3 Ways I’m Changing My Daughters’ Measurements

But as my girls grow up, I am seeing there are more and more measurements that can bring them down. And I’m finding the best defense is a good offense, so here are three measurements I'm talking about with my girls: The post 3 Ways I’m Changing My Daughters’ Measurements appeared first on Playdates on Fridays ....more

When I Got Called Out on the Internet

The woman who wrote the article lambasted me from the get-go. She called me out by name. In fact, she actually called me a few names ....more

The Day I Let My Daughter Quit

I made a deal with myself. She didn’t have to do it next year, but she had to finish what she started. I did not want to raise a quitter ....more

To Interfere or Not Interfere — That is the Question

There seems to be a major divide when it comes to interfering on your child's behalf when it comes to their relationships. Some people look at it in a positive way -- tweens and young teens do not have the emotional intelligence to deal with some of these issues, so when possible, it can be effective for all involved to sit down together and hash things out. And even when the issue is a misunderstanding -- and especially if there was an established friendship between families -- you let the other person know that their feelings matter and you exemplify how two people can resolve conflict in a peaceful and mature way ....more

We All Face the Same Parenting Potholes

What I learned that evening, is that as parents we’re all headed to the same destination, but we take different vehicles to get there. And no matter what we drive, we're all going to face the same parenting pot holes. The post We All Face the Same Parenting Potholes appeared first on Playdates on Fridays ....more

I Am Sad Before It Even Begins

I am unsure why this particular outing causes me to choke back tears, paralyzing me in the moment. I have watched my twin daughters ride to their various friends’ houses all summer without significance. But this Friday is the last one before fifth grade starts ....more

I Thought I Would Be Better At This

Recently, one of my daughters and I were in the car together driving to the dermatologist’s office for an appointment to check out some pre-pubescent acne. It is a rare occurrence that her sisters aren’t tagging along, so I relished the opportunity to chat with her about the upcoming school year, and other things we don’t have nearly enough time to discuss, like her love of Pitbull and new skins on Minecraft, whatever that means ....more

My One Piece of Advice for New Moms

After mulling it over and over, I came to the conclusion that there is only one piece of advice that I want to give new moms. Parenting takes courage, so always be courageous ....more

What I Want My Kids to Know About Cell Phones

Make sure that the “self” in selfies does not impact your self-worth ....more

A Different Kind of Father’s Day Gift

My husband, bless his heart, took my three daughters to my favorite store earlier that week to find the perfect gift, because you know if you can't find me something I love at Tarjay, you don't know me at all ....more