A Blank Day [and Family Picture Styling]

A blank day on the calendar was much needed today. I got up and promptly started scouring the internet for our mini session this weekend. I'm not used to being the subject of a session and planning a wardrobe for our family that looks amazing is hard ....more

This Week I'm loving... Witches, and Tartan, and The Pope! [10.28.14]

Fairly certain that I've experienced blogging burnout...more

A Little Halloween Decor

My kiddos are home sick from school today so this will be a short post. ...more

Apple Cider Chicken and Waffles

This is the antithesis of a Healthful Tuesday post but hey, grass fed butter is good for you and so is the pastured chicken so let's look at the bright side. This meal was AMAZING too so I highly recommend! Apple Cider Waffles via...more

Announcing Fall Mini Sessions!

If you live in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area! ...more

Life Lately & Pumpkin Patch

Life is happening too quickly these days for me to catch up to it in blog posts. So let's see if I can recap life around here with some pumpkin patch photos thrown in for good measure. - Hadley chipped her front tooth ....more

Hocus Pocus & The Owen Sisters

Hadley announced awhile ago that she wanted to be a witch for halloween. Scarlett pretty much repeats every thing she says right now so she readily agreed. It's a toss up on whether she was talking about Elphaba, the bad witch in Wizard of Oz or if it was something she got from the halloween books we recently bought the kids but I ran with it ....more

Apple Of My Eye

My favorite month of the year (well second to December), was preceded by our annual hauling of the children to Charlottesville, VA for apple picking. A little over an hour drive from Richmond. And a trip according to my husband we are skipping next year ....more

Hello October

It's here. Now let the color explosion begin! My favorite season and I'm ready to light the fire pit on the patio and curl up in a blanket to watch the colors change! ...more

Cranberry/Cabernet/Red Currant/Burgundy

Despite the fact that we never sat down this weekend, it was a good one. Including a trip to the apple orchard and a much needed date night. As all Mondays do, today has already hit me hard so I'm off to get on schedule.. ....more