The Shadow of Gratitude

The push and pull from practicing gratitude weighs heavily on my heart. It never comes easy to me. It is work ....more

Embarrassment versus Shame in Parenting

Because where does it end? There is a limitless list of things kids can be embarrassed about: not arriving to school in the right car or not having the right shoes; mothers who don’t wear make up or don yoga pants every day; or dads who scare boyfriends or dress in ridiculous ties. And yes, even a mom who does the Running Man ....more

Top 10 Signs You Are a Mom on a Girls Weekend

Last year was sad. No Girls Weekends. I'm changing that in 2016! ...more

Guest Post: Coffee + Crumbs

I’m sorry, young mom. I blew it. I am just so jealous of what you are about to experience that I forgot how hard it was, too ....more

My Un-Resolution for 2016

My goals were simple. I focused on what made me happy — I mean really happy — and decided to do more of that. And I realized a New Year wasn’t about changing me -- losing five pounds or quitting sugar or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro ....more

When the Ghosts of Christmas Visit

I see dead people. Okay, I totally don't see dead people. But I often feel like people from my past -- people that are no longer on this Earth -- are trying to tell me something ....more

Ashes and Airport Security

As my denial went into over-drive, I deliberately closed my bag, placed it on the moving black belt and walked through the metal detector without a beep. As I hastily grabbed my items from the tray, I could see the security screener out of the corner of my eye staring at what must be my father in the X-ray machine. The post Ashes and Airport Security appeared first on Playdates on Fridays ....more

Dear World: My Heart is Big Enough

We cannot let ourselves become angry or bitter because we see someone trying to do their part. A person is not a hypocrite for deciding to speak out or support a cause that motivates him to act. It is okay for different people to have certain burdens on their heart ....more

Lies About Parenting — Guest Post About Dinner Time Dilemma

And then I started digging deeper and realized it's not so much about dinner as it is about dishing. Family dinner time is often the only time families are spending together, which is why it is so important. Spending time together ....more

How to Show Your Daughter She Can Be Anything She Wants

Because the truth is, I feel guilty too. I wonder if I am the best example to my kids at times, if I am demonstrating girl-power. I am comfortable if they choose to follow my path, but I don’t want them to do it out of fear or resignation ....more