Lucy and I are having a fashion OCD Ball

Last Wednesday August 6th, was the late TV comedy legend, Lucille Ball's, birthday. She has been my idol forever since I could relate to her on many levels. She was business-minded, hilarious, animated, direct, compulsive and fashion obsessed....more

Ruminations of a 'shut-in'

Last Friday, I paid another visit to my orthopedic surgeon to determine how much longer my leg will remain in a fiberglass cast monstrosity. The X-ray conveyed calcification in my femur, a great sign. The doctor proceeded to take off the cast with the hope of placing my leg in a soft cast for 6 weeks. He bent it and muttered "Hmm, no good, too 'rubbery.' I need to recast it and you will need to wear it for 3 more weeks." My heart sank, and all the energy was sucked out of the air. Toughen up 'Pretty Cripple', you will get through this, I thought....more
Karen Ballum Hi Karen, I think that chicken ad is from the 60s & 70s on this hilarious FB group. ...more

The Dollar Store-America's Deification of 'cheap'

I wonder what American homes will look like in 10 years. Just about every purchased object in existence has built in obsolescence. Our electronics, homes, infrastructure, clothing and personal items are built shoddily, produced for quick profit....more

Muppets Mayhem and a pig rubber snout

Today's little girls idolize Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Selena Gomez. When I was growing up, my favorite celebrity was not an impossibly talented teenager but Miss Piggy of the Muppets!...more