10 Disgusting Things Only A Mom Would Do

When you become a parent you do so many disgusting things you never imagined....more

Why I Refuse To Let My Daughter Watch The Little Mermaid

There are a lot of movies from my childhood I’m not real keen on my kids watching. The Lion King for instance has a pretty disturbing beginning where poor Simba watches his father fall to his death. It’s heart-wrenching and far too advanced for a young child to see ....more

So Tired – A Taylor Swift Parody for Sleepy Moms

I think I’ve made it clear here a time or two that I adore Taylor Swift. One day on my way to work while blaring her tunes, some different words came to mind. I thought to myself, instead of “James Dean daydreams” I’d probably write “big black circles” ....more

Easy Nutella Cupcakes

I love Nutella. ...more

The $5 rule – Saving Money for Kids

A few months ago I started saving money for Brady by following the $5 rule that I stole from Whitney. ...more

My Mini New York Bucket List

Today I am traveling to New York city for the first time ever for the BlogHer15 conference. I am crazy excited because like a lot of people, I’ve wanted to see this beautiful city my whole life. I’m here for just a little over 48 hours and almost all of that time is designated for […] The post My Mini New York Bucket List appeared first on Love and Marriage ....more

Minions Gear!

Have you gone to see the new Minions movie? We haven’t made it out yet, but we have plans to immediately. I’m surprised a little, but my three-year-old has gone Minion crazy! ...more

10 Super Cool Things To Make With Gummy Worms

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Daddy Daughter Photos You’ll Want To Snap Immediately

A father and daughter relationship is so special and sweet! I love when that bond is captured on camera. I found some inspiration around the web and wanted to share the sweetness here ....more

Easy Camping Snacks for Kids

Last weekend my family and I went camping. I’m not a big fan of that type of thing but I suffered through and the kids had a fantastic time. That’s what it’s all about after all, isn’t it? ...more