Weekend Recap

This weekend consisted of a new hair chop and highlight, a 10 year high school reunion (for hubs school), an iphone upgrade (wohoo!), and hiding out indoors all day Sunday during the ice storm where we baked chocolate molasses spice cookies, later topped with vanilla ice cream, and watched copious amounts of Christmas movies. Colin takes his last final exam tonight and then he's done with MBA classes! We're gearing up for tons of time off towards the end of the month for him, although I'm still not sure how he a-crewed all this time after this year, I am grateful ....more

A Colonial Williamsburg Inspired Christmas

I wait all year to roll the calendar over to December. It's here. Let the obnoxious holiday merriment posting begin! ...more

Thoughts on a Thursday {and an Advent Calendar}

Thoughts on a Thursday for you. I found myself in Target yesterday morning during my hour to kill between preschool drop off and little gym. I wondered picking up stocking stuffers for the kids and some new additions to wrap for the tree ....more

The New Patio {before and after shots}

Most people put patios in during the spring and summer. This project was a few months in the making so it wound up being an October project and finished just in time for cold weather. So that part is a bummer but we're super excited to enjoy this space this spring!...more

The Christmas Card *Sneak Peek*

This morning I snapped holiday photos of the girls outside our house. Like, as in I chased them while they tackled each other in expensive dresses, in my front yard, in the mud. I like to put on a show for the neighbors ....more

Our Thanksgiving {and Tour of Our Living and Dining Rooms}

This post has been waiting all weekend. Thanksgiving took the back burner the moment the feast was cleaned up and the Christmas wreaths pulled out. I'd say our first Thanksgiving at the new house was a hit ....more

Wishing You All A Happy Thanksgiving!

The table is set. The turkey in the oven. The pies all done ....more

The Cake Pop Run

My youngest is sick. I mean why not?...more

The Monday before Thanksgiving.

The Monday before Thanksgiving is never a typical Monday. Today actually made me wish for the normal routine. Between our typical laundry and cleaning we had roofers here banging all day, as well as the kids going wild since I have extra cleaning to do before the big day ....more

Thanksgiving Menu 2013

Our menu this year is finished. Now if only the grocery shopping and cooking were. If that doesn't look like enough food (I jest), so far I've got family bringing ham, rolls, macaroni, and more dessert! ...more