Getting Organized! A 12 Month Home Organization Plan

   This year I am focusing on re-organizing my whole home. Yes, I am starting from the top, working my way downstairs, and then out into the garage. Over the next 12 months I will be visiting every room in our home with the intent of purging, sorting, and re-organizing everything. Everything! ...more

The Sacrifice: a Book Review

On the surface, The Sacrifice, by Joyce Carol Oates is the story if a young black girl and her mother. The novel starts with Ednetta Frye wandering the streets of her neighborhood showing everyone a photo of her daughter. She then implores of them, have you seen my “S’b’lla?” Ednetta’s daughter has been missing now for a couple of days and she is frantic to find her. ...more

Our Modern Day Brady Bunch

Happy Mother's Day!...more

30 for 30 Move It Challenge

If you follow me on Facebook then you may have seen my 30 for 30 Move It Challenge.  My challenge to myself and all of you is to move for 30 minutes every day for the next 30 days....more

#WomensLives - Because Women’s Lives Are Newsworthy

I was recently invited to participate in a new media partnership between Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media called #WomensLives....more

Lost in Translation: A Book Review

Are you a logophile? A person that loves words? If so, read on because I know a book that you are going to love!...more

I Swam From Alcatraz Island!

What To Do When Your Husband Walks Out the Door

I was married for 20 plus years when my husband walked out the door leaving me with three teenagers. To say that I was devastated would be an understatement - I was crushed beyond measure. During those first days, weeks, and months, it felt as though I had fallen down a deep abyss of shock, confusion, and sorrow. But I survived, and yes, I have thrived. Over the last five years, I have recreated a life that is filled with laughter, love, friendship, and beauty....more

Skinny Brownies - So Yummy!

I love chocolate! Really, I have an insane love affair with chocolate. The gooey, sweet, dark chocolate - something like you would find in a warm just-out-of-the-oven brownie! Chocolate is heaven!...more

Religious Freedom? Hobby Lobby's or Mine?

As most everyone has already heard, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a closely-held corporation can refuse to cover contraception in their healthcare plans for religious reasons. Some people are cheering and some are outraged. I am outraged....more