Healthful Wednesday: Peruvian Maca Root

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*Frozen Party Ideas*


The Decision to Sell Our House

Last week was a whirlwind. My mom was rushed to the ER which concluded with her 2 night hospital stay for the flu, as it exacerbated her M.S. symptoms. We met with our realtor to setup a time line for our house ....more

Monday Chatter

Whew another long weekend in the books! 4 Days of Hubs being home and the kids are ready for some routine today. So why can't I get them to help with laundry or cleaning? ...more

A New Job for Hubs & This Week I'm Loving... [1.15.15]

This post is courtesy of the ice storm we got today. See, I knew the universe would find a way to keep me inspired and posting in January. Thanks to a surprise day of nothing-ness I got to spend some time scouring the internet for inspiration (ahem, relax) ....more

365 Photo Challenge

January has never proven a lofty month for blog posting for me. I return back to routines after the holidays and fight the urge to bury my head in the covers and hibernate for the next 2 months of winter. This January was proving no different and then some of the New Year goals I outlined took off faster than I really anticipated ....more

A Flu-Like Day

The new year started off just the way it should. I loaded the kids up with party paraphernalia from Party City (their new favorite store!) and dropped them at the grandparents house to celebrate and drive them mad. It was only the second time they've slept over and all seemed to go well, though I'm not sure my dad gave me a full account of sleeping details since Hadley took a 4 hour nap the next morning when she got home ....more

5 Year Blog-aversary

It's been 5 years TODAY! 5 Years that I've been coming here to share photos, stories, recipes, design inspiration, hopes, dreams, and basically emptying my thoughts into the digital interwebs. Crazy right?! ...more

2015: The Year of Decisions

Last year...more

{2014} Year In Review

2015 is knocking on our door... but first, a recap of 2014! via Looking back on last year's,...more