This is 30.

I'm marking 30 years on this earth tomorrow. 30 years certainly doesn't feel any different than 29 but hey, it's supposed to be life changing right? I don't put a lot of stock in numbers so I'm not one to get upset by an age on a drivers license ....more

This Is How You Break The Internet (and things my kids say)

I'm not usually one for naked booty shots of the kids but this was just too cute not to capture and share. I'm allowed one tasteful booty shot while they're still little right? We're showing Kim K ....more

This Week I'm Loving... [2.18.15.]

1.Chicken Rosemary Parmesan Meatballsvia...more

Healthful Tuesday: Goodbye Teflon Don

Mauviel Are you a Teflon Don? Teflon was like the biggest thing in pots and pans ever right? Nonstick was amazing and you could use less butter ....more

Two cup of coffee day

via I sent an email to my parents yesterday titled 'All of my problems today'. I know they love me. It's been one hell of a week ....more

Hadley's 4th Frozen Birthday

Every year we celebrate a birthday the memory of those labors and first moments holding an infant seem to fade, just a little. I know I'll always remember those experiences but with time the sheer nearness of the moment is gone and the memory starts feeling old, like something you try to dream up and feel again that's become more difficult. But those moments are replaced with bigger arms that wrap around my neck, and a mouth that runs a mile a minute, and new memories of bike riding, and huge smiles ....more

This Week I'm Loving...

This is a short Loving series... Ready to kick off this weekend of birthday celebration for my oldest! First stop after preschool drop off today- Party City for Frozen Balloons! ...more


When my daughter's hear the word 'no' I watch them stand in disbelief and objection. "Why??" is the typical response. From that moment that someone tells my oldest she cannot do something her mind spins to find a way to make it possible ....more

Snowshoe West Virginia '15

A place without cell service and wifi is truly a magical and timeless one. Something I think we all complained of a few times this past weekend but ended up appreciating, for me perhaps because I had just enough service near the slopes to still post to instagram a few times a day ;) It's been 7 years since Colin and I have been to Snowshoe but he grew up going regularly as a kid and this was like coming home to him. The kids enjoyed their first pre-ski school class on Friday and both report cards said they rocked it, Scarlett actually more so than Hadley ....more

Hadley 4 Year Portraits

On February 9th we'll celebrate my oldest daughter's fourth birthday. I snapped some 4 year portraits during a snow day this week. It was a perfectly timed arrival of snow to go along with our Frozen inspired attire ....more