The Writer Behind the Blog

I'm going to write it. That's what I told my husband. I want to be honest ....more

Self Promotion Friday: Mott Photography

I've kept my small photography business separate from this blog for some time. I mention it here and there but this blog is so personal that I never wanted to combine the two. Which leaves me feeling sometimes (during fall busy season) that I have two blogs to keep up with ....more

How do you solve a problem like, Maria?

If you listen really closely, The Sound of Music song 'Maria' almost sounds like 'Scarlett'. I promise. Put your ear up real close folks ....more

Plaid on The Thanksgiving Table {Tablescape Ideas}

This rain. On a Monday. No words ....more

Memory Hoarding Since My First Point & Shoot Camera

I remember my first camera well. It was a point and shoot my parents had. I started snapping pictures with my best friend long before the digital camera was a thing ....more

Fall Family Photos 2014

I am literally swimming in photos right now. Like, our mini session arrived in my inbox today and then I'm up to my ears in editing mini sessions of my own to send out for Mott Photography. I am surrounded by family fall photos, so luckily I love some good fall foliage shots or I'd be going nuts.. ....more

Christmas Card *Sneak Peek* 2014

It's been a weekend filled with picture taking. Mini sessions completed yesterday, I was ready to keep the momentum going, and eager to cross more off my to-do list. So we ventured out to Hollywood Cemetery for the overlook of the James River ....more

This Week I'm Loving... [11.6.14]

Three weeks til Thanksgiving and I feel the holiday spirit in the air... this gal is beyond excited!! And I've turned on the Christmas music! ...more

Fall Photo Peek, Ice Skating, & Halloween Recap

Monday we had a mini session with Allison Maxwell Photography. The weather was perfection and the kids did good. It was a battle to keep Scarlett's coat on and I promised copious amounts of Halloween candy to get us through it but it was fun! ...more

Witch Witch, You're A Witch!

The Owen Sisters are all ready for a night of Practical Magic, err Halloween! We're missing the green face paint but here is our Trick Or Treat preview! We're coming to you tonight RVA so look out for our broomsticks if you're in the Fan area! ...more