This Week I'm Loving... [9.17.14]

I'm trying to kick my butt into fall. Who stole my normal self? Our house has zero pumpkins so far and zero fall decor ....more

Healthful Tuesday: One Year at the Gym

via This month marks one year of Gold's gym membership for us. The first and only year I've ever gone to the gym has changed everything in the way I feel daily. Of course there were weeks here and there that weren't as consistent (ahem, winter holiday) but for the most part I've gone 3-4 times a week ....more

New Fall Routines

Fall routines are underway. This will be our first full week of everything. The weather has turned quicker than last year and I'm reluctant to put away skirts and shorts for the kids, even though I'm officially over stocked on fall wardrobes already ....more

A River Runs Through It [pt. 2]

I've wanted flower crown pictures for awhile now. But I have to hold myself back from doing made up photo sessions with my kids to some degree... or it would be all the time and they'd hate me for it ....more

A River Runs Through It [pt.1]

Our third trip to the Maury river and the Cabin at Bare Farm in the last five years was everything we needed before kicking off the last four months of this year. What was most eye opening for us was the initial reaction upon arriving. Our 3 and 2 year old actually needed a hour or so to unwind, to stop asking what we were going to do every five minutes, to get over the questions about where the tv was in the house (it was hidden so we left it that way for awhile), and to figure out that we could actually be calm here ....more

Cabin Getaway Success

Our cabin getaway was a success. To be clear, I define success as no one throwing up. That doesn't mean we didn't have troubles with bedtime routine or find that both kiddos wanted to constantly be active while we just wanted to sit on the porch and watch the river float by ....more


It's Friday! Wohoo! So excited for a 4 day weekend ahead and then the start of preschool and ballet next week ....more

Healthful Thursday: Blogilates

Yup, late post. Shoulda been Tuesday. Let's roll with it ....more

Mountain Cabin Getaway & Expectations

When you have children you learn quickly to set your expectations very low for what you can accomplish daily. It's a rude awakening when you realize doing laundry and a grocery run all in one day could be optimistic. You stop a thousand times between the shower and back door to attend to everything from potty training, to milk demands, to somebody touched me, to I need x,y,z toys, just to get to the car ....more

Hello September!

Happy New Year! No seriously, isn't this when the real new year starts? Everyone buys a new planner, kids go back to school, families come home from vacations, businesses start picking back up since employees are finally all back in the office, and we all basically get back on track ....more