Yes, I am a mom: How owning Boston Terriers can be like having children.

Yesterday the young man at the cash register wished me a Happy Mother's Day.  I blame the gray streaks in my younger than it looks hair.  I'm 28, and currently my husband and I are childless.  For the moment.  If you don't include my two furbabies....more

What My Mom's Insanity Has Taught Me

This isn't the first Mother's Day I've spent away from my mom, and I doubt it will be the last.  Still, I feel a sadness not driving four hours just to hang out with her and the dogs.  My dad might be around too, but he's just grateful none of us need to be bailed out of jail or something. But this post is what my mother has taught me about loving people so much that you literally go insane. Let that sink in. My mom is utterly delusional and completely crazy.  It's cute crazy - like all she's ever wanted to be was a badger (and this statement was made ...more