Let’s Stop Saying It’s Jealousy

When we tell our daughters consistently that girls are jealous of them, we are perpetuating a stereotype we’ve lived for too long. While insecurity is still a major problem — and the main reason for the “Mommy Wars” — jealousy should not be the go-to excuse in our feminist toolbox. Instead, we need to teach our kids how to navigate difficult relationships and improve communication as opposed to merely writing off behavior as a jealous rage ....more

I Want You In My Village, But Not Too Much

I want the village in my kids’ lives. In fact, I need the village, and not just for car pools. I wish for female role models who work outside the home to interact with my girls on a regular basis, so they can know their potential is limitless; I want my kids to play with families where the dad stays home so they can see there are no pre-determined roles; I hope if my kids are doing something bad, someone will stand up to them to course correct if I’m not there; and I need people to be brave enough to tell me if my daughters get themselves in a dangerous situation ....more

Guest Post: Raising Kids, Raising Survivors

It’s not that I think she will always be this way. I know she will grow out of some of it. And it’s not that I fret that she is immature or overly dramatic ....more

Dear Dan Turner: You Are the Problem

Dear Mr. Turner,I bet if you and I broke bread and shared a bottle of wine, we’d have a lot in common.I’m a parent too, and I would love to hear how you raised such a gifted, smart athlete....more

Dan Turner: You Are the Problem

Decisions are made in moments, Mr. Turner. And that's why you are wrong ....more

The Truth is, You Will

I’m sorry, young mom. I blew it. I am just so jealous of what you are about to experience that I forgot how hard it was, too ....more

Can You Be Genuine and Kind?

I admit that sometimes I am not genuine or one hundred percent authentic; but if not, it's because I am trying to be something else, something that is even more important to me. I want to be kind and supportive and help someone else follow their dreams, just as my friends have supported mine. The post Can You Be Genuine and Kind? ...more

Too Sexy, Too Young

At ten, her sense of self is strong. She knows how to put together an outfit and creates just the right hairstyle to go with it. I am always impressed with her ability to match her older sister’s fur vest with a pair of leopard leggings or a jean jacket with a plaid skirt meant for the holidays ....more

A Choice of Wood

“It’s okay, Mom. I’ll take care of everything,” I stated easily, as I knew that my father wanted to be cremated, which reduced the decision-making burden. Although I was the youngest in my family, the responsibility would be mine ....more

I Want Her to Be Better than Me

I have three daughters, and of course I love them all equally. That being said, there is one that I butt heads with more, one that seems to cause my temper to flare faster and bigger. She happens to be the one just like me ....more