Why that daily reading log isn't helping your child love to read

    Think of something you really love to do. Is it painting or going to the gym, taking a walk or reading book? Now imagine someone told you that you had to do it. Every day. For a minimum amount of time. Might sound pretty awesome...until that day when you just didn't feel like it. Then it becomes a chore. And soon, that very thing you love, becomes just one more thing "to do". ...more

3 Things Every New Mom Has To Learn

     There are some things you just have to learn on your own. Sure, you can read all the parenting books, talk to all the experts, hear all the advice, but still there are going to be things about motherhood that you don't know until you're in it. Here are 3:...more

11 things to do in the outfield during a Little League game

    Watching my daughter playing baseball in Little League, I'm always amused at what the children who are supposed to be all "eyes on the ball" are really doing out there. Usually, nothing baseball-related in the least. Now of course, these are 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds. But they sure do make sitting there for an hour or more a little more entertaining!...more

Project: No Training Wheels

   I believe children should be free to take calculated risks. Sure, try that big twisty slide. Jump off the big rock. Climb that tree.  Until it comes to my daughter.   Now that's not entirely true. While I am slightly neurotic about her more daring behavior, I can usually manage a slight "Be careful" and even turn away if need be. ...more

Ready to learn - what kids really need

   With Kay's start of kindergarten drawing ever closer, I've done my share of the "what if?"s. What if she doesn't know enough? What if I haven't taught her enough? Does she know all the letter sounds and numbers she needs to know? What if...?   It's wearisome for me, and puts undo pressure on her (though I try to avoid that at all costs).  But there are some things, academics aside, that all kids need to be ready to learn on the first day of kindergarten (or any grade level). The good news - you've probably been building these up all along!...more

The flip side of workbooks

     Some kids like to do workbooks and worksheets. Their parents stand by proudly, proclaiming to all that will listen, "My child likes to do schoolwork...for fun!" Then they smile, pitying the poor parents of kids who just want to - gasp! - play.   But why do some kids like to do workbooks? I always did. It made me feel grown up, it made me feel smart, and I, quite honestly, I liked the attention it got me. "Oh, look, she wants another workbook! How smart she is!"...more

Park Moms: Observations from the Playground

At the playground, Kay goes off to play with the first kid she sees (shy she is not), and I get to people watch. Here are some of the personalities I've noticed at the park. Which one are you closest too? ...more
This is so true! Id have to say depending on how much sleep I had the night before I'm either ...more