Whip Up This Cute Tent for Your Kids!

I have been slowly working on different things that I am planning to put into my little guy's play/motor room that I hope to get together by this summer. One thing I wanted to put in was a tent. ...more

Apping My Way To Savings...Or Not?

Take a look at your phone right now and look to see how many "savings" apps you have on your phone.  Do you feel like you are getting great deals?  Do you love or loathe all of the apps out there today to save us a buck?  It seems like there is always something new and great coming out as a way to save money....more
Denise  I definitely think adding stuff to my Cartwheel before I go out is something I need to ...more

Easy Ways To Fit Tummy Time Into Your Day

Tummy time sounds like something simple that you do for your baby on a regular basis for your baby. Although, for many parents tummy time is not so simple as their babies may scream, cry, and spit up while on their tummies.  So let's go back and discuss why tummy time is so important.  ...more

Hemangioma - Our Story

I was thrown into the world of hemangiomas just recently.  A hemangioma is an abnormal growth of blood vessels in the skin. It generally occurs in babies right after birth up to 6 weeks. Hemangiomas can be deep or superficial.  A deep hemangioma is under the skin and a superficial is on the surface of the skin. There are several treatments out there including surgery, medication, and the "wait and see" approach....more

Diaper Box DIY- Better Alternative for Gross Motor Baby Play

Forget the bumbo, exersaucer,  or jumparoo when all you need is a diaper box! ...more

Easy DIY Framed Chalkboard

I must admit my DIY chalkboard has been one of my favorite projects that I have done lately!  I was inspired to write about it today as C and I are off to Menards to get supplies for our next project since the temperature is currently above zero.  I need reminders why I live here again?!?!  Anyway, how I came to make my chalkboard came from inspiration to have something to write monthly milestones on for C each month.  Pinterest had a lot of cute ideas as to different chalkboards so I went looking for one....more

A Letter To My 21 Year-Old Self

I used to look back at some of the things I did in my early twenties and cringe.  I used to wish I had been more mature or maybe not done that certain thing.  Now after my first five month...more