The Mourning After: Funeral fashion at NY Fashion Week

I have been fascinated with death since I was a child. I grew up in a devout Catholic family, straight off the boat from 1960s Communist Poland....more

What's on your holiday wish list, America? Botox or Dentures?

The Thanksgiving Day weekend shopping numbers are in and it doesn't look pretty. Retailers were hoping to see bigger profits during Black Friday weekend....more

My iPhone 6 Plus case is a “conversation piece”

It never dawned on me that I could be so besotted with an object into which one can converse and the unseen responds. Enter FaceTime, Apple's most clever incarnation of mobile technology....more

What if I were dictator of the United States of America?

A friend recently commented on a photo I posted of myself onto Facebook. "We'll use that photo for posters when you become dictator." Hmm, dictator? I like the sound of that! There has never been a dictator of the United States. Perhaps with all the partisan quibbling, it's time....more

Baring it all at Paris Fashion Week

I followed Vivienne Westwood's lead on the Paris Fashion Week catwalk and wore a basket on my head and smeared lipstick all over my face. Big bows for Spring 2015!...more