Spring Style File '15

Warm weather is finally hitting us this week! Is it possible this winter is coming to and end?! In honor of putting coats away, here are a few of my favorite spring looks this year! ...more

Easter Edition {Tables, Flowers, Brunch, & Eggs}

Easter is this weekend folks! How did that happen?! I blinked between house cleanings and showings and suddenly the stores were carrying tulips and shoving jelly beans in my face ....more


March 17th, two years ago. I wrote...more

This Week I'm Loving... [3.12.15]

This week we've seen the first glimpse of normalcy around our house since listing it last month. With showings over, I only had to vacate once for the home inspection. And with house hunting up in the air and taking a slower pace on the home buying front I've had time to think about things I'd normally be thinking about this time of year- namely bathing suit season being upon, kids spring clothes, stocking up on winter sale items for next year, spring cleaning, etc ....more

Let the House Hunt Begin!

Months of planning went bust last night when our dream home went under contract by another party. We plotted and planned around this home for months and just when it all looked to be lining up we put an offer in yesterday, only to find out it already had an offer. It all happened quickly and before we knew it they had signed with the first offer ....more

70 Degrees and House Contracts!

via Monday with 70 degree temps, and contracts signed to sell our house? You can't beat that right? We ended last week, almost one month on the housing market with our agent, contract in hand! ...more

Popping in...

Popping in to say I'm still alive friends! The house selling has been NO JOKE. Showings EVERY day this past week have had us cleaning and leaving, constantly in search of a place around town that will take two kids and a dog for 90 minutes at a time ....more

This is 30.

I'm marking 30 years on this earth tomorrow. 30 years certainly doesn't feel any different than 29 but hey, it's supposed to be life changing right? I don't put a lot of stock in numbers so I'm not one to get upset by an age on a drivers license ....more

This Is How You Break The Internet (and things my kids say)

I'm not usually one for naked booty shots of the kids but this was just too cute not to capture and share. I'm allowed one tasteful booty shot while they're still little right? We're showing Kim K ....more

This Week I'm Loving... [2.18.15.]

1.Chicken Rosemary Parmesan Meatballsvia...more