Labor Day Weekend & End of Summer Checklist

Just a little Labor Day weekend stylin'....more

Mr. Tambourine Man

Yesterday was gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous weather in fact. So we grabbed some lunch to go in town and surprised Daddy with a picnic in the park ....more

This Week I'm Loving...[8.27.14]

This Week I'm Loving......more

Healthful Tuesday: It's Not About the Broccoli [Book Review]

via This was one of those impulse purchases after seeing some awesome reviews online. I seriously thought I knew it all and half regretted the buy right after. I know about the 'nutrition' approach, read all the books on how to get babies to eat, and that combined with my own real food research meant I was said know it all ....more

Monday Words & Weekend

Do you know Downtown Abbey starts 'across the pond' next month? Just a little bitter that the UK gets it first before our premiere in January but I saw this quote and felt it a good fit for Monday. Which also reminds me, Mom, when you read this- remind me to get you hooked on this show! ...more

Mommy & Me Fall Style '14

Fall is knocking on our door and the fashion God's have spoken about this year's trends. I personally will always be smitten with the cognac and aubergine tones that hit with a vengeance a few years ago but this year I'm seeing this spiced up with patterns, jewels, and grey's of all kinds. Heather grey winter coat? ...more

Morning Grump Face

It was morning. The girls were relentless. What are we doing today Mommy?! ...more

Coach Hadley on Potty Training

It was not my intention to get my oldest personally invested in my youngest's potty training. It actually never occurred to me. My oldest is 3 and half, my youngest 2 years ....more

Healthful Tuesday

Starting a new Tuesday series that I hope to keep up on the blog. Sorta like my semi-weekly 'I'm Loving' series where I post fun internet finds and things of interest in my life at the moment. Healthful Tuesday's will be health/fitness tips or tricks I've come across and thought to share ....more

Day Date in Petersburg Virginia

Petersburg used to be the place to shop. That was oh say, back in the 1950's and 60's. My knowledge of this is pretty much nonexistence because, well, I was born in the 80's ....more