Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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15 reasons that my husband is like our toddler

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Teenage Angst At Age 2?

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Can You Scold Another Mother's Child?

Original Post: a first time mom at 38, I was the last in my line of my friends to have a child. I had a difficult time relating with all of these friends when I was childless. There were many things I just did not understand....more

I Love Your Daddy, But I Love You More

Original Post: I said it.  Phew! I don't think it was a great mystery, but now it is out in the open. I don't even feel bad saying it because I know that my husband feels the exact same way....more

A Football Widow's Rant

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Sometime Mommies Cry

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Why Isn't Mommy In Any Picture? (A Letter To My Husband)

Original Post: dearest husband,Do you notice how I am conspicuously missing from the montage of beautiful photos above? The reason that I am missing is of course that I am always the one behind the camera....more

How Having A Baby Changed My TV Viewing Habits

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