuanced plot lines and funny dialogue that was not taken out of my father’s shoebox full of cliché one-liners. ...more
This is my new favorite show. I love the way transgender life/Jewish realities are portrayed.more

An Answer to the Problem of Finding Diverse Children's Books for All Children in All Families

Why is it so hard to find books for children that truly represent the diversity in our world? Author S. Bear Bergman shared with me that in 70% of children’s books where people are featured, boys are the main characters. In 93% of children’s books where people are featured, the main characters are white. In terms of books that feature gender-independent children or LGBT families, the percentage is negligible.  ...more
Js Dad If you read the kickstarter campaign this project supports books about people of color ...more

A House Divided by World Cup Soccer

“Who do we want to win?” asks Asher when we tell him he can watch as much screen as he wants as long as it’s the World Cup. “Whom,” I answer, “and I don’t know. We’re a house divided.” Asher looks at me with that whatchutalkinboutWillis face.  Image: © John Sibley/Action Images/ZUMAPRESS.com ...more
I was supporting my husband's country of Cameroon until they made a fool themselves last night ...more

How One LGBT Family Decided Whether or Not to Boycott the Sochi Olympics

My family and I are all abuzz about the Olympics this week! The kids are most pleased that they will be allowed to watch more television than usual, and we grownups are looking forward to watching athletes at the top of their game represent their countries with pride. There is a part of us that hopes to witness a significant amount of protest, as well. I came to my decision to watch the games after a lot of thought. ...more
KellyMOSullivan  Thank you for that! I'm definitely all about the learning. My imperfect, glass ...more