5 Brilliant Laundry Time-Savers

Who here loves doing laundry? I’m going to guess that no one here enjoys that particular chore. It’s my least favorite of all – even worse than toilets in my opinion ....more

DIY Goodnight Essential Oil Blend

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DIY Box Top Container

Have you been saving up all of your Box Tops? I really love saving mine up and giving them to my local schools each year. There aren’t a lot of other ways to give to your community that are as easy as this! ...more

Chicken Nugget Rainbow

We love trying new fun ways to present food to the kids. Yesterday, I had an idea to make a chicken nugget rainbow! It’s so simple and easy that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before ....more

10 Quirky Things Science Knows About Your Kid That You Don’t

I wish the internet had been a thing when I brought my newborn daughter home from the hospital back in 1984. I would have been all about learning these (really cool) things science could have explained to me about tiny humans. Unfortunately internet magic hadn’t yet reached Ft ....more

How to Get More Box Tops and Earn Money for Your School

Do you clip those little Box Tops labels that you see on certain foods? If you’ve got a school-aged kiddo I’ll bet you have a big pile of them in a drawer somewhere. I clipped them for a long time and gave them to friends with older children, but I never really knew what they […] The post How to Get More Box Tops and Earn Money for Your School appeared first on Love and Marriage ....more

One Simple Way To Raise Money For Your School

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson. The opinions and text are all mine. Raising money for your kids schools is really important to many parents ....more

Festive Back to School Breakfast & After School Snack

If you’re gearing up for back to school in the next month or two, your mind has probably been spinning! I’ll bet you’ve been making list after list of all the things you need to purchase; school supplies, clothes, after school snacks… I have recently found my kids new favorite breakfast meal that gets them […] The post Festive Back to School Breakfast & After School Snack appeared first on Love and Marriage ....more

Fantastic Four Popcorn Bars

We are getting SO excited for the new Fantastic Four movie! My son loves all things Marvel and so of course, he can’t wait for this new film. We love having movie nights so in honor of this new flick, we came up with a new way to snack on our favorite movie treat: popcorn! ...more

25 Crazy Cool Ways to Make Peanut Butter and Jelly

I don’t know about your house, but around here we make a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My kids are PB&J crazy! Did you know how many totally crazy ways you can make this classic treat? ...more