Why Barbie isn't Welcome in Our Home

There have been many debates about one of the World's most iconic toys, Barbie....more

Why Do We Act Like "Just a Mom" Is a Bad Thing?

Usually when I hear the phrase "just a mom" it has a negative connotation. It's as though being a mom is not nearly enough, and it somehow needs to be prefaced with "just" to emphasize this. In fact, moms are often the ones who are using this phrase in such as way. We downplay all we do and belittle ourselves. I, however, decided that being just a mom was just what I needed....more
I watched the Makers documentary the other night and I believe that the negative association ...more

10 Expert Tips for Buying Lingerie

This week I decided to focus on Love! It is Valentine's Day week, so that's what is on everyone's mind. I wanted to start off with what usually comes at the end of Valentine's Day: LingerieYup, I have been in the lingerie business for 7 1/2 years, and a lingerie connoisseur for even longer. I thought I would share some tips for those shopping for themselves and those who are shopping for something sexy for their partner.Here are my 10 tips: ...more
Excellent tips:  washing before wearing is often forgotten. I would add shopping as acouple, ...more

Rivalry: Having a Baby Ruined my Relationship with My Mom

I was thrilled to become a mom, well underneath the fear of the unknown. I knew it would be a life changing experience in ways I couldn't even imagine. What I didn't expect was how becoming a mom would change my relationship with my Mother....more
@nestbliss That was our situation for the past 5 years. We just moved back to be closer to ...more