Tea with Santa

Yesterday we kicked off Christmas Vacation at The Jefferson. It was a gorgeous day for a little Tea with Santa! The girls donned their 'tee' dresses as Scarlett likes to say for "pretty" and we picked hubs up from a half day of work to start Christmas off right! ...more

Christmas Toys, Pjs, & Crafts

One week left to soak up all the holiday magic. The kids couldn't be enjoying their advent calendar and elves any more. We're off to see Santa today and it's all I've heard about all morning! ...more

Fava Bean Dragons & Attila the Hun

My oldest child runs around screaming FAVA BEAN DRAGON and my youngest is deathly afraid of Attila the Hun right now. These are normal occurrences right? Since our dragon making at the museum in the past weeks Hadley likes to play Fire Breathing Dragon ....more

Elves, Young at Art, & Life Lately

One of our Elf friends last night. Sometimes they appear with sprinkles and cookie cutters and we bake, sometimes they just- move. Okay, most nights they just move to a new spot ....more

Healthful Wednesday: Ah!laska Chocolate Syrup

Okay, these posts were supposed to be on Tuesdays. I haven't done one in awhile and I realized that was because the holidays have not made me a healthy eater. But as I opened our 3rd bottle of chocolate syrup (from a bulk order two years ago) I thought I should spread the word ....more

Our Christmas Home Tour '14

Welcome to Our Colonial Williamsburg Inspired Christmas! Posting all our holiday projects always feel good. Most likely because from this point on, I won't worry about a kid breaking or messing something up ....more

Christmas Card Photos 2014

"Never let anyone tell you to be afraid of dead people. It's the living you have to be afraid of." Or some variation of those lines that were spoken from my grandparents to my mom, and to me. Old sayings aside, Hollywood Cemetery is gorgeous and historic and a Richmond VA must see ....more

The Ultimate Christmas Brunch & A North Pole Celebration

We're breaking with the traditional Christmas Eve dinner this year and trying something different. With hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas back to back it can feel like the same meal separated by 4 weeks. We've always done Christmas Eve for the big food fest because no one wants to cook on Christmas ....more

This Week I'm Loving... [12.3.14]

Christmas! 1. Bells via...more

December 1st: Our Activity Advent Calendar

Wow December just snuck up on us! We were super busy all weekend decking our halls, feasting with family, and grabbing a date night with friends. Such a good weekend ....more