When Your Friend Talks to You From the Grave on Facebook

The other night I was up late trying to finish a few blog posts and felt pretty defeated. I was disappointed with my drafts and basically just uninspired.I then tried to work on the young adult novel I wanted to pen, and instead I sat staring at a computer screen with 32 words on it. And they sucked. Every one of them....more

The Tale of Two (Almost) Identical Birth Stories

I read a lot of blogs. A lot. I think it’s a great way to “hone my craft” (I’ve always wanted to say that now that I’m part of the artistic community) and sometimes get inspired.And I’m a huge supporter of anyone who puts herself out there. As moms, sharing our stories is important, dare I say an essential, part of building a world where all women can stand together, hand in hand and say there is more that unites us than divides us (or is that all those mid-term advertisements talking?)...more

My Middle Finger Therapy

Normally I try to keep it clean and pretty positive on my blog, mainly because my mom reads all my work and I take her threats to wash my mouth out with a bar of soap pretty seriously; but every year, right around this time, I give a big, fat middle finger to a pediatric developmental therapist. Yep, that's the kind of girl I am...I send a telepathic middle finger to a woman who tries to help children.And yes, there's a little bit more to the story....more
It is so good that you are sharing your experiences, both positive and negative so that others ...more

How NOT to Raise a Bystander

Bullying. Mean girls. Aggressive behavior.It’s the terms du jour right now, and everyone has an opinion on it. Some parents think it is just part of life, and others believe it is crushing our kids.I think it just sucks.Unfortunately, I do think bullying and mean behavior will never go away; but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop trying....more

Top Five Signs You Have a Tween Girl in the House

The other day I hit the button to open the van door at school drop off, just as I have a million other times. I looked over my shoulder and called out, “Bye sweetheart! I love you!”My kind, loving daughter — the one who looks just like I did at age ten — jumped out of the van without glancing over her shoulder and endearingly responded, “Okay!”Um, “okay”? O.K.?How about okay, I’ll rip this dagger from my heart you little punk....more

It's Just a Dog...

“It’s just a dog,” my colleague said to me eleven years ago as I lamented about how my new puppy was home in her crate more than I wanted. “It’s not like it’s a baby. It will be fine.”She was the first, but certainly not the last person to say those words to me over the past decade. She was right. She was just a dog.Because she is just a dog, she always forgave me when I was running late, when I couldn’t spend as much time together because I had three small babies, when we moved her from the only house she knew....more
Karen Goodman It was much harder than I even imagined. Thanks so much for the kind words!more

Ten Things I Learned in a Decade of Parenting

My twins turn ten this weekend. That means I have a decade of experience in parenting. If I was building my resume, I’d say that makes me an industry expert....more

My Blogger Promise to my Friends

A few months back, when my blog was brand spanking new, I went to lunch with a friend. As I rolled in fashionably late, she told me, “I wanted to make sure I was on time…I didn’t want you to blog about your late friends!”I’m sure she was kidding. At least I think she was kidding.After that, I went on a very fun girls weekend. Let’s just say the words: “This better not end up on the blog!” were uttered more than a few times. And rightfully so. We have PTA mom reps to protect....more

5 BS Excuses Parents Make for Mean Girls

I talked to a friend of mine the other night who told me a heart wrenching story about how a group of 7th grade girls literally got up from a lunch table and moved when her daughter sat down at it. They certainly had a good reason to do it. After all, an 8th grade hottie asked her daughter to the dance and (gasp) she said yes. Unbeknownst to her the boy was verbally taken and off-limits. Yes, I know this sounds like Mean Girls, Part Deux but in fact it wasn't. It's just another day in a garden variety middle school in a small New York town....more

If Raising Kids Takes a Village, Why do I Feel Like I am On an Island?

It finally happened. My almost ten-year old asked me when she was going to get a cell phone.  Her exact words were: “I don’t have to have one right now, but I heard some of the kids in my class are getting one for their tenth birthdays, so I was just wondering.”Ugh....more
j.stunkard Great info. It is scary, but I do know I have to "trust with guidance". Thanks so ...more