#WomensLives - Because Women’s Lives Are Newsworthy

I was recently invited to participate in a new media partnership between Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media called #WomensLives....more

Lost in Translation: A Book Review

Are you a logophile? A person that loves words? If so, read on because I know a book that you are going to love!...more

I Swam From Alcatraz Island!

What To Do When Your Husband Walks Out the Door

I was married for 20 plus years when my husband walked out the door leaving me with three teenagers. To say that I was devastated would be an understatement - I was crushed beyond measure. During those first days, weeks, and months, it felt as though I had fallen down a deep abyss of shock, confusion, and sorrow. But I survived, and yes, I have thrived. Over the last five years, I have recreated a life that is filled with laughter, love, friendship, and beauty....more

Skinny Brownies - So Yummy!

I love chocolate! Really, I have an insane love affair with chocolate. The gooey, sweet, dark chocolate - something like you would find in a warm just-out-of-the-oven brownie! Chocolate is heaven!...more

Religious Freedom? Hobby Lobby's or Mine?

As most everyone has already heard, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a closely-held corporation can refuse to cover contraception in their healthcare plans for religious reasons. Some people are cheering and some are outraged. I am outraged....more

I Met Hillary Clinton at Her 'Hard Choices' Book Signing

Ok, so it was for only a brief moment as I walked through the book signing line, but it was a very exciting moment! ...more
Rena, I have not yet read the book.  I will be reading it as soon as I finish my current novel. ...more

Dinner in 20 Minutes & One Pan! Healthy & Delicious!

This meal is not only delicious, it is easy, fast, and healthy! What more is there to ask for? Oh yes, very little clean up! How about everything made in one pan and under 20 minutes? Yes, it is possible…...more

Fun for the Whole Family

We are a large family, and the kids’ ages range from 12 to 24. With older kids living out of the home and out of the area, we really don’t get to spend a whole lot of time with everyone present.  We cherish the time when we are all together. This mostly happens during the holidays or when we have a special family event.  But there are times where we are all hanging out together, and we want to do something that everyone can be involved in. What activities appease children of all ages? And with six kids and two parents won’t break the bank?...more

Movie Review: Fed Up

Yesterday my daughter and I saw the documentary Fed Up.  Katie Couric narrates this 92-minute movie that takes direct aim at the food industry and congress and in the process educating the viewers on the dangers of sugar.  What do we know about food, exercise and obesity?  Well walking into the movie, I already knew that obesity is on the rise.  As a teacher and mother, I know that children in great numbers are being affected by the amount of unhealthy food choices that they are surrounded by every single day....more