Do I Need to Eat More Protein?

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Costco Shopping Guide: Part Four

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Clean-Up Your Skin Care Routine

Happy Tuesday! Are you feeling beautiful today? The obvious answer is yes because: You drank a Prana Smoothie this morning ....more

Prana Smoothie + Yoga Outdoors

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BBQ Baby Bellas and Spicy Arugula

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Method Cleaner: Try This Thursday

I’m moderately obsessed with two things: puppies and cleaning products. I stock up on both the way most people stock up on school supplies (I also love school supplies, but that’s another topic for another day). In case you’ve missed it, these are my girls: And these are my other girls: I’m totally in obsessed with Method and Mrs ....more

3 Ways to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes

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The Truth About Organic Gardening

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Sleep Through the Summer

While the summer months generally feel like a time to fall out of routine, it can also be a great time of year to cultivate good habits. I’m a firm believer that good weather is highly motivating and that little fact makes the summer months some of the best for influencing change in your own life. This summer, I’m working on big habit that I want to have down pat by the time September arrives ....more

Pina Colada Smoothie

Happy 6th of July! (It just doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘Happy 4th of July!’) Another holiday weekend in the books!...more