We Can Be Heroes - David Bowie Says So

The stars look very different today. Music legend, fashion icon and inveterate champion of the off-beat, David Bowie, died of cancer at the age of 69.This news appeared in my Facebook feed on Monday morning, seemingly surre...more

How to start an Arts & Music Festival in your town

Hey Magdalena! From the sounds and look of it, your event was a major success! I am sad I wasn't ...more

Demented Mother's Day Cards

Motherhood is traumatizing and I'm not discussing actual birth. I can't imagine a more thankless job carrying such responsibility rearing a human being. I give women credit for signing up for this lifelong unpaid duty. This is one job at which I would never be successful and it would probably shorten my lifespan to age 50.Additionally, I would be arrested for giving my kid too much independence, a là "free-range parenting" reminiscent of how I grew up in Queens....more

Lauren Bacall, an Icon of Seductive Style

I am pretty sure Lauren Bacall was a feline in a former life. I was always captivated by her sleek saunter across a movie set, the silky purr of her voice and tantalizing flip of her sculpted hair, exposing a seductive look. She was as magnificent as the beautiful wardrobe she chose for each photo op. ...more
A Well Styled Life Sadly is right. I am confounded by what I see women wearing, but you have to ...more